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An Accurate and Rapid System to Identify Play Patterns in Tennis Using Video Recording Material: Break Point Situations as a Case Study

and qualitative methods, the approach becomes more consistent. As a consequence, in recent years, the number of studies integrating both methods has increased in the field of sport science ( Camerino et al., 2014 ; Gutierrez-Santiago et al., 2011 ; Fernandez et al., 2009 ; Prieto et al., 2013 ). This combined method, also known as a “mixed method” (Anguera et al., 2014; Camerino et al., 2012a ), is frequently applied to study some issues involving the complexity of the human motor behavior in other areas. The purpose of this research was to solve the problem

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Multiplier method and exact solutions for a density dependent reaction-diffusion equation

-trivial conservation laws. After Ibragimov’s results several papers appeared concerned with self-adjointness and its applications to PDEs [ 24 , 25 ]. In this work, we derive conservation laws by using the direct method of the multipliers [ 4 ]. Furthermore, due to the fact that equation (1) admits groups of space and time traslations, we look for travelling wave solutions of the density dependent reaction-diffusion equation (1) with physical interest. In order to do that we apply the well known G ′ G $\begin{array}{} \displaystyle \frac{G'}{G} \end{array}$ -expansion

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Workplace noise exposure and serum testosterone in men enrolled in the 1999-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Prevention. NHANES Response Rates and Population Totals [displayed 23 January 2016]. Available at: 23. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). NHANES 2001-2002 Laboratory Data [displayed 23 January 2016]. Available at: 24. Vermeulen A, Verdonck L, Kaufman JM. A critical evaluation of simple methods for the estimation of free testosterone in

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Improving Publication Pipeline with Automated Biological Entity Detection and Validation Service

communities from around the world. All the Planteome ontologies are publicly available and are maintained at the Planteome GitHub site ( for sharing and tracking revisions and new requests. 2.4 NLP as a Service Since the number of journal articles published each year has significantly increased in the past decades, information management services, such as those provided through libraries and content creators, are seeking new ways to improve the content accessibility. New text-mining methods are adopted to provide better search experiences

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Improving Conductivity Image Quality Using Block Matrix-based Multiple Regularization (BMMR) Technique in EIT: A Simulation Study

inherent ill-posedness of the system, direct analytical methods fail to get the unique solution of this problem and hence a minimization algorithm [ 39 , 40 , 41 ] is found as the best way to obtain its approximate solution. In the minimization algorithm, an objective function, formed by the difference between the experimental or measured data (V m ) and the model predicted data (V c ), is minimized by the Gauss-Newton method [ 39 , 40 , 41 , 42 , 43 ] to find the approximate solution. Conductivity reconstruction in EIT is a nonlinear, highly ill-posed [ 39 , 40

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Metastatic sebaceous cell carcinoma, review of the literature and use of electrochemotherapy as possible new treatment modality

) classification as more at risk of involved margins after surgery in squamous cell carcinoma. 13 Methods A systematic literature review for case reports of extra-ocular, cutaneous, multifocal metastasizing SC in the time between 1960 and 2015 was conducted. We therefore searched the literature for all cases mentioning a skin directed therapy and response results for metastatic sebaceous carcinoma utilizing PubMed’s MEDLINE database. Results Local and distant cutaneous/subcutaneous metastases were described in the course of disease in 8 cases ( Table 1 ). 14 - 21

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Electronic and optical properties of ternary alloys ZnxCd1−xS, ZnxCd1−xSe, ZnSxSe1−x, MgxZn1−xSe

1 Introduction A particular attention has been devoted in the literature to the wide-gap semiconductor alloys for applications in the fields of optical devices technology [ 1 , 2 ]. Several authors have investigated different kinds of materials in order to search for the desired parameters, such as band-gap, lattice constant, dielectric constant and carrier mobility [ 3 – 6 ]. In recent years, the wide gap II-VI semiconductor compounds have attracted much interest for their applications in optoelectronic devices. Various methods for fabricating chemical

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Official Statistics and Statistics Education: Bridging the Gap

Methods: Reflections on Teaching Frameworks and Research.” In Learning and teaching of Research methods at University, edited by M. Murtonen, J. Rautopuro, and P. Va¨isa¨nen. Turku, Finland: Finnish Educational Research Association. Gal, I. and S. Murray. 2011. “Users’ Statistical Literacy and Information Needs: Institutional and Educational Implications.” Statistical Journal of the IAOS 27(3-4): 185-195. Gal, I. and I. Ograjensˇek. 2010. “Qualitative Research in the Service of Understanding Learners and Users of Statistics

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Cloning and differential expression analyses of Cdc42 from sheep

strain can induce antibodies that interfere with the serological tests leading to failure in discriminating vaccinated animals from naturally infected ones ( 3 , 18 ). Thus, it is necessary to search for diagnostic biomarkers allowing to distinguish between vaccinated and infected animals. Cdc42 is a small GTPase, a member of the Rho subfamily, which can act as a molecular switch to control signal transduction pathways by cycling between an inactive state (GDP-bound) and an active state (GTP-bound) ( 10 ). In GTP-binding form, Cdc42 interacts with its downstream

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Approved genetically modified (GM) horticultural plants: A 25-year perspective

using oligo-directed mutagenesis: Cibus’ Rapid Trait Development System. In: NABC Report 26. New DNA-Editing Approaches: Methods, Applications and Policy for Agriculture. North American Agricultural Biotechnology Council, Ithaca, NY, 97-105. G onnet J-F, F enet B., 2000. ‘Cyclamen red’ color based on a macrocyclic anthocyanin in carnation flowers. J. Agric. Food Chem. 48(1), 22-25. G onsalves D., 2004. Transgenic papaya in Hawaii and beyond. AgBioForum 71, 36-40. G onsalves D., G onsalves C., F erreira S., P itz K., F itch M., M anshardt R

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