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Understanding the Integration of Mainland Chinese Students:
The Case of Finland

/Main. Furnham, A & Alibhai, N 1985, ‘The friendship networks of foreign students: a replication and extension of the functional model’, International Journal of Psychology , vol. 20, no. 3–4, pp. 709-722. GHK Consulting & Renming University 2011, EU-China Student and Academic Staff Mobility: Present Situation and Future Developments , European Commission, Available from: < >. [Last accessed 8.11.2017]. Global Times 2007, Going to study non-English speaking

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Republic of Moldova: Diaspora and Diaspora Policy

migrants in Italy, (Russian) Schwartz R. (2007) Exploring the Link between Moldovan Communities abroad (MCA) and Moldova. May 2007. - Chisinau, IOM, 43 p. Vaculovschi D., Lipcanu O., Popova N., Panzica F. (2013) Private employment agencies in the Republic of Moldova. - Chisinau: ILO, 30 p. Victor Lutenco: About program for children of Diaspora "Dor". //

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Canada as an Inspirational Model: Reforming Scandinavian Immigration and Integration Policies

. 88-102. DOI: 10.1111/ j.1467-9477.1969.tb00521.x. Banting K, 2010, ‘Is there a progressive’s dilemma in Canada? Immigration, multiculturalism and the welfare state’, Canadian Journal of Political Science, vol. 43, no. 4, pp. 797-820. DOI: 10.1017/S0008423910000983. Banting, K & Kymlicka, W 2006, Multiculturalism and the welfare state, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Bennett, CJ 1991, ‘How states utilize foreign evidence’, Journal of Public Policy, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 31-54. Doi:10.1017/ S0143814X0000492X

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Acculturation and Expectations?
Investigating Differences in Generalised Trust between Non-Western Immigrants and Ethnic Danes

, ‘Acculturation as varieties of adaptation’ in Acculturation: theory, models, and some new findings, ed A Padilla, Westview, Boulder, pp. 9-25. Berry, JW 2001, ‘A psychology of immigration’, Journal of Social Issues , vol. 57, pp. 615-632. Breidahl, KN & Larsen, CA 2016, ‘The myth of unadaptable gender roles: attitudes towards women’s paid work among immigrants across 30 countries’, Journal of European Social Policy, vol. 26, no. 5, pp. 387-401. Breidahl, KN, Holtug, N & Kongshøj, K 2017, ’Do shared values promote social cohesion? If so, which? Evidence

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“In Case You Can Speak Finnish, There’s No Problem”
Reconstructing problematic identity-positions in migrant care workers’ organisational discourse

, Nordic Journal of Migration Research, vol. 3, no. 2. DOI: 10.2478/v10202-012-0018-4. Davies, B & Harré, R 1990,‘Positioning: The Discursive Production of Selves’, Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 43-63. DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-5914.1990.tb00174.x. Day, D 1998, ‘Being Ascribed, and Resisting, Membership of an Ethnic group’ in Identities in Talk, ed C Antaki & S Widdicombe, Sage Publications, London pp. 151-170. Fournier, V

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Social Skills and Their Relationship to Drug Use Among 15-16-Year-Old Students in Estonia: An Analysis Based on the ESPAD Data

use. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 43 (5): 717–728. Soole, D. W., Mazerolle, L., & Rombouts, S. (2008). School-based drug prevention programs: A review of what works. The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 259 (41): 259–286. StataCorp (2009). Stata Statistical Software: Release 11. College Station, TX: Stata Corp L P. Ter Bogt, T. F., de Looze, M., Molcho, M., Godeau, E., Hublet, A., Kokkevi, A., Kuntsche, E. et al. (2014). Do societal wealth, family affuence and gender account for trends in adolescent cannabis use? A 30 country cross

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Prison drug treatment in Denmark: A historical outline and an analysis of the political debate

Journal of Drug Policy 21 (1): 43-48 Kolind, T. & Frank, V.A. & Lindberg, O. & Tourunen, J. (forthcoming): Prison-based drug treatment in Nordic political discourse: an elastic discursive construct. European Journal of Criminology. Kontaktudvalget (1970): Redegøresle II om Visse sider af stofmisbrugsproblemets udvikling og forslag til påtrængende foranstaltninger. København: Kontaktudvalget vedrørende ungdomsnarkomanien Kontaktudvalget (1979): Metadon og stofmisbrugere. Rapport fra en arbejdsgruppe under kontaktudvalget

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The Visual Lexica of (National) Belonging and Nonbelonging in the Accounts of Young Kurds in Finland

sosiaaliset suhteet’, in Liikkuva maailma, ed M Lehtonen, Vastapaino, Tampere, pp. 153-175. Rastas, A 2009, ‘Racism in the everyday life of Finnish children with transnational roots’, Barn - Nordic Journal of Child Research, no. 1, pp. 29-43. Rastas, A 2007, ’Neutraalisesti rasistinen? Erään sanan politiikkaa’, in Kolonialismin jäljet. Keskustat, periferiat ja Suomi, eds J Kuortti, M Lehtonen & O Löytty, Gaudeamus, Helsinki, pp. 119-141. Rastas, A 2005, ‘Racializing categorization among young people in Finland’, Young, vol. 13

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Selling the Arc of Crisis: Promoting Foreign Policy Change during the Carter Presidency

REFERENCES ASHFORD, Susan, Nancy Rothbard, Sandy Piderit and Jane Dutton. 1997. “Out on a Limb: The Role of Context and Impression Management in Selling Gender-Equity Issues.” Administrative Science Quarterly 43 (1): 23-57. AUTEN, Brian. 2008. Carter’s Conversion: The Hardening of American Defense Policy . Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press. BANSAL, Partima. 2003. “From Issues to Actions: The Importance of Individual Concerns and Organizational Values in Responding to Natural Environmental Issues.” Organization Science 14 (5): 510

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Use of cognitive enhancers among medical students in Lithuania

– Gesundheitsforschung – Gesundheitsschutz , 53 (8), 853–860. Garnier-Dykstra, L. M., Pinchevsky, G. M., Caldeira, K. M., Vincent, K. B., & Arria, A. M. (n.d.). Self-reported adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms among college students. Journal of American College Health, 59 (2), 133–136. Gill, M., Haerich, P., Westcott, K., Godenick, K. L., & Tucker, J. a. (2006). Cognitive performance following modafinil versus placebo in sleep-deprived emergency physicians: A double-blind randomized crossover study. Academic Emergency Medicine , 13 (2), 158

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