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Klaudio Peqini, Bejo Duka, Ramon Egli and Barbara Leichter

:// Backus, G., Constable, C. and Parker, R., 1996. Foundations of Geomagnetism. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. Bloxham, J., and Gubbins, D., 1986. Geomagnetic fiels analysis IV - Testing the frozen flux hypothesis. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 84, 139-152. Chiappini, M., Meloni, A., Boschi, E., Faggioni, O., Beverini, N., Carmisciano, C., Marson, I., 2000. Shaded relief magnetic anomaly map of Italy and surrounding marine areas. Annals of Geophysics

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Monika Mierzwa-Hersztek, Krzysztof Gondek, Michał Kopeć and Aleksandra Ukalska-Jaruga

. Journal of Elementology 22(2): 427–435. Hernandez-Sariano M.C., Kerré B., Kopittke P.M., Horemans B., Smolders E., 2016. Biochar affect carbon composition and stability in soil: a combined spectroscopy-microscopy study. Scientific Reports 6: 1–13. IBI, 2015. International Biochar Initiative. Standardized Product Definition and Product Testing Guidelines for Biochar That is Used in Soil. Final Report. October. Report No. IBI-STD-2. Jha P., Biswas A.K., Lakaria B.L., Rao S

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Ivo Machar and Michal Servus

. (1999). Revitalizace lomů - principy a návrh metodiky. Ochrana přírody 54: 73-76. Culek, M. (1996). Biogeografické členění České republiky. Enigma, Praha. Darby, S., Sear, D. (2008). River Restoration. Managing the Uncertainty in Restoring Physical Habitat. Joh Willey & Sons, Hoboken. De Moral, R., Walker, L. R. (2007). Environmental Disasters, Natural Recovery and Human Responses. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Eiseltová, M., Pokorný, J., Ripl, W

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Bartłomiej Glina, Adam Bogacz and Przemysław Woźniczka

cycle: from local processes to global implications-a synthesis. Biogeosciences 5: 1379–1419. Lucas R.E., 1982. Organic soils (Histosols). Formation, distribution, physical and chemical properties and management for crop production. Farm Science Review 452: 3–77. Lynn W.C., McKinzie W.E., Grossmann R.B., 1974. Field laboratory test for characterization of Histosols. [In:] Histosols: Their Characteristic and Use (Stelly M., Editor). SSSA Spec. Pub, 6 Medison: 11–20. Łajczak A., 2013. Role of land relief and structure in the formation of peat bogs in

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Dominik Pawłowski, Daniel Okupny, Wojciech Włodarski and Tomasz Zieliński

., Comunian, A. & Renard, P., 2012. Comparison of three geostatistical methods for hydrofacies simulation: a test on alluvial sediments. Hydrogeology Journal 20, 299-311. Cohen, K.M., 2005. 3D Geostatistical interpolation and geological interpretation of palaeo-groundwater rise in the Holocene coastal prism in the Netherlands. In: Giosan, L. & Bhattacharya, J.P. (Eds), River deltas - Concepts, models, and examples. SEPM Special Publication, 83, 341-364. Dembek, W. & Oświt, J., 1992. Rozpoznawanie warunków hydrologicznego zasilania siedlisk

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Daniel Okupny, Seweryn Rzepecki, Ryszard Krzysztof Borówka, Jacek Forysiak, Juliusz Twardy, Anna Fortuniak and Julita Tomkowiak

.M., Krześlak, I. & Świtoniak, M., 2014. The record of hydroclimatic changes in the sediments of kettle-hole in a Young glacial landscape (north-central Poland). Quaternary International 328-329, 264-276. Krygowski, B., 1961. Physical geography of the Great Poland Lowland. P. I. Geomorphology. Poznańskie Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Nauki, Poznań, 1-203. Landner, L. & Reuther, R., 2004. Metals in Society and in the Environment. A Critical Review of Current Knowledge on Fluxes, Speciation, Bioavailability and Risk for Adverse Effects of Cooper

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Marcin Świtoniak, Cezary Kabała and Przemysław Charzyński

. Classification of brown ochrous and crypto podzolic soils by analysis of buffered tetra borate extracts with a pH of 9.5. Geoderma 22(3): 205–212. Bryk M., 2012. Ocena szorstkości powierzchni agregatów glebowych za pomocą analizy obrazu. Roczniki Gleboznawcze – Soil Science Annual 63(2): 9–13. Charzyński P., 2006. Testing WRB on Polish Soils. Association of Polish Adult Educators, Toruń: 110 pp. Czubaszek R., 2013. Mineral composition of the material building in peatland dunes in the Biebrza river valley and Narew river valley. Polish Journal of Soil Science

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Wojciech Kępka, Jacek Antonkiewicz, Florian Gambuś and Robert Witkowicz

., Wei K., 2007. Identification of barley genotypes with low grain Cd accumulation and its interaction with four microelements. Chemosphere 67(10): 2082–2088. Domene X., Colón J., Uras M.V., Izquierdo R., Ŕvila A., Alcańiz J.M., 2010. Role of soil properties in sewage sludge toxicity to soil collembolans. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 42(11): 1982–1990. Environment, 2016. Statistical Information and Elaborations. Warsaw, GUS: pp. 565 (in Polish). Epstein E., 1975. Effect of sewage sludge on some soil physical properties. Journal of Environmental

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Nasim Sahraei Nejad and Sharghi Ali

-11. Beza, B. (2010). The aesthetic value of a mountain landscape: A study of the Mt. Everest Trek. Landscape and Urban Planning, 97, 306-317. Bishop, I. D. (1997). Testing perceived landscape colour difference using the Internet. Landscape and Urban Planning, 37, 187-196. Brown, T. C., & Daniel, T. C. (1986). Predicting Scenic Beauty of Timber Stands. Forest Science, 32, 417-487. Buhyoff, G. J., Gauthier, L. J., and Wellman, J. D. (1984). Predicting scenic quality for urban forests using vegetation measurements. Forest

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Leili Saarse

., Muscheler, R., Evans, M.N., Showers, W., Hoffmann, S., Lotti-Bond, R., Hajdas, I. & Bonani, G., 2001. Persistent solar influence on North Atlantic climate during the Holocene. Science 278, 1257-1266. Chambers, F.M. & Blackford, J.J., 2001. Mid- and Late-Holocene climate changes: a test of periodicity and solar forcing in proxy-climate data from blanket peat bogs. Journal of Quaternary Science 16, 4, 329-389. Charman, D.J., Barber, K.E., Blaauw, M., Langdon, P.G., Mauquoy, D., Daley, T.J., Hughes, P.D.M. & Karofeld, E., 2009. Climate drivers