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Vasile Alecsandru Strat, Laura Trofin and Irina Lonean

regarding Active Youth Participation - Study analysis: Gorj County, Romania, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken. Caliendo, M., și R. Schmidl (2016). Youth unemployment and active labor market policies in Europe. IZA Journal of Labor Policy (2016) 5:1 Carcillo, S. et al. (2015), NEET Youth in the Aftermath of the. Crisis: Challenges and Policies, OECD Social, Employment and Migration, Working Papers, No. 164, OECD Publishing,. Paris. Council of the EU, (2013), Council Recommendation of 22 April 2013 on establishing a

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Lavinia Cornelia Butum

References: Altbach P.G., Knight, J., (2007). The internationalization of Higher Education: Motivations and Realities, Journal Studies in International Education , 11(3/4), 290-305, DOI: 10.1177/1028315307303542. Azim S., Gale A., Lawlor-Wright T., Kirkham R., Khan A., Alam, M., (2010). The Importance of Soft Skills in Complex Projects, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 3(3), 387-401. Brooks, R., Waters, J. (2011). Students Mobilities, Migration and the Internationalization of Higher Education, Basingstoke: Palgrave

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Ganna Kharlamova

5. References Barbone, L., Bonch-Osmolovskiy, M., Luecke, M. (2013) Labour Migration from the Eastern Partnership Countries: Evolution and Policy Options for Better Outcomes , EuropeAid/130215/C/SER/Multi Barro, R. J., Sala-i-Martin, X. (1990) Economic Growth and Convergence across the United States, Working Paper 3419 , NBER, 69 p. Boonstra, J., Shapovalova, N. (2010). The EU’s Eastern Partnership: One year backwards, Working papers, FRIDE , May 2010, Available at: Coll, E. (2013). The classification of EU and Eastern

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John Hudson, Colin Williams, Marta Orviska and Sara Nadin

:// Lyberaki, A. and Maroukis, T. 2005. Albanian immigrants in Athens: new survey evidence on employment and integration. Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 5 (1): 21-48. Maroukis, T. 2009. Undocumented Migration. Counting the Uncountable. Country Report: Greece , Report for the CLANDESTINO EC funded project, July 2009 (available at Murphy, K. 2005. Regulating more effectively: the relationship between procedural justice, legitimacy

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Pavel Klapka and Marián Halás

-856. CASADO-DÍAZ, J. M., COOMBES, M. (2011): The delineation of 21st century local labour markets areas: a critical review and a research agenda. Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles, 57: 7-32. CHRISTALLER, W. (1933): Die zentralen Orte in Suddeutschland. Jena, Gustav Fischer. COOMBES, M. (2010): Defining labour market areas by analysing commuting data: innovative methods in the 2007 review of Travel-to-Work Areas. In: Stillwell, J., et al. [eds.]: Technologies for migration and commuting analysis: spatial interaction data

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Timokhina Galina, Taylan Urkmez and Wagner Ralf

References Akturan, U., Tezcan, N. and Vignolles, A. 2011. Segmenting young adults through their consumption styles: A crosscultural study. Young Consumers 12 (4): 348-360. Aliyev, F., Urkmez, T. and Wagner, R. 2017. An extensive glance at luxury research domain 2000-2014: A bibliometric analysis. In Marketing at the Confluence between Entertainment and Analytics (pp. 347-351). Springer, Berlin. Askegaard, S. and Ozcağlar-Toulouse, N. 2011. Still crossing borders: migration, consumption, and markets. Consumption

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Kristina Janečková Molnárová, Zuzana Skřivanová, Ondřej Kalivoda and Petr Sklenička

turnaround. In: Boyle, P. and Halfacree, K. [eds.]: Migration into rural areas: Theories and issues (pp. 21-40). Sussex, John Wiley. CLAY, G. R., DANIEL, T. C. (2000): Scenic landscape assessment: the effects of land management jurisdiction on public perception of scenic beauty. Landscape and Urban Planning, 49: 1-13. CLAY, G. R., SMIDT, R. K. (2004): Assessing the validity and reliability of descriptor variables used in scenic highway analysis. Landscape and Urban Planning, 66: 239-255. COETERIER, J. F. (1996): Dominant

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Martina Husáková

. Stillwell (Eds.), Planning support systems: Best practices and new methods (pp. 211–226). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/978–1-4020–8952–7_11. Kaur, H., Kahlon, K. S., & Virk R. S. (2014). Migration Dynamics in Artifical Agent Societies. International Journal of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence , 3(2), 39–47. DOI: 10.14569/IJARAI.2014.030208. Kravari, K., & Bassiliades, N. (2015). A Survey of Agent Platforms. Jo urnal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 18(1). Retrieved from

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Martin Kebza

(1): 13–24. DOSTÁL, P., HAMPL, M. (2008): Development of national settlement systems in the industrial and post-industrial eras: a general discussion and the case of the Czech Republic. In: Strubelt, W., Gorzelak, G. [eds.]: City and Region. Papers in Honour of Jiří Musil (pp. 43–54), Opladen, BudrichUniPress. DUSZCZYK, M. (2014): Poland under Economic Crisis Conditions. Perspectives on European Politics and Society, 15(3): 370–384. FASSMANN, H., MÜNZ, R. (1994): European East-West Migration, 1945–1992. The International Migration Review, 28(3): 520

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Luke L. Whalin and Walter E. Block

WALTER E. BLOCK (2000), “Legalize Drugs Now! An Analysis of the Benefits of Legalized Drugs”. American Journal of Economics and Sociology , Vol. 59, No 3, July, pp. 525-536 DELERY, JEANETTE AND WALTER E. BLOCK (2006), “Corporate Welfare”. Markets and Morality , Vol. 9, No. 2, Fall, pp. 337-346; ; ; “Digital Collections for the Classroom”. Chicago and the Great Migration, 1915