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Edyta Puniach and Anita Kwartnik-Pruc

References Agüera-Vega, F., Carvajal-Ramírez, F., Martínez-Carricondo, P., 2017. Assessment of photogrammetric mapping accuracy based on variation ground control point’s number using unmanned aerial vehicle. Measurement , vol. 98, pp. 221-227. . Ajayi, O.G., Palmer, M., Salubi, A.A., 2018. Modelling farmland topography for suitable site selection of dam construction using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry. Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment , vol. 11, pp. 220-230. https

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Marcela Spišáková and Daniela Mačková

future potential in modern methods of construction. Banbur, Oxon: WRAP [6] Strukova Z. (2009). Specific perception of safety risks of construction projects. In Innovative approach to modelling of intelligent structural elements in construction, Kosice: TUKE [7] Lovel H. & Smith S. J. (2008). Agencement in housing markets: The case of the UK construction industry. Geogorum. 41(3), 457-468 [8] Melia P., Ruggieri G., Sabbanimi S. & Dotelli G. (2014) Environmental impacts of natural and conventional building materials: a case study on earth plasters

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Pei-Jung Kuo

Press. Del Gobbo, Francesca & Linda Badan. 2007. On the syntax of topic and focus and Chinese. Paper presented at the 81th Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting. 4-7 January. Diesing, Molly. 1992. Indefinites. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Pass. Fang, Ji & Peter Sells. 2007. A formal analysis of the verb copy construction in Chinese. In Tracy Holloway King & Miriam Butt (eds.), Proceedings of the LFG07 conference, 198-213. Stanford, California: CSLI Publications. García García, Marco. 2005. Differential

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M. Fligiel

References Fligiel M. (2002): Optimal shaping of linear-stiffness structure of design elements with maximal stiffness. - Scientific Papers of the Department of Applied Mechanics, Silesian University of Technology - Gliwice, vol.18, pp.103-110. Fligiel M. (2012): Formation of the most optimal supporting construction in a two-dimensional state of load. - International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol.17, No.3, University Press, Poland, pp.799-810, Zielona Góra. Fligiel M. (2013): Criteria of the

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M. Gajzler

References 1. Bagočius, V Zavadskas, K. E., Turskis, Z., Selecting a location for a liquefied natural gas terminal in the Eastern Baltic Sea, Transport, Vol. 29, Issue 1, p. 69-74, 2014 2. Berry M., Linoff G., Data mining techniques for marketing, sales and customer support. Wiley, New York, 1997 3. Braun, A. Tuttas, S. Borrmann, A. Stilla, U., A concept for automated construction progress monitoring using BIM-based geometric constraints and photogrammetric point clouds. Journal of Information Technology in

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Anna Kasperowicz

Classification of Goods and Services, (access December 20, 2017). Rytel O., 2009, The specificity of construction production , Scientific Papers of the Academy of Podlasie in Siedlce, no. 83 Series: Administration and Management. The role of the building materials sector , Deloitte, . Witkowski P., 2007, Progress and Modernity in

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N. Ibadov

References 1. H. Anysz, N.Ibadov, “Neuro-fuzzy predictions of construction site completion dates”, Technical Transactions 6/2017, pp. 51-58, DOI: 10.4467/2353737XCT.17.086.6562 2. H. Anysz, A. Zbiciak, „Przyczyny powstawania opónnien w realizacji kontraktów budowlanych-analiza wstpnych wyników badania ankietowego”, Autobusy - Technika, Eksploatacja, Systemy Transportowe 3/2013, pp 1-10 3. A.N. Borisov, O.A. Krumberg, I.P. Federov “Decision making based on fuzzy models: Examples”, Riga, Zinatne Publ., 1990 (in

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Vincent Kvočák, Viktória Kožlejová and Katerina Chupayeva


Deck bridges with encased filler-beams have been used in construction for a long time. Nowadays they are employed mainly in the refurbishment of railways and in road construction. Regarding the method of construction, they can be divided into monolithic/cast-in-place (constructed fully in its final location) or prefabricated/precast structures (built at another location and then transported to their final location for placement in the full structure). Both methods of construction have certain advantages and disadvantages. Decision-making and selecting a better alternative depends on the building conditions and a means of transport (whether a road or railway) running on the bridge.

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Soline Anthore Baptiste and Nicolas P. Baptiste

, summer 2016), 137-148. Arnold, Janet, Patterns of Fashion 3: The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women C. 1560-1620 (Brooklyn: Drama Publishers, 1995). Aubineau, Léon, Fragments des Mémoires inédits de Dubois, gentilhomme servant du Roi, Valet de chambre de Louis XIII et de Louis XIV (Paris: Bibliothèque de l’École des chartes, deuxième série, Vol. 4, 1847-1848) online: < > [accessed 15.05.2017]. Bailbé, Jacques, ‘Le courtisan au temps d'Henri III et d'Henri IV’, Bulletin de l'Association Guillaume

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M. Połoński

R eferences 1. H. Kerzner, Project management. A systems approach to planning, scheduling and controlling, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1984. 2. D. Y. Kim, S. H. Han, H. Kim, H. Park, Structuring the prediction model of project performance for international construction projects: A comparative analysis, Expert Systems with Applications 36 (2) (2009) 1961–1971. 3. A. Czarnigowska, A. Sobotka, Time–cost relationship for predicting construction duration, Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 13 (4) (2013) 518-526. 4. M. M