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The Analysis of Low Noise Protection Barriers Influence on Tram Traffic Noise Levels

References [1]. “Assessing vibration: a technical guideline”, Environmental Noise Management, Department of Environment and Conservation NSW, 2006. [2]. S. LAKUŠIĆ, M. AHAC: “Rail traffic noise and vibration mitigation measures in urban areas”, Technical Gazette 19, 2(2012), 427-435. [3]. “Transit noise and vibration impact assessment”, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Office of Planning and Environment, 2006. [4]. “Master Plan of City of Zagreb”, Official

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Role of stakeholders leading to development of higher education services

Literature Agasisti, T., & Johnes, G. (2015). Efficiency, costs, rankings and heterogeneity: the case of US higher education. Studies in Higher Education , 40 (1), 60-82. doi: 10.1080/03075079.2013.818644 Borwick, J. (2013). Mapping the system of US higher education. HEIT Management . Retrieved from Bourne, L., & Walker, D. H. T. (2005). Visualising and mapping stakeholder influence. Management Decision , 43 (5), 649-660. doi: 10

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Sustainable Business Development Through Leadership in SMEs

: Best practices in managing and measuring corporate social, environmental, and economic impacts. San Francisco, USA: Berrett- Koehler Publishers. Gadenne, D. L., Kennedy, J., & McKeiver, C. (2009). An empirical study of environmental awareness and practices in SMEs. Journal of Business Ethics, 84(1), 45-63. Gerstenfeld, A., Roberts, H. (2000). Size matters: barriers and prospects for environmental management in small and medium-sized enterprises. In R. Hillary (Ed.), Small and medium-sized enterprises and the environment: Business

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Do neighbouring countries encourage the demand of international business tourism?

importance of convention service factors: Focusing on the differences in perception between convention planners and participants. Journal of Convention & Exhibition Management, 3(4), 69–85 [37] Lloyd, P.J., & MacLaren, D. (2002). Measures of trade openness using CGE analysis. Journal of Policy Modeling, 24, 67–81 [38] Manski, C.F. (2000). Economic analysis of social interactions. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 14(3), 115–136 [39] Marrocu, E., & Paci, R. (2011). They Arrive with New Information. Tourism Flows and Production Efficiency in the European

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Individual Consequences of Internal Marketing

organisational competencies. European Journal of Marketing, 37 (9), 1221-1241 4. Allen, N.J., Meyer, J.P. (1990). The measurement and antecedents of affective, continuance and normative commitment to the organization. Journal of Occupational Psychology, 63 (1), 1-18 5. Amiri, M., Yazdani, H., Nosratian, N. (2009). Measuring quality of internal services and level of internal marketing in Gas Company in Tehran province. Knowledge of Management, 21 (81), 3-18 6. Arnett, D.B., Laverie, D.A., McLane, C. (2002). Using job satisfaction

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Small business life cycle: statics and dynamics (S&D) model

Matejun, M. (2013). Instruments supporting development in the life cycle of small and medium-sized enterprises. International Journal of Economic Sciences, 2(1), 40-60. Murphy, G. B., Trailer, J. W., & Hill R. C. (1996). Measuring performance in entrepreneurship research. Journal of Business Research, 36(1), 15-23. doi: 10.1016/0148- 2963(95)00159-X Nicolescu, O. (2009). Main features of SMEs organisation system. Review of International Comparative Management, 10(3), 405-413. Phelps, R., Adams, R., & Bessant, J. (2007

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Provision of Public Services in the Light of Current Global Trends

Info, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 32–44. DOI 10.1108/info–10–2013–0051. 16. KOUZMIN, A. – LOFFLER, E. – KLAGES, H. – KORAC–KAKABADSE, N. 1999. Benchmarking and performance measurement in public sectors. In International Journal of Public Sector Management, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 121–144. 17. LAUKKONEN, J. – BLANCO, P. K. – LENHART, J. – KEINER, M. – CAVRIC, B. – KINUTHIA–NJENGA, C. 2009. Combining climate change adaptation and mitigation measures at the local level. In Habitat International , vol. 33, pp. 287–292. DOI 10.1016/j.habitatint.2008.10.003. 18

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Effects of Surface and Subsurface Drip Irrigation on the Yield, Vegetative Growth and Water Productivity of Onions

REFERENCES AL-JAMAL M.S., BALL S., SAMMIS T.W.: Comparison of sprinkler, trickle and furrow irrigation efficiencies for onion production. Agricultural Water Management, 46: 253-266, 2001. AYARS J.E., PHENE C.J, HUTMACHER R.B, DAVIS K.R, SHONEMAN R.A, VAIL S.S, MEAD R.M.: Subsurface drip irrigation of row crops: A review of 15 years of research at the Water Management Research Laboratory. Agricultural Water Management, 42:1-27, 1999. BARTOLO M.E.: Subsurface drip irrigation in Colorado. In: Central Plains Irrigation Conference and Exposition

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Supply chain management in SMEs: evidence from Poland and Kazakhstan

Literature Anikin, B. A. (2010). Logistics . Moscow, Russia: Prospect Publishing. Arend, R. J., & Wisner, J. D. (2005). Small business and supply chain management: is there a fit? Journal of Business Venturing , 20 (3), 403-436. Bohušová, H., & Svoboda, P. (2017). Biological Assets: Impact of Measurement on Financial Position and Performance of SMEs. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia , 5 (1), 19-31. Dolado, J. J., & Lütkepohl, H. (1996). Making Wald Test Work for Cointegrated VAR Systems. Econometric Reviews , 15 (4), 369

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Conditions of cooperation between enterprises and business environment institutions using the Podlasie region as an example

gospodarki [ Regional aspects of economy ]. Warszawa: PWE. Bengtsson, M., & Kock, S. (2014). Coopetition – Quo Vadis? Past accomplishments and future challenges. Industrial Marketing Management, 43 (2), 180-188. Cygler, J., & Sroka, W. (2016). The Boundaries of Coopetition: A Case Study of Polish Companies Operating in the High-Tech Sector. In J. Ateljević, J. Trivić (Eds.). Economic Development and Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies , (pp. 253-269). Springer International Publishing. Cygler, J. (2009). Kooperencja przedsiębiorstw. Czynniki

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