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Rafał Kobis

urban culture. This was the starting point for the idea of the colonial city in North Africa. Colonial urban conceptions treated the colonial cities as an extension of the European homeland on a foreign continent ( Goerg 2006 : 21). For that reason, it was a space just as exclusive as a closed one. To maintain the special status of imperial enclaves, the colonial authorities fought with all the typical pathologies of the city, such as the problem of homelessness ( Brunet-La Ruche 2012 ). With equal determination, the colonial administration was fighting the problem

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The Aloof Election Manifesto

Radical Political Right in Finland in the Borderlines of Neoliberalism and Cultural Nativism

Tapio Nykänen

be present in established anti-immigration politics as they appear in the AM. Ideologies of the populist radical right The rise of the European Populist Radical Right (PRR) parties and ideologies has been the topic of several comprehensive articles and books (see e.g. Tebble, A.J. 2006 ; Kestilä 2006 ; Joppke, C. 2007 ; Mudde 2007 ; Zúquete 2008 ; Art 2007 ; Zaslove 2009 ; Bornschier 2010 ; Triadafilopoulos, T. 2011 ; Paloheimo 2012 ; Koivulaakso, Brunila & Andersson 2012 ; Bale 2012 ; Jungar & Jupskås 2014 ; Pyrhönen 2015 ). My particular focus

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Brendan McSweeney, Donna Brown and Stravroula Iliopoulou

States as well as in other masculine cultures (such as Britain and Ireland), there is a feeling that conflicts should be resolved by a good fight: ‘let the best man win’. The industrial relations scene in these countries is marked by such fights. If possible, management tries to avoid having to deal with labor unions at all, and labor union behavior justifies their aversion. In feminine cultures like the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, there is a preference for resolving conflicts through compromise and negotiations ( Hofstede, 1991 : 92; 2001:316; Hofstede, 2001

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Katja Maununaho

, the city received little feedback on the draft plan from residents. Political and practical notions Like the concept of the right to the city, many of the observations done in the two empirical cases concern the political dimension of planning participation. If the right to the city is considered to be ‘like a cry and a demand … formulated as a transformed and renewed right to urban life ’ ( Lefebvre 1996: 158 ), or as a way to fight the problems of neoliberalism (Purcell 2002) , the case material reveals a need for suitable tools. Although current

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Tariq Modood

tried to make Holocaust denial a criminal offence but dealt with it through a culture of civility and censure. Do you think that racism, and in particular Islamophobia, are growing problems in this country, and what can politics do to fight against this rise? Most of the evidence suggests that racial discrimination, say in relation to jobs, persists. Ethnic minorities continue to make progress in terms of socio-economic mobility and participation in public life, but that’s mainly because of the extra qualifications they achieve rather than because there is a

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Battling for citizenship

A case study of Somali settlement in Lieksa, Finland

Tiina Sotkasiira and Ville-Samuli Haverinen

threatened the Somalis by picking street fights and vandalising their property. As of today, Lieksa regularly makes the headlines due to public displays of anger and resentment towards the Somali minority ( Yle 2014a ). Although we acknowledge Lieksa is unusual in comparison to most Finnish rural towns that have significantly smaller proportions of foreign-born residents, we claim that the situation in Lieksa is comparable to the occurrences in several small towns, particularly in the United States, where settlements, such as Lewiston in Maine and Fort Morgan in Colorado

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Dorota Murzyn

delivering the Europe 2020 priorities and targets. European cities have for a long time been trying to reconcile the need for local innovation, which creates jobs and economic growth, with sustainable development, that is felt in the quality of life of its inhabitants and a permanent fight against social exclusion. The OECD has also defined the key challenges of urban areas as smart growth, sustainability and resilience, inclusive growth and urban sprawl ( OECD 2013 ). The various dimensions of urban life – environmental, economic and social – are interwoven and success in

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Rachel Kidney, Brian Harney and Colm O’Gorman

range, coupled with additional support decisions, led to the growth in turnover from €2.3 to €6.5 million in 5 years. With reference to the Operations Manager, it was noted that: He brought techniques to the shop floor, organised production in a formal way… before that there was no formal plan, nothing in writing… at the time we were very much a fire-fighting type of manufacturing organisation when he came in that made a big difference . Similarly, OSG’s strategy to continuously redesign solutions around changing market demands has enabled it to stay ahead of

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Yevhen Matviyishyn and Tomasz Michalski

their changes (see Cavandoli 2016 , Korhonen 2015 , Ramos & Kovalenko 2016 , Serhiy 2016 , Socor 2014 ). Cultural diversity in Ukraine, especially national identity, is the most important element of intra-Ukrainian variation, affecting the initiation fights in the east of the country and the annexation of Crimea ( Korostelina 2013 , Kuzio 1996 , Shulman 1999 , 2004 , 2006 , Stebelsky 2009 , van Zon, 2001 ). Naturally, there are also other elements, such as religious diversity ( Kozelsky 2014 , Shabliy 2000 ), or the linguistic one, whose analysis is the

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Thomas Halper

such nonverbal expression as wearing a black armband to signify opposition to a war Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, 393 U.S. 503 (1969). or raising a red flag to signal solidarity with a political movement. Stromberg v. California, 283 U.S. 359 (1931). At the same time, freedom of speech is also narrower, as it does not include libel, obscenity, true threats, or fighting words. Consider the iconic legal venue, the courtroom trial, which is enmeshed in detailed restrictions as to whom may speak, what they may speak, even the order in