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Plant community analysis and effect of environmental factors on the diversity of woody species in the moist Afromontane forest of Wondo Genet, South Central Ethiopia

References Aerts R., van Overtveld K., Haile M, Hermy M. Deckers J. & Muys B. 2006. Species composition and diversity of small Afromontane forest fragments in northern Ethiopia. Plant Ecol. 187: 127-142. Albert R. S. & Christian S. 2007. Interactions of Elevation, Aspect, and Slope in models of Forest Species Composition and Productivity. Forest Sci . 53: 486-492. Austin M. P., Nicholls A. O. & Margules C. R. 1990. Measurement of the realized qualitative niche: environmental niches of

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Genetic Variation of Korean Pine (Pinus koraiensis Sieb. et Zucc.) at Allozyme and RAPD Markers in Korea, China and Russia

References AAGAARD, J. E., K. V. KRUTOVSKII and S. H. STRAUSS (1998): RAPD and allozymes exhibt similar levels of diversity and differentiation among populations and races of Douglas-fir. Heredity 81: 69-78. ALLARD, R. W., S. K. JAIN and P. L. WORKMAN (1968): The genetics of inbreeding populations. Adv. Genet. 14: 55-131. AVISE, J. C. (2004): Molecular Markers, Natural History, and Evolution, 2nd ed. Sinauer Associates. Sunderland, MA. 684p. BLACK, W. C., IV. (1996): RAPDDIST 1.0. Department of

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Vascular plant biodiversity of floodplain forest geobiocoenosis in Lower Morava river Basin (forest district Tvrdonice), Czech Republic

References Archaux, F., Chevalier, R., Berthelot, A., (2010). Towards practices favourable to plant diversity in hybrid poplar plantations. Forest Ecology and Management 259: pp.2410-2417 Boedeltje, G., Bakker, J.P., Brinke, A.T., Van Groenendael, J.M., Soesbergen, M., (2004). Dispersal phenology of hydrochorous plants in relation to discharge, seed release time and buoyancy of seeds: The flood pulse concept supported. Journal of Ecology, 92 (5): pp. 786-796. Bohn, U., Neuhäusl, R., Gollub, G., Hettwer, C

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The reasons underlying the invasion of forest communities by black cherry, Prunus serotina and its subsequent consequences

. Diversity and Distributions , 13: 487-497. Vitousek P.M. 1990. Biological invasions and ecosystem processes: towards an integration of population biology and ecosystem studies. Oikos , 57 (1): 7-13. Webster C.R., Nelson K., Wangen S.R. 2005. Stand dynamics of an invasive tree, Acer platanoides. Forest Ecology and Management , 208: 85-99. Zerbe S., Wirth P. 2006. Non-indigenous plant species and their ecological range in Central European pine ( Pinus sylvestris L.) forests. Annals of Forest

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Biodiversity of herbaceous vegetation in abandoned and managed sites under protection regime: a case study in the Central Forest Reserve, NW Russia

References Austrheim, G. 2002: Plant diversity patterns in semi-natural grasslands along an elevational gradient in southern Norway. Plant Ecology 161: 193-205. Baranova, A., Schickhoff, U., Wang, Sh. & Jin, M. 2016: Mountain pastures of Qilian Shan: plant communities, grazing impact and degradation status (Gansu province, NW China). Hacquetia 15 (2): 21-35. Belonovskaya, E., Gracheva, R., Shorkunov, I. & Vinogradova, V. 2016: Grasslands of intermontane basins of Central Caucasus: land use legacies and present

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Parasitoid complex of leaf miner Pyllonorycter comparella (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) in Hungary

References AMARASEKARE, P. (2000a): Coexistence of competing parasitoids on a patchily distributed host: local vs. spatial mechanisms. Ecology, 81 (5): 1286-1296. AMARASEKARE, P. (2000b): Spatial dynamics in a host-multiparasitoid community. Journal of Animal Ecology, 69(2): 201-213. DOI:10.1046/j.1365-2656.2000.00378.x ASKEW, R.R. - SHAW, M.R. (1979): Mortality factors affecting the leaf-mining stages of Phyllonorycter (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) on oak and birch. 2. Biology of the parasite species.Zoological Journal of the

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Temporal dynamics of soil nematode community structure under invasive Ambrosia trifida and native Chenopodium serotinum

soil food web diagnostics: extension of the nematode faunal analysis concept. Appl. Soil Ecol., 18: 13–29 [7] Hua, J. F., Jiang, Y., Liang, W. J. (2006): Response of nematodes in a Hapli-Udic Argosol to urea amended with urease and nitrification inhibitors. Pedosphere, 16: 428–434 [8] Liang, W. J., Lavian, I., Pen-Mouratov, S., Steinberger, Y. (2005a): Diversity and dynamics of soil free-living nematode populations in a

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Land Use Changes (Recorded in Old Maps) and Delimitation of the Most Stable Areas from the Perspective of Land Use in the Kašperské Hory Region

changes in Haut-Saint-Laurent (Quebec, Canada) and their relation to landscape physical attributes. Landscape Ecology , 14 (1): 35-52. Poudevigne, I., van Rooij, S., Moring, P., & Alard, D. (1997). Dynamics of rural landscapes and their main driving factors: A case study in the Seine Valley, Normandy, France. Landscape and Urban Planning , 38 (1-2): 93-103. Quitt, E. (1970). Mapa klimatických oblastí ČSSR. Geografický ústav, ČSAV, Brno Patton, D.R. (1975). A diversity index for quantifying

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Statistical mapping and 3-D surface plots in phytoplankton analysis of the Balkhash Lake (Kazakhstan)

REFERENCES 1. Abrosov V. N., 1973 – Lake Balkhash, Leningrad, Russia, Science , 181. (in Russian) 2. Alimov A. F., 1981 – Functional ecology of bivalve mollusks, Proceedings of the Zoological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR , 96, Leningrad, Russia, Leningrad Branch, 248. (in Russian) 3. Andronikova I. N., 1996 – Structurally and functional organization of zooplankton of lake ecosystems of different trophic types, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Science , 189. (in Russian) 4. Barinova S. and Nevo E., 2012 – Algal diversity of

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Effect of pine admixture in a beech stand on the intensity of dissolved organic carbon, iron and aluminium leaching from organic and humic horizons of Dystric Arenosols

References Anderson S., Nilsson S.I., Saetre P. 2000. Leaching of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in mor humus as affected by temperature and pH. Soil Biology & Biochemistry , 32: 1-10. Augusto L., Ranger J., Binkley D., Rothe A. 2002. Impact of several common tree species of European temperate forests on soil fertility. Annals of Forest Science , 59(3): 233-253. Bell D. 1978. Dynamics of litter fall, decomposition and incorporation in the

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