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Effective Harvesting of Braking Energy in Electric Cars

.), Nanosciences and nanotechnologies. Present state and development perspectives. Institute of Exploitation Technology − State Research Institute, Radom, 2007. [13] Nezhad, M. B., Study of Homopolar DC Generator, Ph.D. Thesis, The University of Manchester, Manchester, 2012, , 2012. [14] Park, G., Overview of Energy Harvesting Systems, Los Alamos National Laboratory, . [15] Priya, S., Inamn, D. (eds.), Energy Harvesting Technologies . Springer, Berlin, 2008

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PN-Emissions with Increased Lube Oil Consumption of GDI Car with/without GPF

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Car Tyres with Reduced Energy Consumption

materials , Tire Technology International, pp. 26-28, 2016. [13] Vennebörger, M., Strübel, C., Wies, B., Wiese, K., Leichtlaufreifen für Pkw mit niedrigem CO 2 -Ausstoss , Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift, 7-8, Vol. 115, pp. 572-577, 2013. [14] Wittmeier, F., Widdecke, N., Wiedemann, J., Lindener, N., Armbruster, R., Reifenentwicklung unter aerodynamischen Aspekten , Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift, 2, Vol. 115, pp. 144-150, 2013. [15] Zhang, P., Morris, M., Doshi, D., Materials development for lowering rolling resistance of tires , Rubber Chemistry

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The Car Fleet Management Model with Including Expectations of the Users

supply chain effectiveness. Archives of Transport, 45(1), 43-52, 2018. [17] Jacyna-Gołda, I., Gołębiowski, P., Izdebski, M., Kłodawski, M., Jachimowski, R., & Szczepański, E. The evaluation of the sustainable transport system development with the scenario analyses procedure. Journal of Vibroengineering, 19(7), 5627-5638, 2017. [18] Jacyna-Gołda, I., Izdebski, M., Szczepański, E., Assessment of the Method Effectiveness for Choosing the Location of Warehouses in the Supply Network, Challenge of Transport Telematics Springer, Volume 640, pp. 84-97, 2016

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A Comparative Assessment of Operating Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Using 20% Proportion of Different Biodiesel Diesel Blend

Reference [1] Sharma, Y. C., Singh, B., Upadhyay, S. N., Advancements in development and characterization of bio-diesel: A review , Fuel, Vol. 87, pp. 2355-2373, 2008. [2] Moser, B. R., Bio-diesel production, properties, and feed stocks’ , In: Vitro cell. Dev. Biol. Plant, Vol. 45, pp. 229-266, 2009. [3] Ekrem Buyukkaya, Effects of bio-diesel on a DI Diesel engine performance, emission and combustion characteristics , Fuel, Vol. 89, pp. 3099-3105, 2010. [4] Qi, D. H., Chen, H., Geng, L. M., Bian, Y. Z. H., Experimental studies on the

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Methods of Modern Aircraft Aeroelastic Analyses in the Institute of Aviation

2001 . [17] MSC Nastran, v.2012.1.0, MSC.Software Corp., 2011. [18] Marciniak, B., et al., Development of the ILR-33 “Amber” sounding rocket for microgravity experimentation , Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol. 73, pp. 19-31, 2018. [19] Nowak, M., et al., Methodology and software for flutter analysis of aircraft, Report No. 1, Flutter computation methodology , ZMCiG IPPT, 287/71, a work for WSK “Delta” Mielec 1972. [20] Nowak, M., Potkański, W., Flutter analysis of light aircraft methodology , Transactions of the Institute of Aviation

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Selected Problems to Support Decision Making in a Simulation Environment

scheduling. In Conference Proc. AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference, Chicago, USA 2009. [10] Deau, R., Gotteland, J.-B., Durand, N., Runways sequences and ground traffic optimisation, 3nd International Conference on Research in Air Transportation, Fairfax, USA 2008. [11] Dorndorf, U., Drexl, A., Nikulin, Y., Pesch, E., Flight gate scheduling: State-of-the-art and recent developments , Omega, Vol. 35, No. 3, pp. 326-334, 2007. [12] Gademann, A. J. R. N., Van de Velde, S., Order batching to minimize total travel time in a parallel

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Evaluating Combustion, Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine Operating on Diesel Fuel Enriched with HHO Gas

., Chuepeng, S., Kiatiwat, T., Gaseous emissions and combustion efficiency analysis of hydrogen-diesel dual fuel engine under fuel-lean condition , Am. J. Applied Sci, 9(11), pp. 1813-1817, 2012. [4] Chen, K., Karim, G. A., Watson, H. C., Experimental and analytical examination of the development of inhomogeneities and auto ignition during rapid compression of hydrogen-oxygen-argon mixtures , Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 125(2), pp. 458-465, 2003. [5] Chintala, V., Subramanian, K. A., Assessment of maximum available work of a hydrogen

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