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Platelet-rich plasma intra-articular injections as an alternative treatment for knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review

) , Ann Rheum. Dis., 59, 936–944. 4. Hayami T. (2008). Osteoarthritis of the knee joint as a cause of musculoskeletal ambulation disability symptom complex (MADS) , Clin. Calcium, 18,1574–80. 5. Filardo G., Kon E., Roffi A., Di Matteo B., Merli M.L., Marcacci M. (2015). Platelet-rich plasma: why intraarticular? A systematic review of preclinical studies and clinical evidence on PRP for joint degeneration , Knee Surg. Sports Traumatol. Arthrosc., 23(9), 2459–2474. 6. Sakata R., McNary S.M., Miyatake K., et al. (2015). Stimulation of the superficial

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School Screening for Bad Posture with Spine Mouse Device

;31(8):570-6. Portek I, Pearcy MJ, Reader GP et al. Correlation between radiographic and clinical measurement of lumbar spine movements. Br J Rheumatol. 1983;(22):197-205. Keller S, Mannion FA, Grob D. Reliability of a new measuring device Spine Mouse in recording the sagital profile of the back. European Spine Journal. 2000;9:303. Mannion FA, Dvorak J, Muntener M et al. A prospective study of the interrelationship between subjective and objective measures of disability before and 2 months after lumbar decompression surgery for

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Summer Camps from the Perspective of Participants and Organisers

Literature 1. Case E.K. (2012). Specialized summer camp for children and adolescents with learning disabilities: A naturalistic context for enhancing social competence, friendship, and self-concept. PhD thesis, University of Toronto. Retrieved February 05, 2018, from . 2. Nawara H., Cooper A. (2007). Summer camps: Healthy – happy – safe . Wrocław: Wydawnictwo AWF. [in Polish] 3. McCarthy A. (2015). Summer camp for children and adolescents with chronic conditions. Pediatric Nursing 41(5), 245-250. 4. Gula E

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The Lived Experiences of Participating in Physical Activity among Young People with Mental Health Problems. A Recovery-Oriented Perspective

Health Nursing, 11, 476-483. Careless, D. & Douglas, K. (2008). The Contribution of Exercise and Sport to Mental Health Promotion in Serious Mental Illness: An Interpretive Project. International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, 10(4), 5-12. Carless, D. & Faulkner, G. (2003). Physical activity and mental health. In: J. McKenna, & C. Riddoch, Perspectives on Health and Exercise (pp. 61-82). Houndsmills: Palgrave MacMillan. Davidson, L. & Roe, D. (2007). Recovery from versus recovery in serious mental illness: One

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Physiological Demands, Morphological Characteristics, Physical Abilities and Injuries of Female Soccer Players

Human Sport and Exercises 2012 7 1 S67 S72 Milanović Z, Sporiš G, James N, Trajković N. Motor Abilities of Female Soccer Players. Sport Science and Disability , 2014: 22 Milanović Z Sporiš G James N Trajković N. Motor Abilities of Female Soccer Players Sport Science and Disability 2014 22 Mohr M, Krustrup P, Andersson H, Kirkendal D, Bangsbo J. Match activities of elite women soccer players at different performance levels. J Strength Cond Res , 2008; 22(2): 341-349 10.1519/JSC.0b013e318165fef6 Mohr M Krustrup P Andersson H Kirkendal D Bangsbo J. Match activities

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Visual Impairment does not Limit Training Effects in Development of Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity in Tandem Cyclists

References Akbarpour M. The effect of aerobic training on serum adiponectin and leptin levels and inflammatory markers of coronary heart disease in obese men. Biol Sport , 2013; 30: 21–27 Aslan UB, Calik BB, Kitiş A. The effect of gender and level of vision on the physical activity level of children and adolescents with visual impairment. Res Dev Disabil , 2012; 33: 1799–1804 Astrand P, Rodahl K. Textbook of work physiology. 3rd edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company; 1986 Baron R. Aerobic and anaerobic power characteristics of

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Why are individuals with autism spectrum disorder at risk group for unhealthy weight?

in mice. Endocrinology 148(10):4658–66. O’Connor SG, Maher JP, Belcher BR, Leventhal AM, Margolin G, Shonkoff ET et al. 2017. Associations of maternal stress with children’s weight-related behaviours: a systematic literature review. Obesity Reviews: 18(5):514–25. Pan C-Y. 2008. Objectively measured physical activity between children with autism spectrum disorders and children without disabilities during inclusive recess settings in Taiwan. J Autism Dev Dis 38(7):1292–301. Pinto D, Pagnamenta AT, Klei L, Anney R, Merico D, Regan R. 2010. Functional

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The influence of the gait-related arm swing on elevation gain measured by sport watches

study was to investigate the influence of the gait-related arm swing on elevation gain assessed by sport watches. For this purpose, elevation measures that were simultaneously obtained on the hip and the wrist were compared. Material and Methods Participants Three men with body height of 1.68, 1.79 and 1.87 m (age: 25.5 ± 1.3 years; body mass: 77.3 ± 4.6 kg) and all without any walking disabilities, were recruited to participate in this study. The aim of the study could have been investigated with one participant only, performing many repetitions. However

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Football does not improve mental health: a systematic review on football and mental health disorders

disability (e.g. Hudson et al. 2017 ). The majority of these studies were experience reports of different football-related projects without quantitative data. – 6 publications were editorials or comments without any data. Finally, we identified 17 papers that investigated the influence of soccer on the prevalence of depression and other mental health problems in different group. These were summarised in Table 1 . Table 1 Authors Year Study design Sample Mean age, SD (years) Country Diagnostic instruments Prevalence of mental health

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Validation of the Slovenian version of motor imagery questionnaire 3 (MIQ-3): Promising tool in modern comprehensive rehabilitation practice

prevalence of diseases such as cardiovascular, neuro-musculo-skeletal increase with age ( 5 , 33 ) the longer life expectancy that is being faced globally will result in an increase rate of disabled individuals. Epidemiological data collected among Slovenian citizens showed that a stroke represents the second and third most common cause of mortality among females and males, respectively, while a great number of patients experienced prolonged disability ( 34 ). Further, the same report indicated that Slovenia came fifth in Europe in incidence of pain, where 40% of citizens

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