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Professional Adaptation of New Employees to the Organization


The article discusses the problem of occupational adaptation, which is a significant motivator for keeping a job. The concern of employers that the subordinates are best suited to the work they perform is important for the efficient and effective operation of the entire organization. When an employee has a sense of adaptation to the tasks and requirements of the work imposed on him, he achieves a positive state of well-being, thus striving to stay in the company for as long as possible. Efforts of the organization to ensure the required quality of work already at the stage of introduction into the organization translate into benefits from the skills and competencies of the new employee. The aim of the article is to present selected issues related to the professional adaptation of newly hired employees in the workplace. In the theoretical part, the essence and scope of professional adaptation of newly hired employees were pointed out and the factors conditioning the achievement of adaptation to the organization were analyzed. The empirical part discusses adaptation tools, which organizations use to provide employees with support in the process of introduction to work. It also examines the level of their effectiveness in adapting to work in selected aspects of the organization’s functioning.

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Monitoring SOA Applications with SOOM Tools: A Competitive Analysis

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Statistical Process Control as a Failure Removal Improvement Tool

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DPSIR Framework – A Decision – Making Tool for Municipalities

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Experimental Choice of Suitable Cutting Tool for Machining of Plastic

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Taxation an Effective Tool for Income Re-Distribution in Nigeria

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Three contributions to robust regression diagnostics

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Providing Research Data Management (RDM) Services in Libraries: Preparedness, Roles, Challenges, and Training for RDM Practice

services, and the current RDM services and tools provided, we conducted an international survey involving RDM service librarians around the world who worked in a variety of organizational types. We also probed into the knowledge and skills that respondents deem crucial for RDM services, as well as their vision for RDM roles in the future. Our primary research questions (RQs) were as follows: RQ1. What is the state of current practice of RDM services in libraries? RQ2. What current role do librarians play in providing RDM services? RQ3. What specific knowledge and

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Relief visualization techniques using free and open source GIS tools

shaded relief representation by clustering aspect. “The Cartographical Journal” Vol. 51, no. 4, pp. 291−300. Veronesi F., Hurni L., 2015, A GIS tool to increase the visual quality of relief shading by automatically changing the light direction. “Computers and Geosciences” Vol. 74, pp. 121−127. Viljoen D., Harris J., 2006, Saturation and value modulation (SVM): A new method for integrating color and grey-scale imagery. “Digital Mapping Techniques ‘06 − Workshop Proceedings, 11−14 June 2006”. Columbus, Ohio. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2007

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