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Bio-economic Modelling as a Method for Determining Economic Weights for Optimal Multiple-Trait Tree Selection

: 237-257. IVKOVIĆ, M., H. X. WU, D. J. SPENCER and T. A. MCRAE (2007): Modelling the effects of stem sweep, branch size and wood stiffness of radiata pine on structural timber production. Australian Forestry 70(3): 173-184. IVKOVIĆ, M., H. X. WU, T. A. MCRAE and M. B. POWELL (2006a): Developing Breeding Objective for Pinus Radiata Pine Structural Wood Production I: Bio-Economic Model and Economic Weights. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36(11): 2920-2931. IVKOVIĆ, M., H. X. WU, T. A. MCRAE and C. A. MATHESON(2006b

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Growth Characteristics, Physiological and Metabolic Responses of Teak (Tectona Grandis Linn. f.) Clones Differing in Rejuvenation Capacity Subjected to Drought Stress

root regeneration on vertically split cuttings. Silvae Genet. 52: 173-176. HUSEN, A. and M. PAL (2003c): Effect of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium fertilizers on growth of stock plants of Tectona grandis (Linn. f.) and rooting behaviour of shoot cuttings. Silvae Genet. 52: 249-254. HUSEN, A. and M. PAL (2006): Variation in shoot anatomy and rooting behaviour of stem cuttings in relation to age of donor plants in teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f.). New Forest. 31: 57-73. HUSEN, A. and M. PAL (2007a): Metabolic changes

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How small and constrained is the genome size of angiosperm woody species

. RAMAWAT and G. NANDWANI (1995): Rapid in vitro multiplication of jujube through mature stem explants. Plant Cell Tissue Organ Culture 43: 75-77. MEHRA, P. N. (1972): Cytogenetical evolution of hardwoods. Nucleus 15: 64-83. MEHRA, P. N., A. S. HANS and T. S. SAREEN (1972): Cytomorphology of Himalayan Fagaceae. Silvae Genet 21: 102-109. MEHRA, P. N. (1976): Cytology of Himalayan hardwoods. Sree Saraswaty Press, Calcutta. MEHRA, P. N., T. S. SAREEN and P. K. KHOSLA (1972): Cytological studies on Himalayan

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