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Michal Štefánek


During long-term research (almost forty years) of tailings containment in Chvaletice (Eastern Bohemia) were also carried out studies on the role of each plant dominants in succession. This review presents the most interesting results of these studies.

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Zbigniew Paul, Stanislaw Halas and Artur Wójtowicz

-40. Gradstein FM and Ogg JG, 2004. Geologic time scale 2004 - why, how, and where next! Lethaia 37: 175-181. Geroch S, Gucwa I and Wieser T, 1985. Manganese nodules and other indications of regime and ecological environment in lower part of the Upper Cretaceous - exemplified by Lanckorona profile. In: Wieser T, ed., 13 th Congress of Carpatho-Balkan Geological Association: Fundamental researches in the western part of the Polish Carpathians, Guide to Excursion I . CBGA XIII Congres, Cracow 1985: 88-100. Grieve R, Rupert

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Tomasz Staszewski, Małgorzata Malawska, Barbara Studnik-Wójcikowska, Halina Galera and Bogusław Wiłkomirski

-666. [4] Birke, M. & Rauch, U. (2000). Urban geochemistry: Investigations in the Berlin metropolitan area, Geochemistry and Health, 22, pp. 233-248. [5] Bukowiecki, N., Gehrig, R., Hill, M., Lienemann, B., Zwicky, C.N. & Buchmann, B. (2007). Iron, manganese and copper emitted by cargo and passenger trains in Zurich (Switzerland): Sizesegregated mass concentrations in ambient air, Atmospheric Environment, 41, pp. 878-889. [6] Chillrud, S.N., Grass, D., Ross, J.M., Coulibaly, D., Slavkovich, V., Epstein, D., et al. (2005). Steel dust in the

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Jyoti Tolia, Mousumi Chakraborty and Z. Murthy

.03.133. Gandhi, J., Dangi, R., Sharma, J. C., Verma, N. & Bhardwaj, S. (2010). Photocatalytic bleaching of malachite green and brilliant green dyes using ZnS-CdS as semiconductor: A comparative study. Der Chemica Sinica 1, 77-83. Pouretedal, H. R., Norozi, A., Keshavarz, M. H. & Semnani, A. (2009). Nanoparticles of zinc sulfide doped with manganese, nickel and copper as nanophotocatalyst in the degradation of organic dyes. J. Hazard. Mater. 162, 674-681. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2008.05.128. Ghaly, M. Y., Härtel, G., Mayer

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Todor Batakliev, Vladimir Georgiev, Metody Anachkov, Slavcho Rakovsky and Slavcho Rakovsky

manganese oxide. J Appl Catal A: General 173: 61-74. Baltanas MA, Stiles AB, Katzer JR. (1986). Development of supported manganese oxides catalysts for partial oxidation: Preparation and hydrogenation properties. Appl Catal 28: 13-33. Becker KH, Schurath U, Seitz H. (1974). Ozone-olefi n reactions in the gas phase 1. Rate constants and activation energies. Int J Chem Kinet 6(5) 725-739. Bianchi CL, Pirola C, Ragaini V, Selli E. (2006). Mechanism and effi ciency of atrazine degradation under combined oxidation processes. Appl

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E. Olejnik, Ł. Szymański, P. Kurtyka, T. Tokarski, B. Grabowska and P. Czapla

References [1] Bouaziz, O., Allain, S., Scott, C.P., Cugy, P. & Barbier, D. (2011). High manganese austenitic twinning induced plasticity steels: A review of microstructure properties relationship. Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science . 15(4), 141-168. [2] Hu, S.W., Zhao, Y.G., Wang, Z., Li, Y.G. & Jiang, Q.C. (2013). Fabrication of in situ TiC locally reinforced manganese steel matrix composite via combustion synthesis during casting. Materials and design . 44, 340-345. [3] La, P., Wei, F., Hu, S., Li, C. & Wei, Y. (2013

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D. Medyński, A. Janus and S. Zaborski

-C-Si-X phase boundaries, Journal of Phase Equilibria. 22(3), 1994-1998. [7] Seyedi, S. & Rikhtegar, R. (1994). Reducing the nickel content by using manganese in austenitic ductile iron. Journal of Iranian Foundryment’s Society. 14(4), 122-136. [8] Pieprznik, S. (1970). Heat treatment of castings. Czestochowa: Cathedral Technology Foundry of Czestochowa University of Technology (in Polish). [9] Janus, A. & Kurzawa, A. (2013). Effect of nickel equivalent on austenite transition ratio in Ni-Mn-Cu cast iron. Archives of Foundry

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Vladyslav O. Martynov and Viktor V. Brygadyrenko

Lymantria dispar affected by manganese in food. Environmental Science and Pollution Research , 21: 11987–11997. L agisz , M., 2008. Changes in morphology of the ground beetle Pterostichus oblongopunctatus F. (Coleoptera; Carabidae) from vicinities of a zinc-and-lead smelter. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry , 27: 1744–1747. L arsen , K.J., L itsch , A.L., B rewer , S.R., T aylor , D.H., 1994. Contrasting effects of sewage sludge and commercial fertilizer on egg to adult development of two herbivorous insect species. Ecotoxicology , 3: 94–109. L

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Agnieszka Parzych, Zbigniew Sobisz and Jan Trojanowski

−115. [31] Trojanowski, P., Trojanowski, J., Parzych, A. (2005). Copper, zinc, manganese, lead and cadmium in plants of Gardno Lake , Arch. Environ. Prot. , 31 , 4, 45−58. [32] Wisłocka, M., Krawczyk, J., Klink, A., Morrison, L. (2006). Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by selected plant species from uranium mining Dumps in the Sudety Mts. , Poland, Pol. J. Stud., 15 , 5: 811−818. [33] Wołek, J. (2006). Wprowadzenie do statystyki dla biologów , Wyd. Nauk. Akademii Pedagogicznej, Kraków.

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B. Bulko, J. Kijac and T. Borovský

. M. Krayzel, Studium podmínek hluboké rafinace ocelových tavenin v metalurgickém reaktoru kesonového typu, dizertační práce, VŠB - TU Ostrava 2000. A. Ghosh, Secondary Steelmaking-Principles and Applications, CRC Press, New York, 156 (2001). E.T. Turkdogan, Physical Chemistry of High Temperature Technology, Academic Press, New York, NY, (1980). Sung-Mo Jung, Equilibria of Manganese and Sulfur between Liquid Iron and CaO-SiO 2 -FeO-MgO-MnO Slags Saturated with 2CaO·SiO 2 and MgO, ISIJ