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Determination of Maximal Oxygen Uptake Using the Bruce or a Novel Athlete-Led Protocol in a Mixed Population

comparative analysis of four protocols for maximal treadmill stress testing. Am Heart J, 1976; 92: 39-46 Rowell LB. Human cardiovascular adjustments to exercise and thermal stress. Physiol Rev, 1974; 54: 75-103 Sgherza AL, Axen K, Fain R, Hoffman RS, Dunbar CC, Haas F. Effect of naloxone on perceived exertion and exercise capacity during maximal cycle ergometry. J Appl Physiol, 2002; 93: 2023-2028 Shephard RJ, Allen C, Benade AJS, Davies CTM, Di Prampero PE, Hedman R, Merriman JE, Myhre K, Simmons

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Job Satisfaction of a Physical Education Teacher as Seen by School Community

REFERENCES Blase, J. (1986). A qualitative analysis of sources of teacher stress: Consequences for performance, American Educational Research Journal , 23, 13-40. Brzeziński, J. (1996). Metodologia badań psychologicznych /The methodology of psychological research/ . Warsaw: PWN. Coutarel, F., & Fiard, J. (2012). Physical education and sport teachers’ health: from expressed ill-being to hindrances of action, Work , 41, 5228-5230. Demirtas, Z. (2010). Teachers’ job satisfaction levels, Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences , 9, 1069

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NCAA Athletic Department Employee Perceptions of Workplace Related Burnout, Commitment, and Emotional Intelligence

Economics Research Journal , 3(2), 51-64. Cropanzano, R., Rupp, D.E. & Byrne, Z.S. (2003). The relationship of emotional exhaustion to work attitudes, job performance, and organizational citizenship behaviors. Journal of Applied Psychology, 88(1), 160-169. Eaton, S.C. (2003). If you can use them: Flexibility policies, organizational commitment, and perceived performance. Industrial Relations , 42(2), 145-167. Goleman, D. (1995). Emotional intelligence . New York, NY: Bantam. Goleman, D., Boyatzis, R., & McKee, A. (2001). Primal leadership: The

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Quality of Life and Burden in caregivers of Multiple Sclerosis patients

multiple sclerosis. Disabil Rehabil, 2001; 23: 768-776 10. Cutrona CE, Russell DW. The provisions of social relationships and adaptation to stress. Pers Relatsh, 1987; 1: 37-67 11. Finlayson M, Cho C. A descriptive profile of caregivers of older adults with MS and the assistance they provide. Disabil Rehabil, 2008; 30: 1848-1857 12. Giordano A, Cimino V, Campanella A, Morone G, Fusco A, Farinotti M, Palmisano L, Confalonieri P, Lugaresi A, Grasso MG, Ponzio M, Veronese S, Patti F, Solari A; PeNSAMI project. Low quality of

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Quality of Life and Anxiety in Military Personnel

. Puciato D, Borysiuk Z, Rozpara M. (2017). Quality of life and physical activity in an older working-age population. Clin Interv Aging. 4(12), 1627-1634. 30. Racic M, Todorovic R, Ivkovic N, Masic S, Joksimovic B, Kulic M. (2017). Self-Perceived Stress in Relation to Anxiety, Depression and Health-related Quality of Life among Health Professions Students: A Cross-sectional Study from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zdr Varst. 56(4), 251-259.

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Thermal Sensations During a Partial-Body Cryostimulation Exposure in Elite Basketball Players

., 2009 ). PBC is available in a mobile device which enables its use at training and competition sites. Benefits of PBC for physical recovery improvement have been demonstrated ( Bouzigon et al., 2016 ). However, whether an exposure at –130 °C or less is well tolerated by athletes during a competition is questionable. Such exposure could be perceived as too painful, stressful and even dangerous and could lower or eliminate the beneficial effects of cryostimulation. During competition, psychological stress increases in athletes ( Filaire et al., 2001 ). Moreover

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Perceived Hindrances Experienced by Sport Coaches in South Africa

organisations to design strategies that could help to retain sport coaches in the country. Therefore, the present study was carried out to ascertain perceived hindrances experienced by sport coaches using exploratory factor analysis. Material and Methods Participants A total of 224 sport coaches (122 males and 102 females) from the Gauteng Province of South Africa participated in this study. The participants represented a variety of sports: soccer ( n = 87), athletics ( n = 45), netball ( n = 44), cricket ( n = 19), rugby ( n = 12), swimming ( n = 10), boxing

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Monitoring Salivary Immunoglobulin A Responses to Official and Simulated Matches In Elite Young Soccer Players

, OM represented a sufficient source of stress that resulted in a significant decrement in SIgA concentration. This result suggests that the additional stress provided by participating in an official competition may lead to changes in the mucosal immunity function in young soccer players. These findings are in agreement with data from the study conducted on young female handball players ( Nazem et al., 2011 ) that reported a decrement in SIgA concentration after matches perceived as “more difficult”. Considering the results from the present study and the findings

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Elite Young Team Players' Coping, Motivation and Perceived Climate Measures

Psychology , 3, 172-204. Hammermeister, J. & Burton, D (2001). Stress, appraisal, and coping revisited: Examining the antecedents of competitive state anxiety with endurance athletes. The Sport Psychologist , 15, 66-90. Hanin, Y. L. (1989). Interpersonal and intragroup anxiety in sports. In: Anxiety in sports. An international perspective. Ed: Hackfort, D. & Spielberger, C. D. New York: Hemisphere Publ, p. 19-38. Hassandra, M., Goudas, M., & Chroni, S. (2003). Examining the factors associated

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Social engineering of human resources and provision of medical services on leadership styles in hospitals

References A ij , K.,A ernoudts , R., J oosten , G. 2015. Comparison of Leadership Traits among Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in High-performing, Lowperforming and Lean-Management Hospitals in the USA , British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science, 9(2), 118-130. A usten , A. 2010. Organizacja i zarządzanie,, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Śląskiej, Gliwice, Nr 4 (12), 25-43. B aysaka , B., Y enerb , M.I. 2015. The Relationship Between Perceived Leadership Style And Perceived Stress On Hospital Employees , Procedia - Social And

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