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Vincentas Vobolevičius and Greta Gerazimaitė

*** The title of this paper refers in part to a XIV c. diplomatic letter by Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania, in which he assured German merchants that “Iron would sooner turn to wax, than the Lithuanian ruler would renege on his promise.”

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Edita Gruodytė and Saulė Milčiuvienė

pagrindai” (The Constitutional Grounds of the State Government and the State Institutions): 521–539. In: Toma Birmontienė and Arūnas Baublys, eds. Lietuvos Konstitucinė teisė (Lithuanian Constitutional Law). Vilnius: Mykolo Romerio universitetas, 2012. 4. Council of the European Union. “Summary on a question-by-question basis from the answers given by the Member States to the questionnaire on case law” (2005) // . 5. Deviatnikovienė, Ieva. Administracinė teisė: kategorijos

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Edita Gruodytė

References Baranskaitė, Agnė. "Kaltininko ir nukentėjusiojo susitaikymo institutas Lietuvos Respublikos baudžiamajame kodekse: istorinis lyginamasis aspektas" (Institute of the reconciliation of perpetrator and victim in the Criminal code of the Republic of Lithuania: historical comparative aspect). Jurisprudencija 45 (2003): 59-69. Kangaspunta, Kristina, Matti Jousen, and Nattali Ollus, eds. Crime and criminal justice systems in Europe and North America 1990-1994. Monsey, New York: Criminal Justice

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Norbert Ostrowski

References Ambrazas Vytautas (ed.). 1997. Lithuanian Grammar. Vilnius: baltos lankos. Ambrazas Vytautas. 2006. Lietuvių kalbos istorinė sintaksė. Vilnius: Lietuvių kalbos institutas. BP = Jono Bretkūno POSTILĖ: Studija, faksimilė ir kompaktinė plokštelė. Ona Aleknavičienė (ed.), 2005. Vilnius: Lietuvių kalbos instituto leidykla. DP = Postilla Catholicka. Tái est: Iźguldimas Ewangeliu kiekwienos Nedelos ir szwętes per wissús metús. Per Kúnigą Mikaloiv

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Zigmantas Gudžinskas and Mindaugas Rasimavičius

Ehrh. - In: Krasnaja Kniga Kaliningradskoj oblasti: 203. - Kaliningrad. Gudžinskas Z., 1983: Didysis asiūklis. - Mūsų gamta, 5: 13. Gudžinskas Z., Ryla M., 2006: Lietuvos gegužraibiniai (Orchidaceae). - Vilnius. Gudžinskas Z., Žalneravičius E., 2016: Principles and measures of conservation of the protected plant species and their habitats in south-western Lithuania and recommendations for their implementation. - In: Conservation of Botanical Diversity in South-Western Lithuania: 205-222. - Kaunas

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Zofija Jankauskienė

References Anonymous (1923). Dotnavos selekcijos stoties pasëliø rodyklis, 1923 m. [Index of the Crops at Dotnava Breeding Station, Year 1923]. Kaunas. 24 pp. (in Lithuanian). Anonymous (1924). Dotnavos selekcijos stoties pasëliø rodiklis, 1924 m. [Index of the Crops at Dotnava Breeding Station, Year 1924]. Kaunas. 41 pp. (in Lithuanian). Anonymous (1925). Dotnavos selekcijos stoties prie þemës ûkio akademijos pasëliø rodilis, 1925 m. [Index of the Crops at Dotnava Breeding Station, related to the Academy of

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Eitvydas Bajarūnas and Vytautas Keršanskas


The study analyses, in both theoretical and practical aspects, the topic of hybrid warfare and threats that have become particularly relevant after Russia’s war in Ukraine. First, the authors examine the theoretical debates, concerning the definition of hybrid threats by singling out its main elements and estimating, on their basis, the definitions used by the European Union and NATO. Second, on the grounds of examples of the Baltic states and specifically of Lithuania, the article presents practical challenges related to hybrid threats and posed by Russia. Finally, the study surveys the decisions taken during recent years at the level of Lithuania, the European Union, and NATO with the exception of essential measures in fighting against hybrid threats.

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Stanislaw Fedorowicz and Algirdas Gaigalas

References Gaigalas A, 2000. Correlation of 14 C and OSL dating of Late Pleistocene deposits in Lithuania. Geochronometria 19: 7-12. Gaigalas A and Fedorowicz S, 2002. Thermoluminescence dates of Mid- and Late Pleistocene sediments in Vilkiśkes exposure, Eastern Lithuania. Geologija 38: 31-40. Gaigalas A and Fedorowicz S, 2007. Sedimentological interpretation thermoluminescence (TL) ages of Pleistocene aquatic sediments to follow Lithuanian example. 9 th International

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Asta Gaigalienė and Dovydas Česnys

–25. Internet access: 19. Milne, A., Parboteeah, P. (2016). The Business Models and Economics of Peer-to-Peer Lending. Internet access: 20. Pokorna, M., Sponer, M. (2016). Social Lending and its Risks // Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences. Vol. 220, pp. 330–337. 21. Republic of Lithuania Law on Consumer Credit. No. XII-1989. Internet access:

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Vaiva Zuzevičiūtė and Monika Miliušienė

. (1992). Summary of school development program effects. New Haven, CT: Yale Child Study Center. Goverment of the Republic of Lithuania. (2003). Lietuvos Respublikos nacionalinė darnaus vystymosi strategija [Lithuania's National Sustainable Development Strategy], Vilnius. Retrieved January 6, 2009, from Gudynas, P. (2003). Education and social inclusion in Lithuania. Prospects , 33(1), 63-76. DOI: 10.1023/A: 1022612331408