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“Disorganised Devolution”: Reshaping Metropolitan Governance in England in a Period of Austerity

; Tewdwr-Jones 2012 ). This includes ongoing research on the rescaling of economic governance in the North East of England, in the light of greater Scottish autonomy ( Shaw/ Robinson/Blackie 2014 ; Shaw 2015 ), and on enhancing the role of higher educational institutions in city-regional economic growth ( Tewdwr-Jones/Goddard/Cowie 2015 ; Goddard/Tewdwr-Jones 2016 ). The aim in this article is to draw upon insights from this body of work to inform the ongoing debates on the rescaling of city-regional governance in England. In particular, the article aims to offer a

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Peruvian meatballs?
Constructing the Other in the performance of an inclusive school

, which, in developing an identity, migrant students are supposed to encompass and relate to. But what are these values? And what identity is to be developed? The overall aim of the present study is to explore how SSL students are addressed as the non-Swedish Other in everyday school practices, and how the students position themselves when being encouraged by school institutions to perform ethnicity and identity. Moreover, we do not solely take an interest in the students’ identification in this study. A related concern is with the situated construction of the

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Contemporary Citizenship: Four Types

could be greatly improved by competition and by an emphasis on freedom of choice. Citizens would no longer be mere recipients of services delivered by large, opaque and distant bureaucratic institutions; they would instead exercise choice in key areas such as education and health. In fact, this idea went back to the 1979 government of Margaret Thatcher, who wanted to ‘roll back the state’ and give more power (in the form of consumer choice) to the individual. With the rise of public choice theory, the aim was to make state bureaucracies more efficient and more

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Urban development under EU cohesion policy – an example of major cities in Poland

forces of national economic development. One of the objectives of Poland’s accession to the European Union was to accelerate modernisation and development processes nationally, regionally and locally. Cohesion policy measures provide a way to support these modernisation processes, and cities, especially those that should function as “development locomotives”, play a particular role in this regard. The study aims to assess the importance of EU cohesion policy funds for urban development in Poland. The article uses cities with poviat status, which are a special kind

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Germany’s Polycentric Metropolitan Regions in the World City Network

global economy. It is built as an interlocking network model for measuring relations between world cities indirectly, using the office location strategies of leading global advanced producer service (APS) firms as an archetypal proxy for world city network activities ( Taylor 2004 , p. 60 ff.). In the past decade major analyses of the integration of global economic centres into the world city network have been conducted. However, additional research into the integration of polycentric metropolitan regions is needed. This paper aims to encourage discussion on the

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The Centre of Government as the Coordination Point for the Implementation of General Legal Rules

of general rules known as formal law, and excludes legislation either directly aimed at particular people, or at enabling anybody to use the coercive power of the state for such discrimination. It means, not that everything is regulated by law, but, on the contrary, that the coercive power of the state can be used only in cases defined in advance by the law and in such a way that it can be foreseen how it will be used ( Friedrich August Hayek, 2006 ). but in all state actions that have effects on a whole nation. Even though Hayek’s idea on that kind of

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A discourse analysis of managerialism and trust amongst nursing professionals

, resulting in poor organisational performance ( Williams, 2005 ). Strategies aimed at increasing and retaining existing nursing staff and good nursing practice require work environments built on trust, respect and justice ( Laschinger and Finegan, 2005 ). The paper re-analyses, from a discourse perspective, interview material involving 39 nurses and nurse managers - collected in 2000-2002. We argue that the paper is timely, offering new perspectives still relevant in the current healthcare context. Our findings both support and extend contemporary research, demonstrating

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The Two Noble Kinsmen: Internal and Legal Transparency in the WTO and Their Connection to Preferential and Regional Trade Agreements

negotiations aimed at clarifying and improving disciplines and procedures under the existing WTO provisions applying to regional trade agreements. The negotiations shall take into account the developmental aspects of regional trade agreements. Id . para. 29. As such, with the increasing number of Regional Trade Agreements being signed by WTO member states, the regulatory turn on “procedures applying to existing WTO provisions” focused on the lack of a functioning multilateral surveillance mechanism for RTAs. See Roberto V. Fiorentino et al., The Landscape of Regional

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Solving Child Statelessness: Disclosure, Reporting, and Corporate Responsibility

conflict minerals provides a realistic and achievable way to engage multinational corporations in the effort to end statelessness. The wording of suggested legislation to achieve this aim is proposed below, adapted from the text of Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, replacing the original conflict minerals text with guidelines to address statelessness: (A) Not later than 270 days after the date of the enactment of this provision , the Securities and Exchange Commission shall promulgate regulations requiring any person with an obligation to provide filings with the

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Between Diplomacy and Paradiplomacy: Taiwan's Foreign Relations in Current Practice

Representative Office in Bratislava). The purpose of this study is to familiarize the reader with the specific character of Taiwan’s activities in international relations from the viewpoint of the practical performance of its foreign activities. At the same time, it also aims to compare the diplomatic and quasidiplomatic or paradiplomatic activities of Taiwan, especially with emphasis on their institutional backgrounds, legal regulations, and other conditions for their practical performance. Given the fact that the notions of diplomacy and paradiplomacy, with which we are

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