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S. Pietruszczak and G.N. Pande

porous media undergoing freezing , Transport in Porous Media, 1996, 22, 345-357. [7] NIANDOU H., SHAO J.F., HENRY J.P., FOURMAINTRAUX D., Laboratory investigation of the mechanical behavior of Tournemire shale , Intern. Journ. Rock Mech. Min. Sci., 1997, 34, 3-16. [8] ODA M., KOISHIKAWA I., HUGUCHI T., Experimental study of anisotropic shear strength of sand by plane strain test , Soils and Foundations, 1978, 18(1), 25-38. [9] PIETRUSZCZAK S., Fundamentals of Plasticity in Geomechanics , Taylor & Francis Group, Leiden

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Aref M. Al-Swaidani, Ibraheem Hamood and Ayman Meziab

pozzolan were added to soil within the range of 0%–8% and 0%–20%, respectively. Their test results revealed that the plasticity index (PI) decreased from 29% to 3% when 8% lime and 20% natural pozzolan were added to the investigated clayey soil. This improvement moved the soil class from CH to ML, which rendered the soil satisfactory for most construction purposes. In addition, adding the same combination has reduced the linear shrinkage index from 16% to less than 4.2%, which may be considered non-problematic [ 6 ]. In Syria, a wide area is covered by clayey soils

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Mehdi Missoum Benziane, Noureddine Della, Sidali Denine, Sedat Sert and Said Nouri

, 23 ] Experimental results from various tests (direct shear, unconfined compression and triaxial compression) have confirmed that the efficiency of fiber treatment is highly dependent on the fiber concentration, on testing conditions (e.g., stress and strain levels, stress path and loading direction) and on a large number of variables related equally to the physical and dimensional characteristics of both fiber and sand matrix (e.g.,fiber and particle sizes and particle size distribution, particle shape and fiber surface, fiber/grain frictional properties

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Francesco Cafaro, Emanuele Miticocchio and Valentina Marzulli

, when using for the model the same granulometry of the prototype: in this case, different acceleration levels should imply an error, although negligible for high ratios of the structure size to the average grain size [ 4 ] [ 5 ] . Since a lunar geotechnical structure would be too large to be tested on either parabolic flight or drop tower, reproducing microgravity conditions, it has to be modelled either under hyper-gravity or under terrestrial gravity ( Table 1 ). A “hybrid” validation method is proposed here for physical modelling at 1 g , based on the following

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Jerzy Cieślik

triaxial compression tests on LGOM sandstone and dolomite in the context of the elastic-plastic constitutive model selection, Archives of Mining Sciences, 2007, 52 (3), 437-451. [6] CIEŚLIK J., Scalar damage variable determined in the uniaxial and triaxial compression conditions of sandstone samples, Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica, 2013, 35 (1), 73-84. [7] DIETERICH J.H., Time dependent friction in rock, J. Geophys. Res., 1972, 77, 3690-3697. [8] DŁUGOSZ M., GUSTKIEWICZ J., WYSOCKI A., Apparatus for investigation of rocks

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Martin Ondrášik and Miloslav Kopecký

References [1] ACADORCJAN Z.A., Prirodnyje kamennyje materialy Armenii, Izdateľstvo literatury po stroiteľstvu, Moscow, 1967, 240. [2] ADAMSON A.W., Physical chemistry of surfaces, A Wiley- Interscience Publication, New York, 1982, 777. [3] BATES R.L., JACKSON J.A., Dictionary of geological terms, Third Edition, The American Geological Institute, New York, 1984, 571. [4] BENAVENTURE D., GARCIA DEL CURA M.A., ORDONEZ S., Thermodynamic modelling of changes induced by salt pressure crystallisation

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Eugeniusz Koda, Tomasz Kołanka and Piotr Osiński

-2, 13-20. [10] FRATALOCCHI E., PASQUALINI E., Permeability over time of cement-bentonite slurry walls , Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics, Lisboa, 1998, Vol. 2, 509-514. [11] LIPINSKI M.J., KODA E., WDOWSKA M.K., Assessment of key geotechnical characteristics of a groundwater protective vertical barrier , Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Madrid, 2007, Vol. 2, 767-772. [12] KODA E., SKUTNIK Z., Quality control tests of

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Zenon Szypcio

, Rigid, Cohesionless Particles I, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 1965a, Vol. 286, No. 1404, 62-78. [16] HORNE M.R., The Behaviour of an Assembly of Rotund, Rigid, Cohesionless Particles II, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 1965b, Vol. 286, No. 1404, 79-97. [17] LI X.S., DEFALIAS Y.F., Dilatancy for cohesionless soils, Geotechnique, 2000, 50, No.4, 449-460. [18] LUZZANI L., COOP M.R., On the relationship

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Adrian Różański

References [1] BRISTOW K.L., Thermal conductivity, [in:] Methods of Soil Analysis. Part 4. Physical Methods, J.H. Dane, G.C. Topp (eds.), Soil Science Society of America, Madison, WI, 2002, 1209-1226. [2] BRISTOW K.L., KLUITENBERG G.J., HORTON R., Measurement of soil thermal properties with a dual-probe heat-pulse technique, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 1994, 58(5), 1288-1294. [3] CLAUSER C., HUENGES E., Thermal conductivity of rocks and minerals, [in:] Rock Physics and Phase Relations: A Handbook of

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Magdalena Habrat, Paulina Krakowska, Edyta Puskarczyk, Mariusz Jędrychowski and Paweł Madejski

References [1] ARNS C.H., BAUGET F., LIMAYE A., SAKELLARIOU A., SENDEN T.J., SHEPPARD A.P., SOK R.M., PINCZEWSKI W.V., BAKKE S., BERGE L.I., OREN P.E., KNACKSTEDT M.A., Pore scale characterization of carbonates using micro X-ray CT, SPE Journal, 2005, SPE 90368, 475-484. [2] CIECHANOWSKA M. (ed.), Rzeczpospolita łupkowa. Studium wiedzy o gazie z formacji łupkowych, Research articles, OGINRI, 2012, 183, 310. [3] DOHANLIK M., ZALEWSKA J., Correlation of results of laboratory tests obtained by X-ray microtomography