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Laying Performance, Survival Rate, Egg Quality and Shell Characteristics in Laying Pullets Offered Honey in Drinking Water during Hot Season

.A.A. (1999): Effect of vitamin C supplementation on some productive and physiological parameters in laying hens. Egyptian Journal of Nutrition and Feeds 2: 649-664. Emery D.A., Vohra P., Ernst R.A., Morrison S.R. (1984): The effect of cyclic and constant ambient temperatures on feed consumption, egg production, egg weight and shell thickness of heat-stressed chickens. Poultry Science 63: 2027-2035. Estevinho L., Pereira A.P., Moreira L., Dias L.G., Pereira E. (2008): Antioxidant and antimicrobial effects of phenolic compounds extracts of

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Effects of Fenugreek and Dill Different Intercropping Patterns and Harvesting Times on Essential Oil pf Dill

References Agboola A.A., Fayemi A.A., 1971 - Preliminary trials on the intercropping of maize with different tropical legumes in western Nigeria. Journal of Agric. Sci., 77: 219-225. Aidi Wannes W., Mhamdi B. and Marzouk B. 2009 - Variations in essential oil and fatty acid composition during Myrtus communis var. italica fruit maturation. Food Chem., 112: 621-626. Arif S., Ahmed S.D., Shah. A.H., Hassan L., Awan S.I., Hamid A., Batool F., 2010 - Determination of optimum harvesting time for vitamin

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The efficacy of newly synthesised agent and natural antioxidant treatment in diabetic and hypertensive rats

References HAMDEN, K. - BOUJBIHA, M. A. - MASMOUDI, H. - AYADI, F. M. - JAMOUSSI, K. - ELFEKI, A. Combined vitamins (C and E) and insulin improve oxidative stress and pancreatic and hepatic injury in alloxan diabetic rats. Biomed Pharmacother. 63, 2009, p. 95-109. INOGUCHI, T. - SONTA, T. - TSUBOUCHI, H. - ETOH, T. - KAKIMOTO, M. - SONODA, N. a kol. Protein kinase C-dependent increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in vascular tissues of diabetes role of vascular NAD(P)H oxidase. J Am Nephrol

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Is There a Relationship Between Audiogram Shape and the Intensity and Duration of Tinnitus?

. Hall DA, LainezMJ, Newman CW, Sanchez TG, Egler M, Tennigkeit F, Koch MLangguth B (2011)Treatment options for subjective tinnitus:selfreportsfromasampl eofgeneral practitioner sans and ENTphysicianswithinEuropeandtheUSA.BMCHealthServRes. 4;11:302. 12. Langguth B (2012): Tinnitus: the end of therapeutic nihilism. Lancet. 379: 1926–8. 13. Lasisi AO, Fehintola FA, LasisiTJ (2012): The role of plasma melatonin and vitamins C and B12 in the development of idiopathic tinnitus in the elderly.Ghana Med J. 46(3):152-7. 14. Demeester K, A van Wieringen

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Evaluation of plum cultivars grafted on ‘Wangenheim Prune’ rootstock in the northeast of Poland

., 2011a. Growth, fruit size, yield performance and micronutrient status of plum trees ( Prunus domestica L.). Plant Soil Environ. 57(12): 559-564. Miloševic T., Miloševic M., 2011b. Quantitative analysis of the main biological and fruit quality traits of F1 plum genotypes ( Prunus domestica L.). Acta Sci. Pol. Hortorum Cultus 10(2): 95-107. PN-90/A-75101/11, 1990. Fruit and vegetable products. Preparation of samples and testing methods. Determination of vitamin C (In Polish). PN-90/A-75101/07, 1990. Fruit and vegetable

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Oxidative Stress in Type 2 Diabetes with Iron Deficiency in Asian Indians

. Most free-radical injury is iron-related: it is promoted by iron, hemin, holoferritin and Vitamin C, and inhibited by desferoxamine and apoferritin. Stem Cells 1994; 12: 289-303. Mojiminiyi OA, Marouf R, Abdella NA. Body iron stores in relation to the metabolic syndrome, glycemic control and complications in female patients with type 2 diabetes. Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis 2008; 18: 559-66. Torti FM, Torti SV. Regulation of ferritin genes and protein. Blood 2002; 99: 3505-16. Baccin AC

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Determination of essential and toxic elements, ascorbic acid content and color of different leaves in two cabbage varieties

-6. [13]. Z. Stančić, D. Vujević, A. Gomaz, S. Bogdan, D. Vincek, Detection of heavy metals in common vegetables at Varaždin City Market, Croatia, Archives of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology 67 (2016) 340-350. [14]. C. Radulescu, C. Stihi, I.V. Popescu, I.D. Dulama, E.D. Chelarescu, A. Chilian, Heavy metal accumulation and translocation in different parts of Brassica Oleracea L, Romanian Journal of Physics 58 (2013) 1337-1354. [15]. A. Leahu, C. Damian, M. Oroian, S. Ropciuc, R. Rotaru Influence of processing on vitamin C content of

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The effect of AgroHydroGel and irrigation on celeriac yield and quality

-9. Nnadi F., Brave C., 2011. Environmentally friendly superabsorbent polymers for water conservation in agricultural lands. J. Soil Sci. Environ. Manage 2(7): 206-211. PN-A-04019, 1998. Determine of vitamin C content using the Tillman method. PN-A-75101-03, 1990. Determine the content of dry matter using the weight method. PN-A-75101-07, 1990. Determine the content of total sugars as well as saccharose and monosaccharides using the Luff-Schoorl method. Radzka E

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Predictive value of plasma parameters in the risk of postpartum ketosis in dairy cows

metabolic disease. Vet Clin North Am Food Anim Pract 2004, 20, 651–674. 11. Padilla L., Shibano K.I., Inoue J., Tohru T., Tohru H.: Plasma vitamin C concentration is not related to the incidence of ketosis in dairy cows during the early lactation period. Vet Med Sci 2015, 67, 883–886. 12. Pessayre D., Mansouri A., Haouzi D., Fromenty B.: Hepatotoxicity due to mitochondrial dysfunction. Cell Biol Toxicol 1999, 15, 367–373. 13. Seifi H.A., Gorji-Dooz M., Mohri M., Dalir-Naghadeh B., Farzaneh N.: Variations of energy-related biochemical metabolites during

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Phenolic compounds as the major antioxidants in red cabbage

and vegetables reflects their phenolic and vitamin C composition. Free Radical Res. 36(2): 217-233. Rice-Evans C.A., Miller N.J., Paganga G., 1997. Antioxidant properties of phenolic compounds. Trends Plant Sci. 2(4): 152-159. Singh J., Upadhyay A.K., Bahadur A., Singh B., Singh K.P., Rai M., 2006. Antioxidant phytochemicals in cabbage ( Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata ). Sci. Hort. 108(3): 233-237. Sroka Z., Cisowski W., 2003. Hydrogen peroxidase scavenging, antioxidant and anti-radical activity of some phenolic

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