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The Effects of a Physical Education Intervention to Support the Satisfaction of Basic Psychological Needs on the Motivation and Intentions to Be Physically Active

and Ryan, 2000 ). According to the Hierarchical Model of Motivation ( Vallerand, 2001 ), social contextual variables can influence the BPN satisfaction, which, in turn, might predict the person’s motivation quality. Furthermore, this model suggests that greater levels of self-determination could enhance positive consequences. In the context of PE, the type of motivation that has more frequently been associated with adaptive patterns is intrinsic motivation. This type of motivation seems to be related to desirable outcomes, such as enjoyment ( Pulido et al., 2014

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The Relationship Between Early and Senior Level Participation in International Women’s and Men’s Handball

established practices, with little regard for efficiency and effectiveness and with little attempt to provide a foundation for the system based on research and evidence”. Studies of handball players, for example, have shown that players’ progress through national squads can be variable ( Silva et al., 2015 ). To produce a better understanding of the quality, value and preferred characteristics of international competitions at the youth elite level, closer empirical examination is needed of talent identification and development programmes. Handball is a complex and

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Conforming and nonconforming personality and stress coping styles in combat athletes

that conformity is an inherent element of this type of sport. Basically, adaptation in sport may be understood as more effective performance of the competitors who prefer sticking to an already developed fighting strategy and following their coaches’ suggestions, and they use their sport skills more efficiently based on their experience. On the other hand, the point of reference for innovative solutions in sport is the competitors’ critical reflection, awareness of their competences and their own creativity. Like in other areas of life, achievements in sport may

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Relationships Between Physical Activity Levels, Self-Identity, Body Dissatisfaction and Motivation Among Spanish High School Students

. Association between leisure-time physical activity and health-related quality of life changes over time. Prev Med , 2007; 44(3): 202-208. 10.1515/hukin-2015-0025 Tessier S Vuillemin A Bertrais S Boini S Le Bihan E Oppert JM Hercberg S Guillemin F Briangon S. Association between leisure-time physical activity and health-related quality of life changes over time Prev Med 2007 44 3 202 208 10.1515/hukin-2015-0025 Tremblay MS, LeBlanc AG, Janssen I, Kho ME, Hicks A, Murumets K, Colley RC, Duggan M. Canadian sedentary behaviour guidelines for children and youth

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Engaging cognitive circuits to promote motor recovery in degenerative disorders. exercise as a learning modality

Clinical Symptoms, Quality of Life, Global Functioning, and Depression in Schizophrenia: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Schizophr Bull , 2016; 42(3): 588-99 10.1093/schbul/sbv164 Dauwan M Begemann MJ Heringa SM Sommer IE. Exercise Improves Clinical Symptoms, Quality of Life Global Functioning, and Depression in Schizo phrenia: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Schizophr Bull 2016 42 3 588 99 Dobrossy MD, Dunnett SB. Morphological and cellular changes within embryonic striatal grafts associated with enriched environment and involuntary exercise. Eur J

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Anger Management - Evaluation of a Cognitive-Behavioral Training Program for Table Tennis Players

the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) Palo Alto, CA Consulting Psychologists Press 1983 Spielberger CD, Reheiser EC, Sydeman SJ. Measuring the experience, expression, and control of anger. In Anger disorders: Definition, diagnosis, and treatment . Washington, DC: Taylor and Francis, 49-67; 1995 Spielberger CD, Reheiser EC, Sydeman SJ. Measuring the experience, expression, and control of anger In Anger disorders: Definition, diagnosis, and treatment Washington, DC Taylor and Francis 49 67 1995 Steffgen G. Anger. In Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well

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Application of Two Intervention Programs in Order to Optimize Motivation and to Improve Eating Habits in Adult and Elderly Women

contribute to improvements in their quality of life. References Arbonés G, Carbajal A, Gonzálvo B, Gonzalez-Gross M, Joyanes M, Marques-Lopes I, Martín M a L, Martinez A, Montero P, Núñez C, Puigdueta I, Quer J, Rivero M, Roset M a A, Sánchez-Muniz FJ, Vaquero M a P. Nutrition and dietary recommendations for the elderly “Public Health” working group of the Spanish society. Nutr Hosp , 2003; 18(3): 109-137 Arbonés G Carbajal A Gonzálvo B Gonzalez-Gross M Joyanes M Marques-Lopes I Martín MaL Martinez A Montero P Núñez C Puigdueta I Quer J Rivero M Roset MaA Sánchez

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Reliability and Factorial Validity of Non-Specific and Tennis-Specific Pre-Planned Agility Tests; Preliminary Analysis

Introduction Agility can be defined as an ability to quickly and efficiently change the direction and/or speed of movement ( Sekulic et al., 2013 ). It is generally accepted that agility is an important quality in most sports where a quick and effective pre-planned or non-planned change of the direction is required ( Sattler and Sajber, 2015 ; Sole et al., 2013 ). To clearly distinguish between capacity when an athlete: (i) has advanced knowledge of the necessary change of the direction (i.e. pre-planned agility); and (ii) has no such information, but must

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Developing Talented Soccer Players: An Analysis of Socio-Spatial Factors as Possible Key Constraints

aim of this study was to analyse the variations in the international representation of clubs and countries in the development of players who took part in the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup. The results of the study showed that there were significant variations in this representation, both at a club and country level. These findings point to the quality of practices engaged in by certain clubs in particular, and to the possible existence of a development stage in which socio-spatial factors play a decisive role in the development of sports performance. This latter idea

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Balance Maintenance in the Upright Body Position: Analysis of Autocorrelation

Introduction Maintaining an upright position has entirely changed human life; with the upper limbs no longer required for support, they moved to manipulative function ( Harcourt-Smith and Aiello, 2004 ; Thorpe et al., 2007 ). Supported at only two points, the body had to develop more efficient functioning of the central nervous system to participate in the performance of even the easiest daily activities ( Brown et al., 1999 ; Lafond et al., 2009 ). Such support creates a type of an inverted pendulum pivoted at the ankle joint ( Arinstein and Gitterman