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Battling for citizenship
A case study of Somali settlement in Lieksa, Finland

involving extreme violence, insecurity, and displacement ( Hammond et al .2011 ). Somalis began to arrive in Finland as asylum seekers in the early 1990s (Tiilikainen 2003: 49–57). They now form the third largest group of foreign origin (n = 10,534) in Finland and the largest national group that has arrived in the country as asylum seekers. Somalis are also the largest population group with an African background as well as the largest Muslim group in Finland. In 2014, 16,721 people spoke Somali as their first language in Finland, and 37% of them were born in the country

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Opportunities and risks among the migrant workers in the hotel industry in Oslo

states are the largest immigrant group in Norway, with Poles alone making up 13% of the immigrants ( Dzamarija 2014 : 46), they comprise only 8% of the immigrant workers in the hotel sector. Table 1 Country of birth of hotel workers in the Greater Oslo region, in percentage of all workers and percentage of immigrant workers (n = 867)   In %of all workers in the hotel industry in Oslo In %of immigrants in the hotels Norway 48.3 - Other Nordic 7.9 15.3 ‘Old’ EU 3.8 7.4 ‘New’ EU 4.3 8.3 Europe, non-EU 2

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“My children are Norwegian but i am a foreigner”
Experiences of African immigrant parents within Norwegian welfare society

information from the CWS-officials to make a balanced account. The point is, however, not to argue the case of the parents, but to make visible how the moral context of everyday parenting is heavily influenced by institutionalised practices of the welfare state meant to secure citizens’ individual rights. According to Section 4-3 in the Norwegian Child welfare act, the CWS has the right and duty to make investigations when they receive reports from the public. As part of such investigations, they may demand to speak with the child or children alone in a separate room. In

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Neither Trust Nor Distrust
Social relations in a multi-ethnic neighbourhood in Copenhagen

2012 Land of strangers Cambridge University Press Cambridge Amin, A 2006, `Collective culture and urban public space´ , Public Space , pp. 1-10. Amin A 2006 `Collective culture and urban public space´ Public Space 1 10 Amit, V 2002, `An anthropology without community?´ in The trouble with community: anthropological reflections on movement, identity and collectivity eds V. Amit and N. Rappaport,, Pluto Press, London. Amit V 2002 `An anthropology without community?´ The trouble with community: anthropological reflections on movement, identity and

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‘The good girl from Russia can do it all’
Au pairs’ perspective on morality and immorality in the au pair relation

.1177/1350506807079013 . Anderson B 2007 ‘A Very Private Business. Exploring the Demand of Migrant Domestic Workers’ European Journal of Women’s Studies 14 3 247 264 10.1177/1350506807079013 Arnado, JM 2003, ‘Maternalism in Mistress-Maid Relations: The Philippine Experience’, Journal of International Women’s Studies , vol.4.3, May 2003, pp. 154-177. Arnado JM 2003 ‘Maternalism in Mistress-Maid Relations: The Philippine Experience’ Journal of International Women’s Studies 4.3 May 2003 154 177 Ashcroft, B, Griffiths, G & Tiffin, H 2007, Post-colonial studies. The Key Concepts , (2. edition

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The rise and implications of temporary staffing as a migration industry in Norway

,519 6,680 13,053 10,749 9,359 9,128 12,352 Eastern EU member-state 1,000 3,380 6,529 12,843 11,046 11,118 14,199 17,885 Total 31,055 37,899 47,246 65,769 52,170 50,815 54,468 63,422 Foreign citizens 12% 20% 31% 43% 45% 44% 47% 52% Migration and temporary staffing in Norway The EU enlargement in 2004 was crucial for the growth of the staffing industry in Norway. It gave us access to a huge market of people who wanted to work. (…) The EU expansion made it easier to use cheap

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Book Reviews

: Wired Up: Digital Media as Innovative Socialization Practices for Migrant Youth . The analysis is based primarily on qualitative data derived from 43 in-depth semistructured interviews and from virtual ethnography and text analysis but is also enriched by the quantitative data collected during the Wired Up project from 1,408 school students. The book consists of an Introduction, five chapters and a concluding chapter, followed by an appendix with brief presentations of all the 43 informants who participated in this research. Whilst the introduction sets the ground

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Welfare Policing and the Safety–Security Nexus in Urban Governance
The expanded cohesion agenda in Malmö

: BRÅ (National Council for Crime Prevention), National Police Board and Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions 2010 Samverkan i lokalt bråttsförebyggande arbete (Collaboration in local crime-preventive work) Brottsförebyggande Rådet, Stockholm. Available from Bullock, K and Tilley, N 2008, ‘Understanding and tackling gang violence’, Crime

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“America is the dream of so many things”
Images and experiences of German speaking au pairs in the United States

: Toni: ‘I have seen this in many American families. They go to McDonald’s, and then the children get a hamburger, Chik’n Nuggets and two ice creams. They cannot eat all this, but it doesn’t matter because they only like it like this, as they eat a little bit from everything. Such a waste of money!’ (2. Int. 14: 306) Even when quoted, Toni’s criticism can be understood as a general dislike for wasting resources and a lack of ‘green thinking’ and something like a well-mannered modesty. Altogether, the examples show that, during the stay, the perception shifted from

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Book Reviews

fascinating and valuable opening for discussion about immigration, mixed marriages, family therapy and mental health. References Beck-Gernsheim, E 2007, ‘Transnational Lives, Transnational Marriages. A Review of the Evidence from Migrant Communities’, Global Networks, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 271-288. Beck-Gernsheim E 2007 ‘Transnational Lives, Transnational Marriages. A Review of the Evidence from Migrant Communities’ Global Networks, 7 3 271 288 Fletcher, G, Simpson, J, Campbell, L, & Overall, N 2013, The Science of Intimate Relationships, Wiley

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