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Eva Barlösius and Claudia Neu

References Barlösius, E. and Neu, C., ‘Scheitern als Vorbedingung zum Erfolg - der Wandel der ostdeutschen Landwirtschaft nach 1989’ (Failure as a Precondition for Success - The Transformation of East German Agriculture after 1989), ZAA , No 51 (2), 2003, pp. 56-77. Brauer, K., Ernst, F. and Willisch, Intergenerationelle Beziehungen, Lebenslaufperspektiven und Familie im Spannungsfeld von Kollektivierung und Transformation , (Intergenerational Relations, Life Prospects and Family in the Area of Conflict

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Confrontation and Cooperation: 1000 Years of Polish-German-Russian Relations

The Journal of Kolegium Jagiellonskie Torunska Szkola Wyzsza

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Julia Roskosch, Sumiko Tsukamoto and Manfred Frechen

. Mitteilungen über die Triasformation im nordöstlichen Westfalen und in einigen angrenzenden Gebieten (Notes on the Triassic formation in northeastern Westphalia and in some adjacent areas). PhD thesis, University of Würzburg: 69pp (in German). Choi S-W, Preusser F and Radtke U, 2007. Dating of river Rhine Lower Terrace sediments from the Middle Rhine area, Germany. Quater-nary Geochronology 2(1-4): 137-142, DOI 10.1016/j.quageo.2006.03.005. Cordier S, Frechen M and Tsukamoto S, 2010. Methodological aspects on luminescence dating of fluvial sands from the

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Eleonóra Matkovits-Kretz

References BOGNÁR Zalán. 2011. Malenkij Robot „Egyetlen bűnünk a származásunk volt.” Német és magyar polgári lakosok deportálása „Málenkij Robot”-ra a Sztálini lágerekbe 1944/45-1955 (Malenkaya Rabota ‘Their only one guilt was their origin.’ Deportation of German and Hungarian civilians to ‘Malenkaya Rabota’ in Stalins’ lagers 1944/45-55). Pécs: Magyarországi Németek Pécs-Baranvai Nemzetiségi Köre. FRIESZ Péter. 2010. A néniét kisebbség Pécsváradon és környékén 1944-1948 (The German Minority in Pécsvárad and Its Surroundings

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Milena J. Schank, Aurora Murgea and Cosmin Enache

in the family firm: text and cases . Arden Shakespeare. Dogan, M. (2013). Does firm size affect the firm profitability? Evidence from Turkey. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 4(4), 53-59. Ehrhardt, O., Nowak, E., & Weber, F.-M. (2006). Running in the family - the evolution of ownership, control, and performance in German family-owned firms 1903-2003. Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper (06-13). Fama, E. F, & Jensen, M. C. (1983). Separation of Ownership & Control. Journal of Law & Economics , 26(2), 301–326 Gálve, E., Rius

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Waldemar Cudny

References Bundesministerium des Innern, 2008, Verfassungsschutzbericht, report from the internet website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany: Colditz - eine Stadt mit Tradition, 2006: Nordhorn: BVB - Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, p. 24. Colditz. Stadterneuerung im Sanierungsgebiet Altstadt, materials from Colditz Town Council. Die Bundesregierung, 20 Jahre

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Olena Gryvkova

REFERENCES 1. Breidenstein, G., Kelle, H. (1998). Geschlechteralltag in der Schulklasse. Ethnographische Studie zur Gleichaltrigenkultur [Gender Everyday Life in Class. Ethnographic Study on Peer Culture.] Weinheid/München : Weinheim: Juventa, 287 p. (in German). 2. Combe, A., Helsper, W. (1996). Einleitung: Pädagogische Professionalität. Historische Hypotheken und aktuelle Entwicklungstendenzen [Introduction: Educational Professionalism. Historical Mortgages and Current Trends of Development]. In: Combe, A., Helsper, W. (Hrsg.) Pädagogische

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Lucia-Larissa Palea and Gabriela Mihăilă-Lică


Collaborative communicative techniques are essential in teaching foreign languages. Our article presents a few modern methods and techniques used in the practice of teaching foreign languages. The aim was to discover what methods are still the most frequently used in the teaching of foreign languages, focusing on communicative techniques in teaching German as a foreign language. The use of collaborative communicative techniques during foreign language classes enables the students to easily acquire vocabulary by means of a process that is both stimulating and enjoyable. The students develop what the specialists call “learner autonomy”, becoming more confident and independent. The conclusion we have reached is that traditional methods still coexist with modern ones, an eclectic approach being highly efficient in teaching foreign languages.

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Daniela Szymańska, Stefania Środa-Murawska and Jadwiga Biegańska

Germany - Two Demographically Different States?

The paper is an attempt of an answer how belonging to different political, economical and cultural structures has influenced diverse population processes and structures and their spatial diversity. As an example to the research of these phenomena there was chosen Germany that until 1990 were two separated socio-political and economical formations (the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the Federal Republic of Germany FRG). This state, with a population number about 82 millions presently, as it turns out - besides passage of time - is characterized all the time by some diversity of procreation behaviors, population processes and structures in the Eastern (Ost) and the Western part (West) of Germany. It is claimed, the structures are going to some similarities, but the 15 years period (1990-2005) was too short to level all stated demographical differences and trends (1).

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Natalya Bidyuk and Halyna Oleskova

Nurses. (2018). Definition of Nursing. Retrieved from . 20. Make it in Germany. (2018). Nursing Professionals. Retrieved from . 21. Nursing Now. (2018). Our aims for 2020. Retrieved from . 22. WELT Digital Zeitung. (2014). Fachkräftemangel: Ärzte-Stellen bleiben 167 Tage lang unbesetzt. Retrieved from https