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Primary Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth: Evidence from India

. Biometrica 75: 335-346. Rehdanz, K. and Maddison, D. 2008. Local environmental quality and life-satisfaction in Germany. Ecological Economics 64: 787-797. Saikkonen, P., Lütkepohl, H. 2000. Testing for the cointegrating rank of a VAR process with structural shifts. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 18: 451-464. Sari, R. and Soytas, U. 2009. Are global warming and economic growth combatable? Evidence from Five OPEC countries. Applied Energy 86: 1887

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Explaining individual- and country-level variations in unregistered employment using a multi-level model: evidence from 35 Eurasian countries

economy: studies in advanced and less developing countries, edited by A. Portes, M. Castells and L. Benton, 11–40. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press. Davis, M. 2006. Planet of Slums, London: Verso. De Soto, H. 2001. The Mystery of capital: why capitalism triumphs in the west and fails everywhere else. London: Black Swan. EBRD 2011. Life in transition after the crises. Research report. London: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. European Commission 2014. Employment and social developments in europe 2013. Brussels: European

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Cross-Cultural Variations in Consumer Behavior: A Literature Review of International Studies

Lydeka, Z. 2005. An assessment of various approaches for cross-cultural consumer research. Problems and Perspectives in Management 3: 147-159. Sandikci, O., Peterson, M., Ekici, A., Simkins, T. 2016. Development and quality of life in Turkey: how globalization, religion, and economic growth influence individual well-being. Journal of Macromarketing 36 (3):304-20. Schumann, H. J., Wangenheim, V. F., Stringfellow, A., Yang, Z., Blazevic, V., Praxmarer, S., Shainesh, G., Komor, M., Shannon, R. I. M., and Jimenez, F. R. 2010. Cross

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Integrated AHP-TOPSIS Method for the Assessment of Health Management Information Systems Efficiency

References Ahmadi, H., Rad, M. S., Nazari, M., Nilashi, M., & Ibrahim, O. (2014). Evaluating the factors affecting the implementation of hospital information system (HIS) using AHP method. Life Science Journal, 11(3), 202-207. Arnesen, T., & Trommald, M. (2004). Roughly right or precisely wrong? Systematic review of quality-of-life weights elicited with the time trade-off method. Journal of health services research & policy, 9(1), 43-50. Barron, F. H., & Barrett, B. E. (1996). The efficacy of SMARTER

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Corporate Reputation and Brand Architecture: the Debate

) ‘Corporate reputation dynamics: Reputation inertia, reputation risk, and reputation prospect’ , Paper presented at the National Academy of Management Meetings, Dallas. Dawar, N. and Parker, P. (1994). ‘Marketing universals: consumers’ use of brand name, price, physical appearance, and retailer reputation as signals of product quality , Journal of Marketing, 58, 2, pp. 88-95. Doorley, J. And Garcia, H. F. (2007). Reputation Management. New York: Routledge. Dowling, G. (2001). Creating

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Sharing is Caring, and Millennials Do Care: Collaborative Consumption through the Eyes of Internet Generation

-370. Blau, P. M. 1964. Exchange & Power in Social Life. Transaction. ISBN 9780887386282. Boksberger, P. and Melsen, L. 2011. Perceived value: a critical examination of definitions, concepts and measures for the service industry. Journal of Services Marketing, 25 (3): 229–240. Botsman, R. 2015. Thinking. Retrieved from (accessed September 5, 2018). Botsman, R. and Rogers, R. 2010. Beyond Zipcar: Collaborative consumption. Harvard Business Review 88 (10): 30. B ö cker, L. and Meelen, T. 2017. Sharing for people

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Ordinal Or Cardinal Utility: A Note

: Macmillan and Co. Journal of Happiness Studies; 36. Jung, C. G. 1971 [1921]. Psychological Types. Bollingen Series XX, volume 6, Princeton University Press. 37. Kirzner, I. M. 1973. Competition and Entrepreneurship, Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 38. Kirzner, I., ed. 1986. Subjectivism, Intelligibility and Economic Understanding, New York: New York University Press. 39. Lange, O., R. 1934. “The Determinateness of the

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State and Analysis of Scientific Journals in the Field of “Economic Sciences” for the Period 1995-2014

citation counts?”, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 59 (13) 2186-2188. De Groote, S. L. and R. Raszewski (2012) “Coverage of Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science: A case study of the h-index in nursing”, Nursing Outlook, 60 (6): 391-400. Della, S.S. and J. R. Crawford (2007) “A double dissociation between impact factor and cited half life”, Cortex, 43 (2) 174-175. Dewitt, T. W., R. S. Nicholson, and M. K. Wilson (1980) “Science Citation Index and Chemistry

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Critical Mass in the Boardroom of Croatian Banks

. Financial Management 89-112. Francoeur, C., Labelle, R. and Sinclair-Desgagne, B. 2007. Gender Diversity in Corporate Governance and Top Management. Journal of Business Ethics 81 (1): 83–95. Hardwick, P., Adams, M. and Zou, H. 2011. Board Characteristics and Profit Efficiency in the United Kingdom Life insurance Industry. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 38 (7&8): 987-1015. Herring, C. 2009. Does Diversity Pay?: Race, Gender, and the Business Case for Diversity. American Sociological Review 74 (2): 208-224. Huang, L. Y., Lai G. C., McNamara

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