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Identification of Relations between BDI Logic and BDI Agents

. R. Schmidt, "Advances in Modal Logic," 2010. [Online]. Available: H. Ohlbach, A resolution calculus for modal logics: 9th International Conference on Automated Deduction. Springer, 1988, pp. 500.-516. M. d'Inverno, D. Kinny, M. Luck, and M. Wooldridge, "A formal specification of dMARS," Intelligent Agents IV Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages , pp. 155-176, 1998. A. Pokahr, L. Braubach, and W. Lamersdorf, "Jadex: A BDI reasoning

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Several Ideas on Integration of SCRUM Practices within Microsoft Solutions Framework

International, CHAOS Manifesto: The Laws of CHAOS and the CHAOS 100 Best PM Practices, The Standish Group International, 2011. [14] D. West and J. S. Hammond, The Forrester Wave: Agile Development Management Tools, Q2 2010, May 2010. [15] VersionOne, 5th Annual Survey: 2010 - “The State of Agile Development”, October 2010. [16] K. Cathey, Software Engineering Process, Apple Inc. [Online]. Available: [17] P. Kruchten, The Rational

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Graph Models and GeoData Based Web Portal in Cargo Transportation

:// [16] Lavendels, E., Grunspenkis, J., “Multi-Agent Auction Based Simulation Tool for an Insurance policy Market,” in Scientific J. of Riga Technical University. Applied Computer Systems , 2014/15, RTU Press, pp. 5–13, 2014.

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Evolution and Development Prospects of Information System Design Methodologies

R eferences [1] J. Davis and R. Daniels. Effective DevOps: Building a Culture of Collaboration, Affinity, and Tooling at Scale . O’Reilly Media, 2016. 410 p. [2] G. Kim, J. Humble, P. Debois, and J. Willis. The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations . IT Revolution Press, 2016. 250 p. [3] Standish Group, CHAOS Report, 1998, [Online]. Available: [4] F. Kratchen, The Rational Unified Process . Addison

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Enhancing Conflict Resolution Mechanism for Automatic Model Composition

Dependency in Refactoring to a Desired Design,” e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal , vol. 9, Issue 1, 2015. [12] Y. Lin, J. Gray, and F. Jouault, “DSMDiff: a differentiation tool for domain-specific models,” European J. of Information Systems , vol. 16, pp. 349–361, 2007. [13] M. Alanen and I. Porres, “Difference and Union of Models,” in J. Whittle, and G. Booch (eds.), “UML” 2003 - The Unified Modeling Language. Modeling Languages and Applications Stevens, 2003

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Introduction to the Integrated Domain Modeling Toolset

Proceedings of the 3rd IFIP TC 2 CEE-SET, Brno, Czech Republic, Wroclawskiej, 2008, pp. 15-28. [7] H. Kaindl, “Structural Requirements Language Definition, Defining the ReDSeeDS Languages,” 2007. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: Oct. 7, 2013]. [8] K. Subramaniam, D. Liu, B. Far, and A. Eberlein, UCDA: Use Case Driven Development Assistant Tool for Class Model Generation, Proceedin of the 16th SEKE. Canada: Banff, 2004. [Online]. Available: http

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System Modeling in UML with Two-Hemisphere Model Driven Approach

. New York: Springer-Verlag, 2009, pp. 289-297. D. Harel, "State charts: a visual formalism for complex systems," in Science of Computer Programming , Vol. 8, 1987. A. Baldini, A. Benso, and P. Prinetto. "System-level functional testing from UML specifications in end-of-production industrial environments," in Software Tools Technol Transfer , Vol. 7. Springer-Verlag, 2004, pp. 326-340. O. Nikiforova and N. Pavlova, "Development of the tool for generation of UML class diagram from two

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Introduction to Lean Canvas Transformation Models and Metrics in Software Testing

Quality, Cost and Schedule: Case Study in a Multi Location Product Development Team,” in IEEE 9th Int. Conf. on Global Software Engineering, ICGSE, 2014, pp. 95–99. [4] A. C. Barus, D. I. P. Hutasoit, J. H. Siringoringo, Y. A. Siahaan, “White box testing tool prototype development,” in 2015 Int. Conf . Electrical Engineering and Informatics, ICEEI, 2015, pp. 417–422. [5] K. M. Mustafa, R. E. Al-Qutaish, M. I. Muhairat, “Classification of Software Testing Tools Based

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Integrated Cloud-Based Services for Medical Workflow Systems

, ITIME’09 , Jinan, 2009, pp. 1117–1121. [16] L. Liu, M. Zhang, Y. Lin and L. Qin, “A survey on workflow management and scheduling in cloud computing,” in 2014 14th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing, Chicago, IL, 2014, pp. 837–846. [17] A. Kamil, “A comparison of different workflow modeling tools: choosing the most accurate tool for designing a reliable healthcare system,” Doctoral dissertation, McMaster University, 2014. [18] W. M

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Design of Decision Service Using Cause-and-Effect Business Process Analysis

group: Defining business rules - what are they really?, 2006 Cutter Consortium Enterprise decision management | cutter consortium. Webpage, January 2005. Champy J., Hammer, M. Reengineering the Cooperation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution. Harper Collins Publisher, New York, 1993. Ishikawa, K. Introduction to Quality Control. Quality Resources, 1990. Kettinger, W. J., Teng, J. T. C. Business process change: a study of methodologies, techniques, and tools

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