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The Technical Efficiency of Tunisian Ports: Comparing Data Envelopment Analysis and Stochastic Frontier Analysis Scores

the efficiency of Asian container ports. African Journal of Business Management. 5(4), 1397-1407. DOI :10.5897/AJBM10.1312. [27] Park, B. I. (2005). An Efficiency Analysis for the Korea Container Terminals by the DEA/Simulation Approach. Korean Management Science Review. 22 (2), 77-97. [28] Rajasekar, T & Deo, M (2013). Measuring the operational efficiency of selected Major Ports in India. MJOR, 2 (2), 29-4. DOI: 10.6088/ijes.2014040404531. [29] Pjevcevi, D., Radonji.C., Hrle.Z., Coli. V. (2011). DEA window ´ analysis for measuring port

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Review of pallet pooling studies

). Economics of pallet rental. Material Handling Engineering, 54(9): 47-48. [10] Raballand, G., & Carroll, E. A. (2007). How do differing standards increase trade costs? The case of pallets. The World Economy, 30(4): 685-702. [11] Meng, G. Q., & Sun, K. Suggestions for China’ pallet pooling. China Logistics & Purchasing, (23): 12-16. [12] Li, T. P. (2006). Study on the problem of China logistics pallet exchange system and its counter measure. East China Economic Management, 20 (5): 58-98. [13] Murray, J. (1967). Pallet pool is key to Swedish cargo

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Prerequisites for the modelling of empty container supply chains

Management , 22 (2), 253-268. Harrison, T. P. (2005). Principles for the strategic design of supply chains. In T. P. Harrison, H. L. Lee, J. J. Neale (Eds.), The practice of supply chain management (pp. 3-12). New York, USA: Springer. Ivanow, D., & Sokolov, B. (2010). Adaptive supply chain management . London, England: Springer-Verlag. Kendall, G., Blazewicz, J., Bai, R., de Causemaecker, P., Gendreau, M., John, R., Li, J., McCollum, B., Pesch, E., Qu, R., Sabar, N., Vanden Berghe, G., & Yee, A. (2016). Good laboratory practice for optimization

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Role of tour guides on tourist satisfaction level in guided tours and impact on re-visiting Intention: a research in Istanbul

References [1] Ang, E. (1990). Upgrading the Professionalism of Tourist Guides. Proceedings from the Travel Educators Forum, (pp.167-172). PATA Conference, Singapore. 11-14 July 1990. [2] Ap, J. & Wong, K.F. (2001). Case Study on Tour Guiding: Professionalism, Issues and Problems. Tourism Management. 22(1): 551-563. [3] Beerli, A. & Martin, J.D. (2004). Factors Influencing Destination Image. Annals of Tourism Research. 31(3): 657-681. [4] Bowen, D. & Clarke, J. (2002). Reflections on Tourist

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Distribution of the Invasive Species Ailanthus altissima (P. Mill.) Swingle Along the Danube River Banks on the Territory of Novi Sad

: 85–99. Kowarik I. & Saumel I.: Biological flora of Central Europe: Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, 8: 207-237, 2007. Lazarević P., Stojanović V., Jelić L, Perić R., Krsteski B., Rastko A., Sekulić N., Branković S., Sekulić G., Bjedov V. (2012): Preliminary list of invasive species in Serbia, with general measures of control and reduction as a basis of future legal acts. Protection of nature , 62: 5-31. Meloche C., & Murphy S.D. (2006): Managing tree-of-heaven ( Ailanthus altissima

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The Evaluation of Financial Standing of Medical Institutions in Poland

: corporate financial indicators by sector (s) for 2014]. Rachunkowość, 3. Dursun, D., Kuzey, C., & Uyar, A. (2013). Measuring firm performance using financial ratios: A decision tree approach. Expert Systems with Applications, 40(10), 3970-3983. Gołębiewski, G., & Tłaczała, A. (2005). Analiza ekonomiczno- finansowa w ujęciu praktycznym [Economic and financial analysis in the practical perspective]. Warszawa, Poland: Difin. Groppelli, A. A., & Nikbaht, E. (1999). Wstęp do finansów [Admission to funds]. Warszawa, Poland: WIG

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Customer engagement for evaluating customer relationships in hotel industry

). Antecedents and purchase consequences of customer participation in small group brand communities. International Journal of research in Marketing, 23(1), 45-61 [5] Berman, B., & Evans, J.R., (2007), Retail Management, A Strategic Approach, (8th Eds) Macmillan Publishing, New York [6] Bentler, P. M. (1992). On the fit of models to covariances and methodology to the Bulletin. Psychological Bulletin, 112(3), 400-404 [7] Bentler, P. M., & Bonnett, D. G. (1980). Significance tests and goodness of fit in the analysis of covariance structures. Psychological

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Exploring customer satisfaction with university cafeteria food services. An empirical study of Temptation Restaurant at Taylor’s University, Malaysia

chain restaurant industry. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 51(2), 251-267 [20] Inkumsah, W. A. (2011), Measuring Customer Satisfaction in the Local Ghanaian Restaurant Industry, European Journal of Business and Management, 3(2), 153-166 [21] Jaeger, S. R., Marshall, D. W., & Dawson, J. (2009). A quantitative characterization of meals and their contexts in a sample of 25 to 49-year-old Spanish people. Appetite, 52(2), 318-327 [22] Joung, H., Lee, D., Kim, H., Ahn, J., & Huffman, L. (2011). Evaluating on-campus dining service

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Forecasting US Tourists’ inflow to Slovenia by modified Holt-Winters Damped model: A case in the Tourism industry logistics and supply chains

,” Slovene Studies Journal, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 33-42, 1990. [5] M. Konecnik and F. Go, “Tourism destination brand identity: The case of Slovenia,” Journal of Brand Management, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 177-189, 2008. [6] A. Assaf and K. L. Cvelbar, “Privatization, market competition, international attractiveness, management tenure and hotel performance: Evidence from Slovenia,” International Journal of Hospitality Management, vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 391-397, 2011. [7] T. Mihalič, V. Žabkar, and L. K. Cvelbar, “A hotel sustainability business model: evidence

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Relations between risk attitudes, culture and the endowment effect

: Heuristics and Biases. Science , 185 (4157), 1124-1131. Vasvari, T. (2015). Risk. Risk Perception, Risk Management – a Review of the Literature. Public Finance Quarterly , 60 (1), 29-48. Wang, M., Oliver, M., & Hens, R. (2017). The impact of culture on loss aversion. Behavioral Decision Making, 30 (2), 270-281. Weber, E. U., Blais, A. R., & Betz, N. (2002). A domainspecific risk attitude scale: Measuring risk perceptions and risk behaviors. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making , 15 , 263-290. Weber, E. U., & Hsee, C. (1998). Cross Cultured

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