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Trends in the Association Between Prescribed and Non-Prescribed Use of Tranquillisers or Sedatives Among Adolescents in 22 European Countries

. In B. Hibell, U. Guttormsson, S. Ahlström, O. Balakireva, T. Bjarnason, A. Kokkevi, & L. Kraus (Eds.), The 2011 ESPAD Report: Substance use among students in 36 countries (pp. 165–170). Stockholm: CAN, EMCDDA, Pompidou Group. Kokkevi, A., Fotiou, A., Arapaki, A., & Richardson, C. (2008). Prevalence, patterns, and correlates of tranquilizer and sedative use among European adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Health, 43 , 584–592. McCabe, S. E. (2005). Correlates of nonmedical use of prescription benzodiazepine anxiolytics: Results from a national survey of U

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Race, Gender, and Reseacher Positionality Analysed Through Memory Work

, no. 2, pp. 331-364. Gondouin, J 2016, ‘Feminist global motherhood: representations of single-mother adoption in Swedish media’ in Critical kinship studies, eds. C Kroløkke et al., Rowman & Littlefield, London & New York, pp. 101-116. Gopal, K 2000, ‘Janteloven - modviljen mod forskellighed. Danske forestillinger om lighed som enshed’, Tidsskriftet Antropologi vol. 42, pp. 23-43. Gullestad, M 2004, ‘Blind slaves of our prejudices: debating “culture” and “race” in Norway’, Ethnos, vol. 64, no. 2, pp. 177

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Polydrug Use by European Adolescents in the Context of Other Problem Behaviours

References Arenliu, A., Kelmendi, K., Haskuka, M., Halimi, T., & Canhasi, E. (2014). Drug use and reported suicide ideation and attempt among Kosovar adolescents. Journal of Substance Use, 19 (5), 358–363. Bachman, R., & Peralta, R. (2002). The relationship between drinking and violence in an adolescent population: Does gender matter? Deviant Behavior, 23 (1), 1–19. Beratis, S., Lekka, N. P., & Gabriel, J. (1997). Smoking among suicide attempters. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 38 (2), 74–79. Biglan, A., Brennan, P. A., Foster, S. L., Holder, H. D

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What is - really - in a dataset?

. & Kolind, T. & Nielsen, B. (2006): Selvevaluering af stofmisbrugsbehandling i fængsler og arresthuse (Selfevaluation of drug abuse treatment in prison settings). Århus: Center for Rusmiddelforskning, Aarhus Universitet Barelson, B. R. & Lazarsfeld, P. F. & McPhee, W. N. (1954): Voting. A Study of Opinion Formation in a Presidential Campaign. Chicago: University of Chicago Press Benjaminsen, L. & Andersen, D. & Sørensen, M. (2009): Den sociale stofmisbrugsbe-handling i Danmark; hovedrapporten (The social drug abuse

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Mutual support and recovery in the Russian Alcoholics Anonymous online community

. Computers in Human Behavior, 24 (5), 1867–83. Bjerke, T. N. (2006). Cross-cultural gateway to recovery: A qualitative study of recovery experiences in international AA online groups. International Journal of Self Help and Self Care, 5 (1), 73–104. Bodin, M. (2006). Gender aspects of affiliation with Alcoholics Anonymous after treatment. Contemporary Drug Problems, 33 (1), 123–141. Borden, A. (2014). The history of gay people in Alcoholics Anonymous: From the beginning. New York & London: Routledge. Bufe C. (1991). Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or

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The EU Integration Discourse in the Energy Relations with Russia

Interests in the Shared Neighbourhood. Perspectives on European Politics and Society. vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 256-271. EMELJANOVA, N. N.2009. Rossija i Evrosojuz. Soperničesvo i partnerstvo. Meždunarodnue otnošenija. ISBN-13: 978-5713313579. FIALA, V. 2007. Současné neracionalistické evropské teoretické koncepty. In FIALA, V. a kol.: Teoretické a metodologické problémy evropské integrace. Olomouc: Periplum, pp. 178-212, ISBN 978-80-86624-37-2. GILBERT, M. 2011. European Integration: A Concise History. Rowman & Littlefield

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Causes of Regionalism. How ASEAN-China FTA Fits the (New) Wave of Regionalism?

Liberalization Among LCDs, Trade Theory, and GATT Rules. In Value, Capital, and Growth: Essays in Honour of Sir John Hicks, edited by J. N. Wolfe. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press. pp. 21–43 Bhagwati, Jagdish (1991), The World Trading System at Risk. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. 168 p. Bhagwati, Jagdish (1993), Regionalism and Multilateralism: An Overview. In New Dimensions in Regional Integration, edited by Jaime de Melo and Arvind Panagariya. New York: Cambridge University Press. pp. 22–51 Bhagwati, Jagdish (1996), Regionalism and

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Foreign Policy: Public Opinion and Political Legacy

. BESCHLOSS, M. Presidential Courage: Brave Leaders and How they Changed America, 1789-1989. Simon & Schuster, 2007. BLUMENTHAU, M., EDWARDS-LEVY, A., VALENCIA, J. In: HUFFINGTON POST [online] HUFFPOLLSTER: Polls Find Varying Support For Iran Nuclear Deal [cit. 4.3.15] , 2015. BOND, J., Fleisher, R. The President in the International Arena . Chicago: Chicago University Press, 1990. BRODY, R. 1991. Assessing the President: The Media, Elite Opinion, and Public Support

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Prison drug treatment in Denmark: A historical outline and an analysis of the political debate

Journal of Drug Policy 21 (1): 43-48 Kolind, T. & Frank, V.A. & Lindberg, O. & Tourunen, J. (forthcoming): Prison-based drug treatment in Nordic political discourse: an elastic discursive construct. European Journal of Criminology. Kontaktudvalget (1970): Redegøresle II om Visse sider af stofmisbrugsproblemets udvikling og forslag til påtrængende foranstaltninger. København: Kontaktudvalget vedrørende ungdomsnarkomanien Kontaktudvalget (1979): Metadon og stofmisbrugere. Rapport fra en arbejdsgruppe under kontaktudvalget

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Development and Training of Operational Staff in the Retail Segment in the Czech Republic

). [přeložili Jan Jirák a Marcel Kabát] Úvod do teorie masové komunikace. Praha, Portál. s. 125. McQuail, D. (2007b). [přeložili Jan Jirák a Marcel Kabát] Úvod do teorie masové komunikace. Praha, Portál. s. 72-77. Mertens, D. (1974). Schlüsselqualifikationen. Thesen zur Schulung für eine moderne Gesellschaft. In Mitteilungen aus der Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung , 7/1974, s. 36-43. Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy, Praha. [cit. 10/2011] 800 milionů z evropských fondů na podporu

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