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The application of new technologies in promoting a healthy lifestyle: selected examples

dimension, education and others (Naisbit, 1982; Lubański, 2004 ). Within the information society, one can distinguish a generation of “digital natives”, i.e. people born in the digital era, for whom new media are the basic environment of existence (in other words, they are addicted to new media). Thanks to innovative gadgets, they have direct access to data and searched content ( Prensky, 2001 ), and they often use multiple multimedia devices at the same time, or one multifunctional device for several activities enabling access to media ( Mysior, 2014 ). This social

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On the integrability of the Hamiltonian systems with homogeneous polynomial potentials

-dimensional Hamiltonian systems with polynomial potential Phys. Lett. A 96 1983 273 278 [10] J. Hietarinta, Direct methods for the search of the second invariant , Phys. Rep. 147 (1987), 87–154. Hietarinta J. Direct methods for the search of the second invariant Phys. Rep. 147 1987 87 154 [11] J. Llibre, A. Mahdi and C. Valls, Analytic integrability of Hamiltonian systems with homogeneous polynomial potential of degree 4, J. Math. Phys. 52 (2011), 012702-pp 9. Llibre J. Mahdi A. Valls C. Analytic integrability of Hamiltonian systems with homogeneous polynomial potential of

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Factors Affecting Energy-Efficient Household Products Buying Intention: Empirical Study

goal directed behavior: Attitudes, intentions and perceived behavioral control. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 1986:22(5):453–474. doi:10.1016/0022-1031(86)90045-4 [16] Ajzen I., Fishbein M. The prediction of behavior from attitudinal and normative variables. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 1970:6(4):466–487. doi:10.1016/0022-1031(70)90057-0 [17] Ajzen I. Theory of planned behavior. Organization Behavior and Human Decision Process 1991:50(2):179–211. doi:10.1016/0749-5978(91)90020-T [18] Robinson R., Smith C. Psychosocial

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Nocturnal Enuresis is an Under-recognised Side Effect of Clozapine: Results of a Systematic Review

and reducing the need for inpatient admission. To assess the relevance of clozapine associated nocturnal enuresis, the aim of this systematic review was to determine the prevalence of nocturnal enuresis secondary to clozapine use. Methods Literature search To investigate the prevalence of nocturnal enuresis in patients taking clozapine, a systematic review was conducted using the electronic data source, PubMed. The literature search was performed in March 2018. The search terms used were ‘clozapine’, ‘nocturnal enuresis’ and ‘urinary incontinence’. Those

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Construction of an ontology-based nursing knowledge system

be presented according to standardized structures in order for the data to be shared and compared. However, inconsistent data standardization methods and different nursing terminologies are important barriers to the sharing of nursing information and data. When the sharing of information between systems is restricted, nursing big data become incompatible and incomparable. In addition, information technology education in the nursing field in China began relatively late, meaning that information technology in the nursing field in China is underdeveloped and that

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Poznań School of Socio-Economic Geography (and Spatial Management) of Adam Mickiewicz University (in Poznań)

–80. Chojnicki Z., 2011c. Systemy społeczne jako przedmiot geografii społeczno-ekonomicznej (Social systems as a subject of socio-economic geography). In: Mierzejewska L., Wdowicka M. (eds), Współczesne problemy rozwoju miast i region ó w (Contemporary problems of the development of cities and regions). Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Poznań: 31–48. Chojnicki Z., Czyż T., 1973. Metody taksonomii numerycznej w regionalizacji geograficznej (Methods of numerical taxonomy in geographical regionalisation). PWN, Warszawa. Chojnicki Z., Czyż T., Parysek J., Ratajczak W

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Interpretation of shear modulus degradation tests

degradation of the tested material. Figure 10 Results of TS analysis – sample S3057. Another suggestion of an alternative method of interpreting the results of TS tests is the back analysis of the τ ( γ ) relation in the first quarter of the hysteresis loop. This method finds particular application in the process of calibration of constitutive laws implemented in Finite Element Method based calculation applications. The authors have their own application that works with the MatLab system and enables automated search for explicit and discrete G ( γ

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Usage Count: A New Indicator to Detect Research Fronts

(1994) pointed out that research fronts are co-citation clusters plus citing articles; Morris et al. (2003) applied bibliographic coupling methods to identify the research fronts; Shibata et al. (2008) proposed that research fronts are direct citation clusters. Presently, Chen (2006) , Braam, Moed, and van Raan (1991) , and Persson’s (1994) views are the mainstream in research fronts detection. They concurred that research fronts are clusters of citing papers sharing a common intellectual base. The research fronts detection method of this paper is in

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Maximum Oxygen Uptake of Male Soccer Players According to their Competitive Level, Playing Position and Age Group: Implication from a Network Meta-Analysis

; Boraczyński et al., 2015 ; Canhadas et al., 2010 ; Gil et al., 2007a , b ; Le Gall et al., 2010 ; Portes et al., 2015 ; Reilly et al., 2000 ; Silvestre et al., 2006 ) for their ecological, criterion and synchronized validity and subsequently a very strong (r = 0.8-1.0) relationship with the direct assessment method for senior athletes ( Bangsbo et al., 2008 ; Castagna et al., 2009 ; Leger and Lambert, 1982 ; Paliczka et al., 1987 ; Rampinini et al., 2007 ). Present meta-analyses highlighted that the type of a test significantly impacted VO 2max values stratified

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Molecular Identification Of Trichoderma Strains Collected To Develop Plant Growth-Promoting And Biocontrol Agents

., Baeyen S., Van Vaerenbergh J., De Vos P., Maes M. 2008. Sensitive real-time PCR detection of Xanthomonas fragariae in strawberry plants. Plant Pathology 57: 438-444. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-3059.2007.01813.x. White T.J., Bruns T., Lee S., Taylor J. 1990. Amplification and direct sequencing of fungal ribosomal RNA genes for phylogenetics. In: Innis M.A., Gelfand D.H., Sninsky J.J., White T.J. (Eds.), PCR protocols: a guide to methods and applications. Academic Press, San Diego, CA, pp. 315-322. DOI: 10.1016/b978-0-12-372180-8.50042-1.

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