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Anna Orłowska, Jan F. Żmudziński, Marcin Smreczak, Paweł Trębas and Anna Marzec

References 1. Anthony S., Jones H., Darpel K.E., Elliot H., Maan S., Samuel A., Mellor P.S, Mertens, P.P.C.: A duplex RT-PCR assay for detection of genome segment 7 (VP7 gene) from 24 BTV serotypes. J Virol Methods 2007, 141, 188–197. 2. DeMaula C.D., Bonneau K.R., MacLachlan N.J.: Changes in the outer capsid protein of bluetongue virus serotype 10 that abrogate neutralization by monoclonal antibodies. Virus Res 2000, 67, 59–66. 3. Elbers A.R., Backx A., Ekker H.M., van der Spek A.N., van Rijn, P.A.: Performance of clinical signs to detect

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Y. H. Peng, Z. X. Lu, K. Chen, O. Luukkanen, H. Korpelainen and Chun Yang Li

. BANDI, S. BISOFFI and F. SALA (1993): RAPD fingerprints for identification and for taxonomic studies of elite poplar (Populus spp) clones. Theor. Appl. Genet. 87: 54-59. DAYAMANDAN, S., O. P. RAJORA and K. S. BAWA (1998): Isolation and characterization of microsatellites in trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides). Theor. Appl. Genet. 96: 950-960. ECHT, C. S., P. M. MARQUARDT, M. HSEIH and R. ZAHORCHAK (1996): Characterization of microsatellite markers in eastern white pine. Genome 39: 1102-1108. FELSENSTEIN, J. (2004

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Natalia Styś-Fijoł, Wojciech Kozdruń and Hanna Czekaj

-disease course analysis and characterization of etiologic agent. Avian Dis 2014, 58, 8–22. 7. Guérin J.-L.: Hemorrhagic nephritis enteritis of geese. In: Disease of poultry, edited by Swayne D.E., Blackwell Publishing Ltd., Ames. 2013, pp. 440–443. 8. Guérin J.L., Gelfi J., Dubois L., Vuillaume A., Boucraut-Baralon C., Pingret J.L.: A novel polyomavirus (goose hemorrhagic polyomavirus) is the agent of hemorrhagic nephritis enteritis of geese. J Virol 2000, 74, 4523–4529. 9. Johne R., Müller H.: Avian polymavirus in wild birds: genome analysis of isolates

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Yong Zhang, S. G. Zhang, L.W. Qi, B. Liu, J. M. Gao, C. B. Chen, X. L. Li and Wenqin Song

References ANTONACCI, R., R. MARZELL, P. FINELLI, A. LONOCE, A. FORABOSCO, N. ARCHIDIACONO and M. ROCCHI (1995): A panel of subchromosomal painting libraries representing over regions of the human genome. Cytogenet Cell Genet 68: 25-32. BRADSHAW, H. D., R. CEULEMANS, J. DAVIS and R. STETTLER (2000): Emerging model systems in plant biology: Poplar (Populus) as a model forest tree. J. Plant Growth Regul. 19: 306-313. BRUNNER, A. M., V. B. BUSOV and S. H. STRAUSS (2004): Poplar genome sequence: functional genomics

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O. Gailing and G. Von Wuehlisch

Parsimony (* and other methods). n. Sinauer Assiciates, Sunderland, Massachusetts. VOS, P., HOGERS, R., BLEEKER, M., REIJANS, M., VAN DE LEE, T., HORNES, M., FRIJTERS, A. et al. (1995): AFLP: a new technique for DNA fingerprinting. Nucleic Acids Research 23: 4407-4414. WEISING, K. and GARDNER, R. C. (1999): A set of conserved PCR primers for the analysis of simple sequence repeat polymorphisms in chloroplast genomes of dicotyledonous angiosperms. Genome 42: 9-19. WUEHLISCH, G. V., LIESEBACH, M., MUHS, H.-J. and STEPHAN, B. R

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Andrew J. Lowe, K.-N. Wong, Y.-S. Tiong, S. Iyerh and F.-T. Chew

WEISING, K. and R. C. GARDNER (1999): A set of conserved PCR primers for the analysis of simple sequence repeat poly-morphisms in chloroplast genomes of dicotyledonous angiosperms. Genome 42, 9-19. WONG, K. N., W. L. TAN and F. T. CHEW (2009): Identification and characterization of microsatellite loci in Intsia palembanica (Leguminosae), a valuable tropical timber species. Molecular Ecology Resources 9, 360-364. ZAHNEN, J. (2008): Foreword from WWF-Germany. In: Proceedings of the international workshop “Fingerprinting methods for the

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M. E. Barrandeguy, M.V. García, C. F. Argüelles and G. D. L. Cervigni

(1981): Population structure of multilocus associations. Proc Natl Acad Sci 78 (9): 5913–5916. B ryan , G., W. D e J ong , J. P rovan , D. M ilbourne , J. M c N icoll , J. D avison , G. R amsay and R. W augh (1999a): Potato genomics: a strategy for the molecular genetic characterization of Solanum germplasm. Annual report 1998/1999. Scott Crop Res Inst Genet Breed 101–104. B ryan , G., J. M c N icoll , G. R amsay , R. C. M eyer and W. S. D e J ong (1999b): Polymorphic simple sequence repeats markers in chloroplast genomes of Solanaceous plants

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F. Li and S. Gan

References A grama , H. A., T. L. G eorge and A. F. S alah (2002): Construction of genome map for Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn. Silvae Genet. 51 : 201–206. B rondani , R. P. V., C. B rondani , R. T archini and D. G rattapaglia (1998): Development, characterization and mapping of microsatellite markers in Eucalyptus grandis and E. urophylla . Theor. Appl. Genet. 97 : 816–827. B rondani , R. P. V., E. R. W illiams , C. B rondani and D. G rattapaglia (2006): A microsatellite-based consensus linkage map for species of Eucalyptus and

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J. Gao, S. Zhang, L. Qi, Y. Zhang, C. Wang, W. Song and S. Han

species. Genome 38: 349-355. LEVINSON, G. and G. A. GUTMAN (1987): Slipped-strand mispairing: a major mechanism for DNA sequence evolution. Mol Biol Evol 4: 203-221. LIN, D., M. HUBBES and L. ZSUFFA (1994): Differentiation of poplar and willow clones using RAPD fingerprints. Tree Physiol 14: 1097-1105. MÉTAIS, I., C. AUBRY, B. HAMON and R. JALOUZOT (2000): Description and analysis of genetic diversity between commercial bean lines (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Theor Appl Genet 101: 1207-1214. MEYER, W., T. G

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H. Marzouki, N. Nasri, B. Jouaud, C. Bonnet, A. Khaldi, S. Bouzid and B. Fady

-326. GLAUBITZ, J. C., L. C. EMEBIRI and G. F. MORAN (2001): Dinucleotide microsatellites from Eucalyptus sieberi: inheritance, diversity, and improved scoring of singlebase differences. Genome 44, 1041-1045. GOUDET, J. (1995): Fstat version 1.2. A computer program to calculate F-statistics. Journal of Heredity 86, 485-486. HANSSON, B. and L. WESTERBERG (2002): On the correlation between heterozygosity and fitness in natural populations. Molecular Ecology 11 (12), 2467-2474. JARNE, P. and P. J. L. LAGODA (1996