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Hao Zhong, Rodrigo Reyes Levalle, Mohsen Moghaddam and Shimon Y. Nof

Planning & Control, 14, 8, 681-703, 2003. [5] Nof S.Y., Morel G., Monostori L., Molina A., Filip F., From Plant and Logistics Control to Multi- Enterprise Collaboration , Annual Reviews in Control, 30, 55-68, 2006. [6] Chituc C.M., Nof S.Y., The join/leave/remain (JLR) decision in collaborative networked organizations , Computers and Industrial Engineering, 53, 1, 173-195, 2007. [7] Devadasan P., Zhong H., Nof S.Y., Collaborative intelligence in knowledge based service planning , Expert Systems with Applications, 40, 17, 6778-6787, 2013. [8] Elrod P.D., Tippet

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Ilya Jackson, Jurijs Tolujevs, Sebastian Lang and Zhandos Kegenbekov

, 2015. 26. Lin, Y., Shie, J. and Tsai, C. (2009) Using an artificial neural network prediction model to optimize work-in-process inventory level for wafer fabrication. Expert Systems with Applications 36(2) 3421–3427. 27. Merkuryeva, G. (2004) Metamodelling for simulation applications in production and logistics. In: Proceedings of the Sim-Serv Workshop: Roadmap of simulation in manufacturing and logistics, pp. 1-6. 28. Prestwich, S.D., Tarim, S.A., Rossi, R. and Hnich, B. (2012) A neuroevolutionary approach to stochastic inventory control in

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Simona Goia, Cristian Virgil Marinaș and Ramona Ștefania Igret

References Alpert, F., Heaney, J-G., Luhn, K.A. (2009), “Internships in marketing: Goals, structures and assessment - student, company ad academic perspectives”, Australasian Marketing Journal, Vol. 17, pp. 36-45. Bailey, T., Hughes, K. and Barr, T. (2000), “Achieving scale and quality in school-towork internships: Findings from two employer surveys”, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 41-64. Bay, J. (2006), “Preparing undergraduates for careers: An argument for the internship

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Monika Sobeková Majková and Aleksandr Ključnikov

REFERENCES Almeida, P. I. L., Ahmetoglu, G., Chamorro-Premuzic, T. (2014). Who Wants to Be an Entrepreneur? The Relationship Between Vocational Interests and Individual Differences in Entrepreneurship. Journal of Career Assessment . 22(1). Pp. 102–112. DOI: 10.1177/1069072713492923. Belás J., Korauš M., Kombo F., Korauš A. (2016) Customer satisfaction and electronic banking security in commercial banks. Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues, International Entrepreneurial Perspectives and Innovative Outcomes, 3(9), pp. 411-422. DOI:10

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Galina Ilieva

References 1. Bouzon, M., K. Govindan, C. Rodriguez. Evaluating Barriers for Reverse Logistics Implementation undera Multiple Stakeholders’ Perspective Analysis Using Grey Decision Making Approach. Resources. - Conservation and Recycling, 2017, Science Direct (in Press). 2. Büyüközkan, G., S. Güleryüz. An Integrated DEMATEL-ANP Approach for Renewable Energy Resources Selection in Turkey. - Production Economics. Vol. 182, 2016, pp. 435-448. 3. Chen, Y. C., Lien, H. P. Lien, G. H. Tzeng. Measures and Evaluation

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Tadeusz Krupa and Teresa Ostrowska

Design). Moskva: Izd. Energija. [4] Gorbatov, V.A., Krupa T., 1984. Zasada charakteryzacji w logistyce systemu produkcyjnego (The Principle of Characterization in Logistics of Production System). Int. Conf. Sypro’84. Systemy Produkcyjne – Teoretyczne i Praktyczne Problemy Projektowania (Manufacturing Systems - Theoretical and Practical Design Problems), Warszawa: OW PW, pp.213-218. [5] Jajuga, K., (red.), 2007. Zarządzanie ryzykiem (Risk Management). Warszawa: PWN. [6] Kieżun, W., 1997. Sprawne zarządzanie organizacją. Zarys teorii i praktyki (Efficient Management

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Akram Akoel and Ryszard K. Miler

References Brzozowska A., Miler R. (2017). Implementation of the Green Shipping Practices as an element of the maritime transport restructuring processes, [in:] Jaki A., Rojek T. (eds.), Contemporary issues and challenges of the organization management process, Foundation of the Cracow University of Economics, Cracow, 195–209. Corbett J.J., Winebrake J.J., Green, E.H., Kasibhatla P., Eyring V., Lauer A. (2007). Mortality from ship emissions: A global assessment, Environmental Science & Technology . Corbett, J.J. (2003). New directions

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Svetlana Bačkalić, Boško Matović and Anja Bašić

level approach” , Journal of Safety Research 38 (5), 581–587, 2007 . [8]. D. JOVANOVIĆ, T. BAČKALIĆ, S. BAŠIĆ: “ The application of reliability models in traffic accident frequency analysis” , Safety Science 49, pp. 1246–1251, 2011 . [9]. D. LORD, F. MANNERING: “ The statistical analysis of crash-frequency data: a review and assessment of methodological alternatives ”, Transportation Research Part A 44 (5), 291–305, 2010 . [10]. J. MARTIN: „ Relationship between crash rate and hourly traffic flow on interurban motorways “, Accident Analysis and

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Aleksander Sładkowski, Maria Cieśla and Bartosz Krupa

Behavioral Sciences. 116, 1088-1095. [5] Al-Borie, H.M. & Sheikh Damanhouri, A.M. (2013). Patients’ satisfaction of service quality in Saudi hospitals: a SERVQUAL analysis. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 26(1), 20-30. [6] Purcarea, V.L., Gheorghe, I.R. & Petrescu, C.M., (2013). The assessment of perceived service quality of public health care services in Romania using the Servqual scale. Procedia Economics and Finance, 6, 573-585. [7] Bose, S. & Gupta, N. (2013). Customer perception of services based on the SERVQUAL dimensions: A

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Natālija Cudečka-Puriņa

. Maritime Economics & Logistics, 17(1), 79-96. Jacobsen, N. B. (2008). Industrial Symbiosis in Kalundborg, Denmark: A Quantitative Assessment of Economic and Environmental Aspects. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 10(1-2), 239-255. Li, H., Dong, L., & Ren, J. (2015). Industrial symbiosis as a countermeasure for resource dependent city: a case study of Guiyang, China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 107, 252-266.