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Soil nematode community structure in a Chinese sand dune system

): Assessing nematode communities in agroecosystems of varying human intervention. Agric. Ecosyst. Environ., 45: 239–261 [6] Freckman, D. W., Virginia, R. A. (1997): Low-diversity Antarctic soil nematode communities: Distribution and response to disturbance. Ecology, 78: 363–369[0363:LDASNC]2.0.CO;2 [7] Freckman, D. W., Whitford, W. G., Steinberger, Y. (1987): Effect of irrigation on nematode population dynamics and activity in

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Modelling the effects of natural and artificial regeneration on genetic structure. 1. Pure spruce stand

silvicultural regimes on dynamics of genetic and ecological diversity of European beech forests. Final Report of 5th framework project DynaBeech, QLK5-CT-1999-1210, 109 s. Lagercranz U., Ryman N., 1990. Genetic structure of Norway spruce ( Picea abies ): concordance of morphological and allozymic variation. Nature , 44 (1): 38-53. Lindgren D., Gea L., D., Jefferson P., A., 1996: Loss of genetics diversity monitored by status number. Silvae Genetica , 45 : 52-59. Longauer R., Gömöry D., Paule L

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Metagenomic Analysis of Slovak Bryndza Cheese Using Next-Generation 16S rDNA Amplicon Sequencing

fate of indigenous microbiota, starter cultures, Escherichia coli, Listeria innocua and Staphylococcus aureus in Danish raw milk and cheeses determined by pyrosequencing and quantitative real time (qRT)-PCR. J. Food Microbiol., 153, 2012, 192-202. MAŠLANKOVÁ, J., PILIPČINCOVÁ, I., TKÁČIKOVÁ, L.: Pheno- and genotyping of Staphylococcus aureus isolates of sheep origin. Acta Vet. Brno, 78, 2009, 345-352. PANGALLO, D., ŠAKOVÁ, N., KOREŇOVÁ, J., PUŠKÁROVÁ, A., KRAKOVÁ, L., VALÍK, L., KUCHTA, T.: Microbial diversity and dynamics during the

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Hydro Power Development and Its Impacts on the Habitats and Diversity of Montane Birds of Western Himalayas

References Acharya, B. K., Sanders, N. J., Vijayan, L., Chettri, B. 2011. Elevational Gradients in Bird Diversity in the Eastern Himalaya: An Evaluation of Distribution Patterns and Th eir Underlying Mechanisms. PLoS ONE 6(12): e29097. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0029097 Ali, S., Ripley, S. D. 1983. Hand Book of the Birds of India and Pakistan Compact Edition. Oxford Univ. Press, New Delhi. Austin, M. P. Cunningham, R. B., Flemming, P. M. 1984. New approaches to direct gradient analysis using environmental scalars

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Impact of applied silvicultural systems on spatial pattern of hornbeam-oak forests

: Spatial dynamics of forest decline: the role of neighbouring trees. Journal of Vegetation Science, 7:789–798. Vacek, S., Vacek, Z., Podrázský, V., Bílek, L., Bulušek, D., Štefančík, I. et al., 2014: Structural Diversity of Autochthonous Beech Forests in Broumovské Stěny National Nature Reserve, Czech Republic. Austrian Journal of Forest Science, 131:191–214. Vacek, Z., Vacek, S., Bílek, L., Remeš, J., Štefančík, I., 2015a: Changes in horizontal structure of natural beech forests on an altitudinal gradient in the Sudetes. Dendrobiology, 73:33–45. Vacek

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Soil nematode community characteristics around the Gangue hill of Fushun West Open-pit mine

–469 [20] Liang, W. J., Lavian, I., Pen-Mouratov, S. (2001): Diversity and dynamics of soil free-living nematode populations in a Mediterranean agroecosystem. Pedosphere, 33: 208–213 [21] Liang, W. J., Chen, L. J., Li, Q., Wang, P., Duan, Y. X. (2002): Responses of nematode communities to inorganic fertilizer disturbance in a farmland ecosystem. Pedosphere, 12(3): 193–200 [22] Liang, W. J., Li, Q., Jiang, Y. (2005): Nematode faunal analysis in an aquic brown soil fertilized with slow-release urea, Northeast China

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Unitary and iterative growth of clonal species individuals: significance for the spatial structure and the dynamics of population abundance

. Rozpr. habil. Wydz. BiNoZ 48, Wyd. UMCS, Lublin. Czarnecka B. 2005. Plant cover of the Szum river valley (Roztocze, South-East Poland). Acta Soc. Bot. Pol. 74(1): 43-51. Czarnecka B. 2008. Spatiotemporal patterns of genets and ramets in a population of clonal perennial Senecio rivularis : plant features and habitat effects. Annales Bot. Fen. 45 (1): 19-32. Eriksson O. 1989. Seedling dynamics and life histories in clonal plants. Oikos 55: 231-238. Eriksson O. 1993

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Heterogeneity and Spatial Autocorrelation for Chloroplast Haplotypes in Three Old Growth Populations of Northern Red Oak

-524. PARKER, G. R., D. J. LEOPOLD and J. K. EICHENBERGER (1985): Tree Dynamics in an Old-Growth, Deciduous Forest. Forest Ecology and Management 11: 31-57. PETIT, R. J., S. BREWER, S. BORDACS, K. BURG, R. CHEDDADI et al. (2002): Identification of refugia and postglacial colonisation routes of European white oaks based on chloroplast DNA and fossil pollen evidence. Forest ecology and management 156: 49-74. PONS, O., and R. J. PETIT (1995): Estimation, Variance and Optimal Sampling of Gene Diversity. 1. Haploid Locus. Theoretical and Applied

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Microbial Food Web Components as Potential Indicators of Urban Hydroecosystems / Mikrobiālās ķēdēs Komponentu Potenciāls Pielietojums Urbānās Vides Ūdeņu Ekosistēmas Kvalitātes Novērtējumam

, and Guide to the Literature. 2nd ed. Pergamon Press, Oxford; New York, 455 pp. Downing, J. A. (2010). Emerging global role of small lakes and ponds, little things mean a lot. Limnetica, 29 (1), 9-24. Foissner, W. E., Chao, A., Katz, L. A. (2007). Diversity and geographic distribution of ciliates (Protista: Ciliophora). Biodiversity Conserv, 17 (2), 345-363. Jasser, I., Karnkowska, A., Kozlovska, E., Krolicka, A. (2010). Composition of picocyanobacteria community in the Great Mazurian lakes: Isolation of phycoerithrin

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Vegetation Succession Along New Roads at Soqotra Island (Yemen): Effects of Invasive Plant Species and Utilization of Selected Native Plant Resistence Against Disturbance

, Evolution and Systematics, 7: pp. 203-216. De Sanctis M., Adeeb A., Farcomeni A., Patriarca Ch., Saed A., Attorre F., (2013). Classification and distribution patterns of plant communities on Socotra Island, Yemen. Applied Vegetation Science, 16: pp. 148-165. Dogra K. S., Sood S. K., Dobhal P. K., Sharma S., (2010). Alien plant invasion and their impact on indigenous species diversity at global scale: A review. Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment, 2(9), pp. 175-186. Goosem M. W., Turton S. M., (2006

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