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Micro-grid for on-site wind-and-hydrogen powered generation

., & Verbicb, G. (2008). Hydrogen storage for mixed wind-nuclear power plants in the context of a Hydrogen Economy. Intern. J. of Hydrogen Energy, 33, 4463-4475. 4. Menanteau, P., Quéméré, M.M., Le Duigou, A., & Le Bastard, S. (2011). An economic analysis of the production of hydrogen from wind-generated electricity for use in transport applications. Energy Policy, 39, 2957-2965. 5. Aguado, M., Ayerbe, E., & Azcarate, C. (2009). Economical assessment of a windhydrogen energy system using WindHyGen® software. Intern. J. of Hydrogen Energy, 34

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Identification of Rhus succedanea L. Cultivars Using Elliptic Fourier Descriptors Based on Fruit Shape

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Viscometry determination of the kinetic of degradation of iron-gall inks

References Barrow WJ (1963) Permanence/Durability of the Book. A Two-year Research Program. W. J. Barrow Research Laboratories, Richmond. Budnar M, Uršiš M, Simčič J, Pelicon P, Kolar J, Šelih VS, Strlič M (2006) Analysis of iron gall inks by PIXE, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 243: 407-416. Ďurovič M (2002) Restaurovani a konzervovani archivalii a knih (Restauration and Conservation of Archivals and Books), Paseka, Prague. Ekenstam A (1936) Uber das Verhalten der

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Three microsatellite multiplex PCR assays allowing high resolution genotyping of white spruce, Picea glauca

(1996): Microsatellites, from molecules to populations and back. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 11: 424-429. JONES, A. G., C. M. SMALL, K. A. PACZOLT and N. L. RATTER MAN (2010): A practical guide to methods of parentage analysis. Molecular Ecology Resources 10: 6-30. JONES, O. R. and J. WANG (2010): COLONY: a program for parentage and sibship inference from multilocus genotype data. Molecular Ecology Resources 10: 551-555. KOCH, M., J. D. HADFIELD, K. M. SEFC and C. STURMBAUER (2008): Pedigree reconstruction in wild

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Thermographic Method Based Accelerated Fatigue Limit Calculation for Steel X5CrNi18-10 Subjected to Rotating Bending

. Radaj, D.: Design and analysis of fatigue resistant welded structures. Abington, Woodhead Publishing (1990). 9. Szala, J.: Application of programmed fatigue tests to evaluating fatigue limit. Mechanika Teoretyczna i Stosowana, 3, 26, 523-539 (1988) - in Polish. 10. Lipski, A.: Determination of Fatigue Limit by Locati Method using S-N Curve Determined by Means of Thermographic Method. Solid State Phenomena, 223, 362-373 (2014). 11. Lipski, A.: Impact of the Strain Rate during Tension Test on 46Cr1 Steel Temperature Change

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Forkhead transcription factor complex with special focus on Foxp3, Foxn1, and Foxj1 genes determining immunological parameters - a review

., Mahlapuu M.: Forhead transcription factors: key players in development and metabolism. Develop Biol 2002, 250, 1-23. 5. Coffer P.L., Burgering B.M.T.: Forhead box transcription factors and their role in the immune system. Nat Rev Immunol 2004, 4, 889-899. 6. de Goër de Herve M.G., Jaafoura S., Vallée M., Taoufik Y.: FoxP3 regulatory CD4 T cells control the generation of functional CD8 memory. Nat Commun 2012, 3, 1-10. 7. Fontenot J.D., Gavin M.A., Rudensky A.Y.: Foxp3 programs the development and function of CD4+CD25

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Novel nuclear microsatellites in the endangered neotropical timber tree Lecythis ampla (Lecythidaceae)

. Arboles y Semillas del Neotropico 3: 57-79. HAMILTON, B. (2002): Isolation and characterization of nuclear microsatellite loci in the tropical tree Corythophora alta (Lecythidaceae). Molecular Ecology Notes 2: 363-365. IUCN (2010): IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2010.4. Available from Accessed on 09 December 2010. KALENDAR, R. (2006): FASTPCR: a PCR primer design and repeat sequence searching software with additional tools for the manipulation and analysis of DNA and protein. Accessed

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On the Imaginary Accuracy of the LCA on the Basis of the Houseboat in Hamburg (Holistic Approach)

R eferences [1] 7-03-17 Untersuchung zu Primärenergiefaktoren. (7-03-17 Study of primary energy factors). Final report. Berlin: Heilderberg, 2018. (in German) [2] Grajcar M. Houseboat Swan. Based on the data from: Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung. eLCA v0.9.5 BETA (software program). Available: [3] Ökobaudat – Handbuch. Technische Beschreibung von Datensätzen in Ökobaudat inkl. Anleitung für Anlieferung und Nutzung von Datensätzen. Version 1.0. (Ökobaudat – Manual. Technical description of data sets

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Mitochondrial D-loop mutations can be detected in sporadic malignant tumours in dogs

References 1. Altschul S.F., Madden T.L., Schäffer A.A., Zhang J., Zhang Z., Miller W., Lipman D.J.: Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search programs. Nucleic Acids Res 1997, 25, 3389-3402. 2. Asch B. Van, Albarran C., Alonso A., Angulo R., Alves C., Betancor E., Catanesi C.I., Corach D., Crespillo M., Doutremepuich C., Estonba A., Fernandes A.T., Fernandez E., Garcia A.M., Garcia M.A., Gilardi P., Goncalves R., Hernandez A., Lima G., Nascimento E., de Pancorbo M.M., Parra D., Pinheiro M.F., Prat

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The origin of native selenium microparticles during the oxidation of sideritic mudstones in the Veřovice Formation (Outer Western Carpathians)

clay. Geochim . Cosmochim. Acta 71, 5731–5749. Cornelis G., Johnson C.A., Van Gerven T. & Vandecasteele C. 2008: Leaching mechanisms of oxyanionic metalloid and metal species in alkaline solid wastes: A review. Appl. Geochem . 23, 955–976. De Cannière P., Maes A., Williams S., Bruggeman Ch., Beauwens T., Maes N. & Cowper M. 2010: Behaviour of selenium in Boom clay. External report of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre. SCK.CEN-ER-120, 10/PDC/P-9, 1–328. Online: Jiang X., Lin X., Yao D., Zhai S. & Guo W

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