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The Accumulation Effect
The Print Media’s Impact on Estonian Elections Between 1999-2003

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The Influence of Organic Product Classification On Charitable Contributions Embedded in Retail Prices

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Public Ethnocentrism. An Obstacle of Worldwide Economic Development: Concept and a Preliminary Research

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Green marketing today – a mix of trust, consumer participation and life cycle thinking

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The relationship between internet addiction and personality traits in Slovak secondary schools students

behavior with personality traits among medical students. In: Journal of Mental Health and Human Behaviour, 21(2), 108–111. SIOMOS, K. E., DAFOULI, E. D., BRAIMIOTIS, D. A., MOUZAS, O. D., & ANGELOPOULOS, N. V. 2008. Internet addiction among Greek adolescent students. In: CyberPsychology & Behavior , 11 (6), 653–657. SLOVAK REPUBLIC. 2017. Law no. 369/1990, § 22 “The Law about General Settlement” STEPANIKOVA, I., Nie, N. H., & He, X. 2010. Time on the Internet at home, loneliness, and life satisfaction

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Investigation Influence of Store Type on Emotional State of Consumer in the Urban Purchase

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Convergence analysis of household expenditures using the absolute β-convergence method

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Utilization of Integrated Marketing Communication for The Introduction of a New Brand to the Market. Case Study of “Eko Patrol” of The Central Mining Institute

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Building a Travel Influencer Brand Using Instagram Tools

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Media Exposure, Utilization, Satisfaction, and Need for Service Business Information of Consumers in the Digital Economy Era

References Waicharoen, A. (2015). The impact of advertising on consumer behavior in the digital sphere. Nithetsat Thurakit Bandit , 9(1), 11-35. Electronic Transactions Development Agency, (2017), EDTA reveals Thai internet user behavior and e-commerce value and shows Thai readiness to become an ASEAN e-commerce leader , [Online] Available: (October 1, 2017) Gronroos, C. (1990). Relationship approach to

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