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Effect of Monetary Incentives on the Demand for Electricity of Domestic Consumers – Case of Israel

household energy conservation. In search of personal household energy budgets and energy reduction options. Energy Policy 34 (18), 3612-3622. 5. Bendes-Jacob, A., Dunietz, D., and Reznikowski, A. (2012). Green Perception, Social Types and Valuable Attitudes Towards Environmental Commitment in Israel, Henrietta Sold Institute (Hebrew). 6. Berkhout, P.H.G., Muskens, J.C.W., Velthuijsen, J. (2000): Defining the rebound effect. Energy Policy 28, 425–432. 7. Bonneville, E. (2006). Demand Side Management for residential and commercial end-users: AERE

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Exploring leadership coaching as a tool to improve the people management skills of information technology and cybersecurity project managers

.90 [9] Creemers, B. (2010). Improving quality of education: Dynamic Approaches to school Improvement. New York: NY: Routledge [10] Duke, D. L. (2011). The challenge of school district leadership . New York, NY: Routledge. [11] Elkins, R. (2015). Business: Golden Nugget Methods for High Effectiveness - Leadership, Management & Communication. Seattle, WA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. [12] Ely, Katherine, Boyce, Lisa A., Nelson, Jonathan K., Zaccaro, Stephen J., Hernez-Broome, [13] Gina, Whyman, Whayman, (2010). Evaluating

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Complex Network Theory and Its Application Research on P2P Networks

networks, presented search method of information resources with combination of preferential attachment mechanism and interest attenuation mechanism in rumors dissemination. 4.4 Other models Not confined to the traditional theory of complex networks, from application-specific characteristics of P2P networks, the literature [ 25 ] tried to build an appropriate statistical model to analyze the statistics features of user behavior and its impact. Using number of shared files owned by the user as the main parameter, the model characterizes evolutionary process

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Twitter Users’ Privacy Concerns: What do Their Accounts’ First Names Tell Us?

computational cost will be higher than make a simple search on a name database. The accuracy of both methods, tweets text analysis, and the gender prediction strategies (profile, name, and description analysis), may vary, but the result will be substantially constant. Inspired by Krempeaux work (2013) , Herdağdelen published an n-gram data set of Twitter messages, which contains gender of the author and time of posting tags. In order to infer the gender of the author, Herdağdelen used the first name of the users to infer his/her gender, at least, for the ones that provide

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Perceived Residential Environment Quality and Neighborhood Attachment (PREQ & NA) Indicators by Marino Bonaiuto, Ferdinando Fornara, and Mirilia Bonnes – Polish adaptation

-2046(02)00232-3 Visser, P., van Dam, F., & Hooimeijer, P. (2008). Residential environment and spatial variation in house prices in the netherlands. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie (Journal of Economic & Social Geography), 99(3), 348. Retrieved from,uid World Health Organization. (1998). WHOQOL User Manual (1st ed.). Geneva.

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GPR surveying method as a tool for geodetic verification of GESUT database of utilities in the light of BSI PAS128

( Regulation, 2011 ) describe the principles of direct surveys, however, there is no explicit reference to indirect methods of surveying hidden components of utility networks. The only record in the regulation concerns elevation issues and is extremely laconic (Par. 36 (1)(3)). The British specification PAS 128 ( BSI, 2014 ) systematises the proper detection of utilities placed at a depth of up to 3 metres. It is based on a four-level division of the accuracy levels of the captured information – from D to A ( Fig. 1 ). The higher the accepted type of identification, the

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Modelling Electricity Price Expectations in a Day-Ahead Market: A Case of Latvia

R eferences Abedinia, O., Amjady, N., Shafie-khah, M. & Catalão J. P. S. (2015). Electricity price forecast using Combinatorial Neural Network trained by a new stochastic search method. Energy Conversion and Management , 105, 642–654. Abedinia O. Amjady N. Shafie-khah M. Catalão J. P. S. 2015 Electricity price forecast using Combinatorial Neural Network trained by a new stochastic search method Energy Conversion and Management 105 642 654

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Harnessing the medicinal properties of Cussonia barteri Seem. (Araliaceae) in drug development. A review

Health Organisation (1965). Molluscicide screening and evaluation. Bull World Health Organ 1965; 33(4):567-581. 70. Homans A, Fuchs A. Direct bioautography on thin-layer chromatograms as a method for detecting fungitoxic substances. J Chromatogr A 1970; 1(51):327-329. doi: 71. Rahalison L, Hamburger MA. Bioautographic agar overlay method for the detection of antifungal compounds from higher plants. Phytochemical 1991; 2(5):199-203. doi: 72. Igbe I, Ching FP

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Structural Ageism in Big Data Approaches

neural networks. In Machine learning, optimization, and big data (MOD 2017) (pp. 337-348). Volterra: Springer. Bi, B., Shokouhi, M., Kosinski, M. & Graepel, T. (2013). Inferring the demographics of search users: Social data meets search queries. In Conference on World Wide Web (WWW’13) (pp. 131-140) Rio de Janeiro: ACM Press. Bijker, W. E., Hughes, T. P. & Pinch, T. J. (eds.) (1989). The social construction of technological systems . London: MIT Press. Bolukbasi, T., Chang, K.-W., Zou, J. Y., Saligrama, V., & Kalai, A. T. (2016). Man is to

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The history of public health use of fluorides in caries prevention

. 2 Methods 2.1 Search Strategy We systematically searched the PubMed database on the preventive role of F in PH, published from 1984 to 2014. The search was conducted in February 2015, and revised in September 2015. The search process consisted of four steps ( Figure 1 ), namely: A basic search with included Medical Subject Headings (MESH): fluorides, dentistry, community health. We specified the search by reviewing the articles that also included the following words in the title or abstract: caries and preventive or prevention (Step 1). The first

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