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Effect of overlying water pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature on heavy metal release from river sediments under laboratory conditions

: pH, salinity and temperature effects, Bioresource Technology, 99(9), pp. 3864-3870. Helios-Rybicka, E., Calmano, W. & Breeger, A. (1995) Heavy metals sorption/desorption on competing clay minerals; an experimental study, Applied Clay Science, 9(5), pp. 369-381. Ho, H.H., Swennen, R., Cappuyns, V., Vassilieva, E., Van Gerven, T. & Tran, T.V. (2012). Potential release of selected trace elements (As, Cd, Cu, Mn, Pb and Zn) from sediments in Cam River-mouth (Vietnam) under infl uence of pH and oxidation, Science of The Total Environment

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Formation of Acid Mine Drainage Water at Sb (Au) Deposit Pezinok

Biohydrometalurgia - III. Košice: ÚGt SAV, 1994, pp. 19-25. LUPTÁKOVÁ, A. Bioakumulácia ťažkých kovov z kyslých banských vôd. In Acta Avionica , 2001, 4, pp. 104-107. MARTYČÁK, K., ZEMAN, J., VACEK-VESELÝ, M. Supergene processes on ore deposits - a source of heavy metals. In Environmental Geology , 1994, 23, pp. 156-165. MORION, P., MONROY, M., MUSTIN, C., BERTHELIN, J. Effect of auriferous sulfide minerals structure and composition on their bacterial weathering. In Source, transport and deposition

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The Use of Water Plants in Biomonitoring And Phytoremediation of Waters Polluted with Heavy Metals

ekologicznego wód powierzchniowych w Polsce. Warszawa: Biblioteka Monitoringu Środowiska; 2008. [13] Guilizzoni P. The role of heavy metals and toxic materials in the physiological ecology of submersed macrophytes. Aquatic Botany. 1991;41(1-3):87-109. DOI: 10.1016/0304-3770(91)90040-C. [14] Schneider IAH, Rubio J, Smith RW. Biosorption of metals onto plant biomass: exchange adsorption or surface precipitation? Internat J Mineral Process. 2001;62(1-4):111-120. PII: S0301-7516(00)00047-8. [15] André I, Schneider H, Rubio J

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Effect of tree pruning intensity on the content of mineral components in the sour cherry leaves of ‘Łutówka’

rootstocks on agronomic performance, leaf mineral nutrition and fruit quality of ‘Catherina’ peach cultivar in heavy-calcareous soil conditions. Span. J. Agric. Res. 15(1), 1-11. M ika A., B uler Z., M ichalska B., 2011a. Biology of flowering and fruiting of sour cherry trees growth at high density. J. Fruit Ornam. Plant Res. 19 (1), 123-136. M ika A., W awrzyńczak P., B uler Z., K rawiec A., B iałkowski P., M ichalska B., P laskota M., G otowicki B., 2011b. Result of experiments with densely planted sour cherry trees for harvesting with a

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The Metal And Sulphate Removal From Mine Drainage Waters By Biological-Chemical Ways

, Colorado, Geological Society of America, Special Paper 379, 2004, 117-134. SCHÜTZ, T., DOLINSKÁ, S., DANKOVÁ, Z., BRIANČIN, J., MOCKOVČIAKOVÁ, A., STRAJŇÁK, S.: Removal of heavy metals by manganese - modified natural material. Proceedings of the XV Balkan Mineral Processing Congress. Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 12-16, 2013, 1005-1008. ISBN 978-954-353-218-6. SONG, Y., FITCH, M., BURKEN, J., NASS, L., CHILUKIRI, S., GALE, N., ROSS, C.: Lead and zinc removal by laboratory-scale constructed wetlands. Water Environ. Res., 73, 2001, 37-44. WATSON, J

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Effect of lead and cadmium ions upon the pupariation and morphological changes in Calliphora vicina (Diptera, Calliphoridae)

affecting methyl mercury accumulation in zooplankton. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 53: 2221-2228. Zhang, M., Pu, J., 2011. Mineral materials as feasible amendments to stabilize heavy metals in polluted urban soils. Journal of Environmental Sciences (China), 23: 607-615.

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Contents of Potentially Toxic Metals and Magnetic Susceptibility of Soils Along a Rural – Urban – Rural Gradient in Bratislava City (Slovakia)

indicator of Cu and Zn contamination in soils. Pedosphere 18: 479-485. L u S. G., W ang H. Y. & B ai S. Q. 2009. Heavy metal content and magnetic susceptibility of soils along an urban-rural gradient in rapidly growing city of eastern China. Environ. Monitor. Assess. 155: 91-101. L u S. G., W ang H. Y. & G uo J. L. 2011. Magnetic enhancement of urban roadside soils as a proxy of degree of pollution by traffic-related activities. Environ. Earth Sci. 64: 359-371. M agiera T. & S trzyszcz Z. 2000. Ferrimagnetic minerals of anthropogenic origin in

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Study of Ni And Cd Bioleaching from Spent Ni-Cd Batteries

References ABDALLAH, M., EL-ETRE, A.Y.: Corrosion Inhibition of Nickel in Sulfuric Acid Using Tween Surfactants, Portug. Electrochimica Acta, 21, 2003, 315-326. BARTOLOZZI, M., BRACCINI, G., BONVINI, S., Marconi, P.F.: Hydrometallurgical recovery process for nickel-cadmium spent batteries. J. Power Sources, 55, 1995, 247-250. CABRERA, G., GÓMEZ, J.M., CANTERO, D.: Influence of heavy metals on growth and ferrous sulphate oxidation by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans in pure and mixed cultures, Process

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Assessment of leachability of harmful components from alternative fuels prepared with the use of sewage sludge / Ocena wymywalności szkodliwych składników z paliw alternatywnych wytworzonych z osadów ściekowych

References [1] Wzorek M, Troniewski L. Use of waste from waste-water treatment in production of fuels for thermal treatment processes. The 23rd Int. Conf. on Solid Waste Technol. Manage. Philadelphia. 2008:995-1003. [2] Wzorek M, Troniewski L. Application of sewage sludge as a component of alternative fuel. In: Dudzińska MR, Pawłowski L, editors. Environ Eng. New York, Singapore: Taylor & Francis; 2007:311-316. [3] Król A. Release of heavy metals from mineral composites under selected environmental

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The Honey as a Bioindicator of the Environment

śladowych w produktach spożywczych krajowego pochodzenia. (Study of some trace elements content of home food products). Bromat Chem-Toksykol. 1995;28(2):151-154. bwmeta1.element.agro-article-3113fee2-dd67-49d9-abed-ee49fbbaf7f9. [11] Conti ME, Botre F. Honeybees and their products as potential bioindicators of heavy metals contamination. Environ Monit Assess. 2001;69(3):267-282. DOI: 10.1023/A:1010719107006. [12] Fernandez-Torres R, Pérez-Bernal JL, Bello-López MÁ, Callejón-Mochón M, Jiménez-Sánchez JC, Guiraúm-Pérez A. Mineral content and botanical origin of

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