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Alessia Mammone, Francesco Fabi, Emanuela Colasante, Valeria Siciliano, Sabrina Molinaro, Ludwig Kraus and Carla Rossi

(3), 184–194. Siliquini, R., Faggiano, F., Geninatti, S., Versino, E., Mitola, B., & Ippolito, R. (2001). Patterns Of Drug Use Among Young Men In Piedmont (Italy). Drug And Alcohol Dependence , 64 , 329–335. Sneed, C. D., Morisky, D. E., Rotheram-Borusa, M. J. Lee, S., & Ebin, V. J. (2004). Indices Of Lifetime Polydrug Use Among Adolescents. Journal Of Adolescence, 27 , 239–249. Van Amsterdam, J., Opperhuizen, A., Koeter, M., & Van Den Brink, W. (2010). Ranking The Harm Of Alcohol, Tobacco And Illicit Drugs For The Individual And The Population. European

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Yang Wang

: Aerospace Conference Proceedings, 2002. IEEE, Vol. 3, 2002, 1125-1130. 18. Manjeshwar, A., D. P. Agrawa l. TEEN: A Routing Protocol for Enhanced Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks. IPDPS, 2001. 19. Boulis, A., M. B. Srivastava. Node-Level Energy Management for Sensor Networks in the Presence of Multiple Applications. - Wireless Networks, Vol. 10, 2004, No 6, 737-746. 20. Abusaime h, H., S. H. Yang. Dynamic Cluster Head for Lifetime Efficiency in WSN. - International Journal of Automation and Computing, Vol. 6, 2009, No 1

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B Boenke

smoking on lung cancer histology; Prev. Med. 26 (1997) 451–456. 634. Stellman, S. D., J. E. Muscat, S. Thompson, D. Hoffmann, and E. L. Wynder: Risk of squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the lung in relation to lifetime filter cigarette smoking; Cancer 80 (1997) 382-388. 635. Burnes, D. M., D. Hoffmann, and K. M. Cummings (Edi-tors): Cigar Smoking in the United States; NIH/NCI Smoking and Tobacco Control Monogr. 9, NCI, Bethesda, MD, 1998. 636. Djordjevic, M. V., D. Hoffmann, S

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Nattawut Sastravaha, Yutthana Khanasuk and Worasun Taweewuthisub

motorcycle accident Open injury from work Initial treatment Direct repair of radial collateral ligament and K-wire fixation Repair of radial collateral ligament, central slip and K-wire fixation Started time of using the frame 3 weeks after injury 2 weeks after injury Overall time of using the frame 4 weeks 4 weeks Useful life (days)  1 st frame 8 9  2 nd frame 7 7  3 rd frame 8 8  4 th frame (end of treatment) 5 4 Average lifetime 7.6 8 (1 st -3 rd frame

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Adawan Permpanich, Vithaya Kulsomboon and Kamol Udol

trials and the local registry database. The model was run until the patients were 100 years old or died. Figure 1 Structure of the Markov model The main assumptions made in this model were as follows; 1) patients in the acute health state (MI, stroke, HF) would not move to other acute health state; 2) the effectiveness of n-3 PUFAs would be maintained over life-time horizon; 3) the duration in each cycle was 1 year. The discount rate of 3% was applied for both costs and outcomes. The time horizon of the model and the effects in life expectancy

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Kamal Kumar Gupta, Mohd Shazad and Shailendra Kumar

consumption to the lifetime reproductive success of female field crickets ( Gryllus bimaculatus ). Ecological Entomology, 13 (1): 57–69. T hornhill R., A lcock J. 1983. The Evolution of Insect Mating Systems. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA. T ram U., W olfner M.F. 1999. Male seminal fluid proteins are essential for sperm storage in Drosophila melanogaster . Genetics, 153 (2): 837–844. T subaki Y., O no T. 1985. The adaptive significance of non-contact mate guarding by males of the dragonfly Nannophya pygmaea R ambur (Odonata

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Krystyna Ilmurzyńska

stage of estate development ( Herbst 1975 ). Ursynów’s design was an attempt to combine the positives of the neighbourhood unit and traditional urban space, forming a ‘city within the city’. Due to the above-mentioned features, Ursynów Północny presents more qualities that are endangered than issues to be tackled. Therefore the article focuses on the potential of housing estates and good practices which can be tracked throughout their lifetime. In this paper Ursynów Północny is considered as a part of the city equivalent to inner-city districts. Planning the

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Paulina Wróbel-Knybel, Michał Flis, Rafał Dubiel and Hanna Karakuła-Juchnowicz

. Recurrent isolated sleep paralysis: Polysomnographic and clinical findings. Somnologie-Schlafforschung und Schlafmedizin. 2004;8(2):53-60. 16. Torontali ZA, Grace KP, Horner RL, Peever JH. Cholinergic involvement in control of REM sleep paralysis. J Physiol. 2014; 592(7):1425-6. 17. Jalal B, Ramachandran VS. Sleep paralysis and “the bedroom intruder”: The role of the right superior parietal, phantom pain and body image projection. Med Hypotheses. 2014;83(6):755-7. 18. Sharpless BA1, Barber JP. Lifetime prevalence rates of sleep paralysis: a systematic

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Seong Ho Son, Sung Cheol Park and Man Seung Lee


In order to enhance the long-term stability of DSA for copper electroplating process, in the present study, noble metal oxides with excellent electrochemical properties was used and optimum condition was determined the ratio of noble metal oxides, surface pre-treatment of titanium substrate and heat treatment. The effect of the surface pretreatment of titanium substrate and ratio of noble metal oxides were estimated by accelerated test at the highly current density conditions. The lifetime of DSA increase six-fold higher as the oxide thickness of Ta 7 : Ir 3 composition ratio. Under the optimal condition, surface pretreatment led to dramatic increase in the lifetime of DSA.

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Phanthipha Wongwai, Pritaporn Kingkaew, Somkiat Asawaphureekorn and Tharatip Kolatat

and offer treatment accordingly. A lifetime time horizon was used to estimate the long-term costs and outcomes of infants becoming blind. All future costs and outcomes were discounted at a rate of 3% per annum. For intercountry comparisons, costs were converted into international dollars ($IS) using the purchase power parity exchange rate of $IS1 = 17.659 THB (Thai baht) [ 9 ]. All costs were adjusted to 2013 values using the general consumer price index [ 10 ]. A probabilistic sensitivity analysis was conducted using a second-order Monte Carlo simulation with 1