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Katarzyna Słomska

cartographers. The development of this research field has been described by e.g. Montello (2002 ; 2009 ) and Żyszkowska (2015) . There have been two important shifts in researchers’ approaches. In the very beginning, cartographers focused on particular elements of a map and tested them in isolation. For instance, Flannery (1956) , who studied the use of circles in proportional symbols maps. The first revision was influenced by, among others, the work of Petchenik (1977) , who highlighted that a map constitutes a unity in itself and suggested that a holistic approach

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Patterns of integration

A Longitudinal View of the Labour Market Attachment of Immigrants in Finland

Oxana Krutova, Liudmila Lipiäinen and Pertti Koistinen

assumption that labour integration is a long-term dynamic process that includes transitions between various statuses in the labour market, the sequence analysis allows us to represent a time-ordered sequence of the socio-economic states (statuses). A ‘sequence’ is thus defined as an ordered list of elements in which every element can be a certain status (e.g. an employment status). The positions of the elements are fixed and ordered according to periods or to another more or less natural order ( Brzinsky-Fay, Kohler & Luniak 2006 ). The information is generalised by means

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Ricardo G. Lugo, Stefan Sütterlin, Benjamin J. Knox, Øyvind Jøsok, Kirsi Helkala and Natalie Marie Lande

defense have been described to continuously switch their domain of action between cyber and physical domains, in a “hybrid space”, functioning as core elements simultaneously in sociotechnical and cyber-physical systems ( Jøsok et al. 2016 ). Controlling the emotional effects originating in one domain (e.g., physical domain such as their current social environment) and, thus the potentially detrimental intuitive decisions in another domain (e.g., cyber domain during intruder detection and defense), requires control over decision-making processes and awareness of

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Mirjana Radovanović and Maja Rus-Makovec

psychodynamic group psychotherapy, behavioural-cognitive interventions, elements of motivational enhancement therapy and (behavioural) marital and family therapy. The sample gender distribution was the same as in the clinical population. Subjects’ average age in 1992 was 38 years. The research was approved by Republicof Slovenia National Medical Ethics Committee and it conforms to the provisions of the Declaration of Helsinki in 1995 (as revised in Edinburgh in 2000). All the study subjects were informed about the details of the study and that the return of the fulfilled

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Boda Ravi Kiran and Majeti Narasimha Vara Prasad

, Wang MH. Interaction of mycorrhizal fungi with Pteris vittata (As hyperaccumulator) in As-contaminated soils, Environ. Pollut., 2006, 139: 1-8. 26. Bhalerao SA. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: a potential biotechnological tool for phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soils, Int. J. Sci. Nat., 2013, 4(1): 1-15. 27. Cabral L, Soares CRFS, Giachini AJ, Siqueira JO. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in phytoremediation of contaminated areas by trace elements: mechanisms and major benefits of their applications, World J. Microbiol

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Katarzyna Nikorowicz-Zatorska

particularly hazardous to aircraft departing or arriving at an airport. The largest number of airplane accidents happen during the take-off and landing stages. Aircraft are vulnerable during the landing procedure; they are operating at low altitude, with reduced speed and flaps down. The presence of trees, shrubs or even compact urban developments can produce low-level turbulence or wind shear (vertical or horizontal). Wind shear is particularly dangerous for aircraft due to the occurrence of violent air movements (up – or down-draughts, swirling or rotating air patterns

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Katarzyna Łuszczyńska, Małgorzata Wistuba, Ireneusz Malik, Marek Krąpiec and Bartłomiej Szypuła

landslides has resulted in an increasing number of buildings and elements of infrastructure’s being destroyed, and a growing number of people killed. For example, on 23 July 2002, in Kathmandu, very heavy rainfall caused a landslide of 9,000 m 3 , which turned into debris flow and floods, causing 16 human deaths ( Paudel et al ., 2003 ). Damages resulting from the landslide disaster and floods which occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 were valued at EUR 2 billion (15% of the country’s GDP); ( Sandić et al ., 2017 ). In Duexi (China’s Sichuan province) a

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Robert G. Natelson

the purpose; Id . § 19 & § 30. – prescribed oaths for post office personnel; Id . § 25 & 41. – authorized the king or queen to fix further regulations; Id . § 27. – regulated ferry men in North America and imposed mandates on them; Id . § 29. and – disqualified postal personnel from parliamentary politics. Id . § 44. Thus, the statutory title’s reference to “establishing a General Post-Office” signified creating an entire postal system, with all its elements. During the period between this statute’s passage and the Constitution