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Genetic Variation and Tree Improvement of Konishii fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook. var. konishii) in Taiwan

. C. Y ing (2003): Age trends in genetic parameters and early selection of lodgepole pine provenance with reference to the Lambeth model. Forest Genetics 10 : 249–258. C hung , J. D., C. T. C hien , G. N igh and C. C. Y ing (2009): Variation in growth curve parameters of Konishii fir ( Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook. var. konishii ). Silvae Genetica 58 : 1–10. C hung , J. D., T. P. L in , Y. C. T an , M. Y. L in and S. Y. H wang (2004): Genetic diversity and biogeography of Cunninghamia konishii (Cupressaceae), an island species in

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Two-dimensional penalized splines via Gibbs sampling to account for spatial variability in forest genetic trials with small amount of information available

–37. R uppert , D. (2002): Selecting the number of knots for penalized splines. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 11 : 735–757. R uppert , D., M. P. W and and R. J. C arroll (2003): Semiparametric Regression. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge, UK. S aenz -R omero , C., E. V. N ordheim , R. P. G uries and P. M. C rump (2001): A case study of a provenance/progeny test using trend analysis with correlated errors and SAS PROC MIXED. Silvae Genet 50 : 127–135. S chabenberger , O. and C. A. G otway (2005): Statistical Methods for

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B-Chromosomes in Gymnosperms

) Supernumerary chromosome distribution in provenances of Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr. SilvaeGenetica 26: 26-33 Muratova NE (1997a) Studies on nucleolar chromosomes in representatives of PinaceaeLindl. In: Cytogenetic studies of forest trees and shrub species ed. Borzan Z & Schlarbaum SE, Proceedings of the first IUFRO cytogenetics Working Party S2.04-08 Symposium Sept. 8-11 1993 pp 45-72 Muratova EN (2000) Karyotipic variability and anomalies in populations of conifers from Siberia and the Far East. Pages 129-141 in H. Guttenberger, Ž. Borzan, S. E. Schlarbaum

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Evaluation of Early Rooting Traits of Eastern Cottonwood That Are Important For Selection Tests

Juli 1977: 4-9. KAISER, H. F. (1958): The varimax criterion for analytical rotation in factor analysis. Psychometrika 23, 187-200. KHASA, P. D., G. AVALLEE and J. BOUSQUET (1995): Provenance variation in rooting ability of juvenile stem cuttings from Racosperma auriculiforme and R. mangium. Forest Science 41, 305-320. KIRK, R. E. (1968): Experimental design procedures for the behavioral sciences. Wadsworth publishing company. KOVACEVIC, B., V. GUZINA and S. ORLOVIC (2001): Cuttings’ rooting ability for

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Genetic Variation of Anatolian Black Pine (Pinus nigra Arnold. subsp. pallasiana (Lamb.) Holmboe) in the Lakes District of Turkey

Inheritance in Sitka Spruce, IV: Correlated response in the progeny population based on selection in the parental population, Silvae Genetica 56: 36-44. LI, P., J. BEAULIEU, A. CORRIVEAU and J. BOUSQUET (1993): Genetic Variation in Juvenile Growth and Phenology in a White Spruce Provenance-Progeny Test, Silvae Genetica 42: 52-60. MATZIRIS, D. I. (1989): Variation in Growth and Branching Characters in Black Pine (Pinus nigra Arnold.) of Peloponnesos, Silvae Genetica 38: 77-81. MATZIRIS, D. (1993): Variation in Cone Production

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Fertility Variation, Genetic Relatedness, and Their Impacts on Gene Diversity of Seeds From a Seed Orchard of Pinus thunbergii

seed orchard of Picea mariana. Silvae Genet. 31: 90-94. REYNOLDS, S. and EL-KASSABY, Y. A. (1990): Parental balance in Douglas-fir seed orchards-cone crop vs. seed crop. Silvae Genet. 39: 40-42. RUOTSALAINEN, S. and NIKKANEN, T. (1989): Variation in flowering of north Finnish clones in a Norway spruce seed orchard in central Finland. Pro. IUFRO working party, S2.02-11, 1988, Sweden. Eds). STENER, L. G. and WERNER M. Norway spruce; Provenance, breeding and genetic conservation: p. 176-188. SCHOEN, D. J., DENTI, D. and

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Field Evaluation of Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh. at Two Sites in Indo-gangetic Plains of India

, London and John Wiley and Sons, New York. FOSTER, G. S. (1986): Provenance variation of eastern cottonwood in the lower Mississippi valley. Silvae Genetica 35: 32-38. GU, W. C., F. GUI, Z. M. YU, L. Q. MU, C. L. SUN and J. H. ZHANG (1998): Study on selection and breeding for multiple use of a new variety of Populus tomentosa. Forest Research 11 (3): 299-305. HODGE, G. R. and T. L. WHITE (1992): Genetic parameter estimates for growth traits at different ages in slash pine and some implications for breeding. Silvae Genetica

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Progeny Testing Preceded by Phenotypic Pre-selection – Timing Considerations

and DUKE, S. D.: Early selection is effective in 20 year-old genetic tests of loblolly pine. Silvae Genet. 32: 210-215 (1983). LINDGREN, D. and WERNER, M.: Gain generating efficiency of different Norway spruce seed orchard designs. In: Proc. IUFRO WP S2.02-11 Meeting Norway spruce; Provenances, Breeding and Genetic Conservation (Eds. L.-G. STENER and M. WERNER), Uppsala, Sweden. pp. 189-207 (1989) LINDGREN, D. and MULLIN, T. J.: Balancing gain and relatedness in selection. Silvae Genet. 46: 124-129 (1997

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Population Genetic Survey of Populus cathayana Originating From Southeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China Based on SSR Markers

): PHYLIP (Phylogeny Inference Package), Version 3.6. Department of Genome Sciences and Department of Biology, University of Washington, Seattle. GAO, J. S., Y. Y. LIU, Y. Q. FU, J. FU, J. WANG and Z. X. YANG (2004): On growth character of young trees of Populus cathayana of different provenances. Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College 21: 115-118. GEHRING, J. L. and Y. B. LINHART (1992): Population structure and genetic differentiation in native and introduced populations of Descha mpsia Caespuosa (poaceae) in the Colorado alpine. Am. J

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A Novel Approach for Controlled Pollination in Casuarina equisetifolia

. PINYOPUSARERK, K., A. KALINGANIRE, E. R. WILLIAMS and K. M. AKEN (2004): Evaluation of international provenance trials of Casuarina equisetifolia. ACIAR technical reports, No. 58, Canberra. RAWAT, G. S., N. K. KUMAR and A. NICODEMUS (2011): Research and Development of Casuarinas in India, pp 5-10. In: Improving smallholder livelihoods through improved casuarina productivity: Proceedings of the 4th international casuarinas workshop, edited by C. L. ZHONG, K. PINYOUPUSARERK, A. KALINGANIRE and C. FRANCHE. Beijing, China. WANG, Q. L. and L. D. LU

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