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Factors influencing temporal changes in chemical composition of biogenic deposits in the middle Tążyna River Valley (Kuyavian Lakeland, central Poland)

.M., Krześlak, I. & Świtoniak, M., 2014. The record of hydroclimatic changes in the sediments of kettle-hole in a Young glacial landscape (north-central Poland). Quaternary International 328-329, 264-276. Krygowski, B., 1961. Physical geography of the Great Poland Lowland. P. I. Geomorphology. Poznańskie Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Nauki, Poznań, 1-203. Landner, L. & Reuther, R., 2004. Metals in Society and in the Environment. A Critical Review of Current Knowledge on Fluxes, Speciation, Bioavailability and Risk for Adverse Effects of Cooper

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Utilizing a Photo-Analysis Software for Content Identifying Method (CIM)

-11. Beza, B. (2010). The aesthetic value of a mountain landscape: A study of the Mt. Everest Trek. Landscape and Urban Planning, 97, 306-317. Bishop, I. D. (1997). Testing perceived landscape colour difference using the Internet. Landscape and Urban Planning, 37, 187-196. Brown, T. C., & Daniel, T. C. (1986). Predicting Scenic Beauty of Timber Stands. Forest Science, 32, 417-487. Buhyoff, G. J., Gauthier, L. J., and Wellman, J. D. (1984). Predicting scenic quality for urban forests using vegetation measurements. Forest

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The effect of municipal sewage sludge on the content, use and mass ratios of some elements in spring barley biomass

., Wei K., 2007. Identification of barley genotypes with low grain Cd accumulation and its interaction with four microelements. Chemosphere 67(10): 2082–2088. Domene X., Colón J., Uras M.V., Izquierdo R., Ŕvila A., Alcańiz J.M., 2010. Role of soil properties in sewage sludge toxicity to soil collembolans. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 42(11): 1982–1990. Environment, 2016. Statistical Information and Elaborations. Warsaw, GUS: pp. 565 (in Polish). Epstein E., 1975. Effect of sewage sludge on some soil physical properties. Journal of Environmental

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Cyclic sedimentation pattern in Lake Veetka, southeast Estonia: a case study

., Muscheler, R., Evans, M.N., Showers, W., Hoffmann, S., Lotti-Bond, R., Hajdas, I. & Bonani, G., 2001. Persistent solar influence on North Atlantic climate during the Holocene. Science 278, 1257-1266. Chambers, F.M. & Blackford, J.J., 2001. Mid- and Late-Holocene climate changes: a test of periodicity and solar forcing in proxy-climate data from blanket peat bogs. Journal of Quaternary Science 16, 4, 329-389. Charman, D.J., Barber, K.E., Blaauw, M., Langdon, P.G., Mauquoy, D., Daley, T.J., Hughes, P.D.M. & Karofeld, E., 2009. Climate drivers

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Restoration Practices Used on Post Mining Sites and Industrial Deposits in the Czech Republic with an Example of Natural Restoration of Granodiorite Quarries and Spoil Heaps

References Act No. 44/1988 Coll., on the protection and utilization of mineral resources (The Mining Act) Ash, H.J., Gemmell, R.P. & Bradshaw, A.D. (1994). The introduction of native plant species on industrial waste heaps: a test of immigration and other factors affecting primary succession. Journal of Applied Ecology, 31: 74-84. Beneš, J., Kepka, P. & Konvička, M. (2003). Limestone Quarries as Refuges for European Xerophilous Butterflies. Conservation Biology, 17(4): 1058-1069 Borgegård, S. O

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Late Glacial and Holocene sedimentary infill of Lake Mondsee (Eastern Alps, Austria) and historical rockfall activity revealed by reflection seismics and sediment core analysis

. Schmidt, & E. Schultze (Eds.), Contributions to the paleolimnology of the Trumer Lakes (Salzburg) and the lakes Mondsee, Attersee and Traunsee (Upper Austria) (pp. 136-148). Limnologisches Institut der Osterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Mondsee. Blum, P., 1997. Physical properties handbook, ODP Tech Note 26. doi: 10.2973/ Breitwieser, R., 2010. Der „Mondsee-Tsunami“ - Fakt oder Mediengag? NAU - Nachrichtenblatt Arbeitskreis Unterwasserarchaologie, 16, 85-91. Burgschwaiger, E. and Schmid, C., 2001

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Heavy and light minerals as a tool for reconstructing depositional environments: an example from the Jałówka site (northern Podlasie region, NE Poland)

1, 33-42. Boyle, J.F., 2001. Inorganic geochemical methods in palaeolimnology. [In:] W.M. Last & J.P. Smol (Eds): Tracking environmental change using lake sediments. Physical and Geochemical Methods (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht) 2, 83-141. Briant, R.M., Coope, G.R., Preece, R.C., Keen, D.H., Boreham, S., Griffith, H.I., Seddon, M.B. & Gibbard, P.L., 2004. Fluvial system response to Late Devensian (Weichselian) aridity, Baston, Lincolnshire, England. Journal of Quaternary Science 19, 479-495. Brud, S

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Application of the WetSpass simulation model for determining conditions governing the recharge of shallow groundwater in the Poznań Upland, Poland

. Metodyka określania zasobów dyspozycyjnych wód podziemnych w obszarach bilansowych z uwzględnieniem potrzeb jednolitych bilansów wodnogospodarczych, Poradnik metodyczny [ Methodology for determining groundwater disposable resources in the balance areas, taking into account the needs of uniform water­economic balances, Methodological guide ], HYDROEKO, Warszawa, 177 pp. Horton, R.E., 1941. An approach toward a physical interpretation of infiltration-capacity. Soil Science Society of America Journal 5 (C), 399–417. Jackson, T.J., 2002. Remote sensing of soil

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Sequestration of organic carbon in rendzinas – a review

, semi-arid shrublands of southern Spain. Biogeochemistry 39: 87–129. Ciarkowska K., Miechówka A., 2005. Biological activity of mountain humic rendzinas formed on calcarous and sulphate rocks. Part I. Micromorphological indexes of soil fauna activity and dehydrogenase activity. Problemy Zagospodarowania Ziem Górskich 52: 57–64 (In Polish). Ciarkowska K., Niemyska-Łukaszuk J., 2002. Microstructure of humus horizons of gypsic soils from the Niecka Nidziańska area (South Poland). Geoderma 106: 319–329. Clough A., Skjemstad J.O., 2000. Physical and

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An Assessment of Leporid Research and Landscape Ecology Metrics in a European Landscape

. 283-301. DOI: 10.1016/S0304-3800(03)00142-X. Marboutin, E., Bray, Y., Péroux, B., Mauvy, B. & Lartiges, A. (2003). Population dynamics in European hare: breeding parameters and sustainable harvest rates. Journal of Applied Ecology 40, pp. 580-591. DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2664.2003.00813.x. Marchandeau, S., Aubineau, J., Berger, F., Gaudin, J.C., Roobrouck, A., Corda, E. & Reitz, F. (2006). Abundance indices: reliability testing is crucial - a field case of wild rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus . Wildlife Biology 12, pp. 19-27. DOI: 10

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