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Oksana S. Dzyuba, Anna A. Goryacheva, Dmitry A. Ruban, Victoria V. Gnezdilova and Pavel P. Zayats

sur les bélemnites, considérées zoologiquement et géologiquement . Strasbourg (Levrault), 136 pp. Bülow-Trummer, E., 1920. Fossilium Catalogus. 1. Animalia, Pars 11, Cephalopoda dibranchiata . Berlin (Junk), 313 pp. Catuneanu, O., 2006. Principles of sequence stratigraphy . Amsterdam (Elsevier), 375 pp. Challinor, A.B. & Hikuroa, D.C.H., 2007. New Middle and Upper Jurassic Belemnite Assemblages from West Antarctica (Latady Group, Ellsworth Land): Taxonomy and Paleobiogeography. Palaeontologia Electronica 10, 1–29. Challinor, A.B., Doyle

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Susanne Alm

-Course Study. European Sociological Review, 27(1), 107-123. Chermack, S. T., Stoltenberg, S. F., Fuller, B. E., & Blow, F. (2000). “Gender differences in the development of substance-related problems: The impact of family history of alcoholism, family history of violence and childhood conduct problems. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 61, 845-852. Davstad, I., Leifman, A., Allebeck, P., & Romesjö, A. (2013). Predictors of a favourable socio-economic situation in middle age for Swedish conscripts with self-reported drug use , Drug and Alcohol

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Grzegorz Worobiec and Adam Szynkiewicz

honour of Hans de Bruijn. Deinsea, 10: 373-392. KOVAR-EDER J., KVAČEK Z. & MELLER B. 2001. Comparing Early to Middle Miocene floras and probable vegetation types of Oberdorf N Voitsberg (Austria), Bohemia (Czech Republic) and Wackersdorf (Germany). Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol., 114: 83-125. KOVAR-EDER J., GIVULESCU R., HABLY L., KVAČEK Z., MIHAJLOVIĆ D., TESLENKO Y., WALTHER H. & ZASTAWNIAK E. 1994. Floristic changes in the areas surrounding the Paratethys during Neogene time: 347-369. In: Boulter M.C. & Fisher H.C. (eds), Cenozoic plants

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Maria Łanczont, Andrij Bogucki, Stanisław Fedorowicz and Jarosław Kusiak

(4): 595–599, DOI 10.1016/1359-0189(92)90010-S. [17] Butrym J, 1987. Wiek TL lessów z profilu w Odonowie k/Kazimierzy Wielkiej (TL age of loesses from the Odonów profile near Kazimierza Wielka). Sprawozdania z badań naukowych KBN 7: 10–15 (in Polish). [18] Fedorowicz S, 2006. Metodyczne aspekty luminescencyjnego oznaczania wieku osadów neoplejstoceńskich Europy Şrodkowej (Methodological aspects of luminescence dating of Central Europe’s Neopleistocene deposits

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Witold Paweł Alexandrowicz

Zuchiewicz, W. 1991. On new sections of loesslike deposits of the Rożnów Foothills, West Carpathians, Poland. Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie Skłodowska, 46, 1-19. Alexandrowicz, S.W. and Chmielowiec, S. 1992. Late Vistulian and Holocene molluscan assemblages of the Bochnia Foothill near Gdów (Southern Poland). Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Earth Sciences, 40, 165-176. Alexandrowicz, S.W. and Gębica, P. 1997. Malacofauna of less and Holocene sediments of middle terrace of Vistula river at Hebdów near Cracow. Kwartalnik AGH

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W. C. Mahaney

References Beschel, R.E., 1950. Flechten als Altersmasstab rezenter Moranen. Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie 1, 152-61. Beschel, R., 1973. Lichens as a measure of recent moraines. Arctic and Alpine Research 5 (4), 303-309. Bjerkgĺrd, T., Larsen, R., Marker, M., 1995. Regional geology of the Okstindene Area, The Rödings Fjall Nappe Complex, Nordland, Norway. Report: 95.153 based on Mo I Rana 1:50000 Map Sheet. Birkeland, P.W., 1973. Use of relative age dating methods in a strati

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Marcella Di Bella, Francesco Italiano, Giuseppe Sabatino, Alessandro Tripodo, Angela Baldanza, Sergio Casella, Paolo Pino, Riccardo Rasa’ and Selma Russo

Tyrrhenian-Sicilian area: Implications for the geodynamic evolution of the Calabrian Arc Earth Evol. Sci. 3 222 238 Beccaluva L., Gabbianelli G., Lucchini F., Rossi P.L. & Savelli C. 1985: Petrology and K/Ar ages of volcanic dredged from the Eolian seamounts: Implications for geodynamic evolution of the Southern Tyhrrenian basin. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 74, 187–208. Beccaluva L. Gabbianelli G. Lucchini F. Rossi P.L. Savelli C. 1985 Petrology and K/Ar ages of volcanic dredged from the Eolian seamounts: Implications for geodynamic

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Anna Vozárová, Fritz Ebner, Sándor Kovács, Hans-Georg Kräutner, Tibor Szederkenyi, Branislav Krstić, Jasenka Sremac, Dunja Aljinovič, Matevž Novak and Dragomir Skaberne

Lower Triassic facies of Velebit Mt. and the Gorski Kotar region (NW part of External Dinarides). In: Vlahović I. & Tišljar J. (Eds.): Evolution of depositional environments from the Palaeozoic to the Quaternary in the Karst Dinarides and the Pannonian Basin. Field Trip Guidebook of the 22 nd Int. Assoc. Sedimentology Meeting (Opatija) , 183-206. Aljinović D. & Kozur H. 2003: Resedimented Carboniferous and Lower Permian radiolarians in Roadian (Middle Permian) deepwater clastic complex of Gorski Kotar Region (Croatia). In: Vlahović I. (Ed

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Rafał Kowalski

. 2014. Diversification of almonds, peaches, plums and cherries – Molecular systematics and biogeographic history of Prunus (Rosaceae). Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 76: 34–48. DOI: 10.1016/j.ympev.2014.02.024. CHRISTENSEN E.F. 1975. The Søby Flora: Fossil plants from the Middle Miocene delta deposits of the Søby-Fasterhott area, Central Jutland, Denmark. Part I. Geological Survey of Denmark. II. Series, 103. CHRISTENSEN N.L. 2000. Vegetation of the Southeastern Coastal Plain: 1–708. In: Barbour, M.G. & Billings W. (eds), North American terrestrial vegetation

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Attila Petrik, Barbara Beke, László Fodor and Réka Lukács

en tectonique de failles. C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris 290, série D, 651–654 (in French). Ádám L. 2006: Sequence stratigraphy, age and paleogeography of the Miocene coals along Sajó river. PhD Thesis, Eötvös University, 1–100 (in Hungarian). Báldi T. 1986: Mid-Tertiary stratigraphy and paleogeographic evolution of Hungary. Akadémia Press , Budapest, 1–201. Báldi T. & Báldi-Beke M. 1985: The evolution of the Hungarian Paleogene Basins. Acta Geol. Hung. 28, 1–2, 5–28. Báldi T. & Sztanó O. 2000: Gravity mass movements and paleobathymetric