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On moss genera Hylocomiadelphus Ochyra & Stebel and Rhytidiadelphus (Limpr.) Warnst.

America. Vol. 3: 1-277. Author, Newfane, Vermont. Hall T.A. (1999): BioEdit: a user-friendly biological sequence alignment editor and analysis program for Windows 95/98/NT. – Nuclear Acids Symposium Series 41: 95-98. Hedenäs L. (2004): Morphological and anatomical evidence suggest that ‘Hylocomiaceae’ taxa belong to at least two clades. – Journal of Bryology 26: 125-135. Huttunen S., Bell N., Bobrova V.K., Buchbender V., Buck W.R., Cox C.J., Goffinet B., Hedenäs L., Ho B.-C., Ignatov M.S., Krug M., Kuznetsova O.I., Milyutina I.A., Newton A.E., Olsson S

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Genetic variation of silver fir progeny from Tisovik Reserve population determined via microsatellite and isozyme markers

differentiates the natural population of Scots pine: evidence from DNA microsatellites and needle morphology. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 23 (21), 22151-22162. Cremer E., Liepelt S., Sebastiani F., Buonamici A., Michalczyk M., Ziegenhagen B., Vendramin G.G. 2006. Indentification and characterization of nuclear microsatellite loci in Abies alba Mill. Molecu lar Ecology Notes, 6, 374-376, doi: 10.1111/j.1471-8286.2005.01238.x. Cremer E., Ziegenhagen B., Schulerowitz K., Mengel Ch., Donges K., Bialozyt R., Hussendörfer E

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Mitochondrial DNA variation in natural populations of Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi)

mitochondrial and nuclear DNA diversity in subarctic black spruce: imprint of a founder effect associated with postglacial colonization. Molecular Ecology 12: 891-901. GOUDET, J., M. RAYMOND, T. DEMEEUS and F. ROUSSET (1996): Testing differentiation in diploid populations. Genetics 144: 1933-1940. GOUDET, J. (2002): FSTAT, a program to estimate and test gene diversities and fixation indices (version Available from HAMRICK, J. L. and M. J. W. GODT (1990): Allozyme

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Analysis of the Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Latvian Ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) Stands using Nuclear and Chloroplast SSR Markers

(2), 159–168. Goudet, J. (2001). FSTAT, a program to estimate and test gene diversities and fixation indices (version 2.9.3). Available at: (accessed 11.11.2015). Hebel, I., Haas, R., Dounavi, A. (2006). Genetic variation of common ash ( Fraxinus excelsior L.) populations from provenance regions in southern Germany by using nuclear and chloroplast microsatellites. Silvae Genetica , 55 (1), 38–43. Heuertz, M., Hausman, J. F., Tsvetkov, I., Frascaria-Lacoste, N., Vekemans, X. (2001). Assessment of

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Analysis of Mitochondrial Genome from Labrador (Canis lupus familiaris) with Mammary Gland Tumour Reveals Novel Mutations and Polymorphisms

References Altschul S.F., Madden T.L., Schaffer A.A., Zhang J., Zhang Z., Miller W., Lipman D.J. (1997). Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: A new generation of protein database search programs. Nucleic Acids Res., 25: 3389–3402. Bai Y., Lu J., Sharma K.L. (2009). Implications of mitochondrial DNA mutations and mitochondrial dysfunction in tumorigenesis. Cell Res., 19: 802–815. Brandon M., Baldi P.A., Wallace D.C. (2006). Mitochondrial mutations in cancer. Oncogene, 25: 4647–4662. Combet C., Blanchet C., Geourjon C., Deleage G. (2000). NPS

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Impact of forest management on genetic diversity of Quercus petraea populations: a case study from the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area (Czech Republic)

Research Programme Molecular Tools for Biodiversity. Muir G., Lowe A. J., Fleming C. C. & Vogl J. 2004. High nuclear genetic diversity, high levels of outcrossing and low differentiation among remnant populations of Quercus petraea at the margin of its range in Ireland. Ann. Bot. 93: 691-697. Nei M. 1978. Estimation of average heterozygosity and genetic distance from a small numberof individuals

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Evaluation of Genetic Damage in Oreochromis mossambicus Exposed to Selected Nanoparticles by Using Micronucleus and Comet Bioassays

–430. Fenech, M., Kirsch-Volders, M., Natarajan, A.T., Surralles, J., Crott, J.W., Parry, J., Norppa, H., Eastmond, D.A., Tucker, J.D., Thomas, P. (2011): Molecular mechanisms of micronucleus, nucleoplasmic bridge and nuclear bud formation in mammalian and human cells. Mutagenesis 26, 1, 125-132. Gupta, A.K., Gupta, M. (2005): Synthesis and surface engineering of iron oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications. Biomaterials 26, 18, 3995–4021. Heddle, J.A. (1973): A rapid in vivo test for chromosomal damage. Mutation Research. 18, 187-192. Lam, P

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Natural infection with Fasciola hepatica (Linnaeus, 1758) in the European bison (Bison bonasus) in Białowieża National Park, Poland

[1] Artigas, P., Periago, M. V., Kiziewicz, B., Bargues, M. D., Mas-Coma, S. (2004): Molecular characterization of Fasciola hepatica from the wild natural host Bison bonasus of Poland. In Programme and Abstracts of IX European Multicoloquium of Parasitology, July 18–23, 2004. Valencia, Spain, 2001, pp. 287–288 [2] Bargues, M. D, Vigo, M., Horak, P., Dvorak, J., Patzner, R. A., Pointier, J. P., Jackiewicz, M., Meierbrook, C., Mas-Coma, S. (2001): European Lymnaeidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda), intermediate hosts of

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Genetic structure and diversity in Juniperus communis populations in Saxony, Germany

(8): 2611-20. Feng Y. H., Yang Z. Q., Wang J., Luo Q. F. & Li H. G. 2014. Development and characterization of SSR markers from Pinus massoniana and their transferability to P. elliottii, P. caribaea and P. yunnanensis. Gen. Mol. Res., GMR 13(1): 1508-13. Ferreira M. & Eriksson G. 2006. A programme for the management of forest three genetic resources in the Azores islands. Silva Lus. 14(1): 59-73. Furnier G. & Stine M. 1995. Interpopulation differentiation of nuclear and chloroplast loci in white spruce. Can. J. For. Res. 25

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Aspen hybridization: Parents’ compatibility and seedlings’ growth

References Albensky AV (1959) Selection of tree species and seed production. Moscow-Leningrad: Goslesbumizdat, 306p. (In Russian). Bogdanov PL (1965) Poplars and their culture. Moscow: Lesnaja promyshlen­nost, 104 p. (In Russian). Bruegmann T, Fladung M (2013) Potentials and limitations of the cross-species transfer of nuclear microsatellite marker in six species belonging to three sections of the genus Populus L. Tree Genetics & Genomes 9: 1413-1421.

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