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Edward Molendowski and Małgorzata Żmuda

Knell M. (2012), Demand driven innovation in Economic Thought, UNDERPINN conference materials: Demand, Innovation and Policy, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, MBS, University of Manchester Lall S. (2000), Foreign direct investment, technology development and competitiveness: issues and evidence [in:] Lall S., Urata S. (ed.), Competitiveness, FDI and Technological Activity in East Asia, Edward Elgar, Northampton Liu D., Hsu H. (2009), An international comparison of empirical generalized double diamond approaches to Taiwan

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Ewa Cieślik

, 407–417. OECD (2014). OECD.StatExtracts , (29.04.2014). Proksch, M. (2003). Selected Issues on Promotion and Attraction of Foreign Direct Investment in the Least Developed Countries and Economies in Transition. Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific No 2 , UN, 1–18. RIKS Platform (2014). RIKS Database . SACU. (2013). Annual Report 2012. Windhoek. SACU. (2014). SACU , (9.05.2014). Salami, I. (2012). Financial Regulation in Africa: An Assessment

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Edward Stawasz and Paweł Głodek

References Baldwin R. E. (1995) The Effect of Trade and Foreign Direct Investment and Relative Wages , OECD Economic Studies, vol. 23 Beloled O. (2005), Shadow Economy of Ukraine: A Case of Financial Constraints , National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kijów Calof J. (1994) The Relationship Between Firm Size and Export Behavior Revisited , ‘Journal of International Business Studies’, 2 Central Statistical Office (2007), Rachunki narodowe według

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Ewa Siemińska and Małgorzata Krajewska

9. References A kerlof G.A., S hiller J. R., 2015, Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception , Princeton University Press, Princeton and New Jersey. A nop S., 2010, Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments in Real Estate in European countries? Panel Data Analysis, ResearchGate. Atlas Outlook 2016 , Cushman & Wakefield. B alcerowicz L. 2012, Odkrywając wolność. Przeciw zniewoleniu umysłów ( Discovering Freedom. Against the Slavery of Minds ) [in Polish], Wydawnictwo ZYSK i S-KA, Poznań. B atsaikhan U

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Caner Demir and Raif Cergibozan

.05.002 SEYOUM, Belay. The impact of intellectual property rights on foreign direct investment. The Columbia Journal of World Business, 1996, 31.1: 50-59., DOI: 10.1016/S0022-5428(96)90006-X SHERWOOD, Robert M. Intellectual property systems and investment stimulation: The rating of systems in eighteen developing countries. Idea, 1996, 37: 261. TISON, J., et al. Use of unsupervised neural networks for ecoregional zoning of hydrosystems through diatom communities: case study of Adour-Garonne watershed (France). Archiv für Hydrobiologie, 2004, 159

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Viera Ružeková and Elena Kašťáková

. Časopis znalostní společnosti : mezinárodní vědecký časopis, (2), 1-6. Capik, P. and Drahokoupil, J. (2011). Foreign Direct Investments in Business Services: Transforming the Visegrád Four Region into a Knowledge-based Economy?. European Planning Studies, 19 (9), 1611-1631. Doing Business 2017. (2017). Economy Rankings . Retrieved April 3, 2017, from . (2017). Europe in figures - Eurostat yearbook - Statistics Explained . Retrieved April 15, 2017 from http

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Imtiaz Arif, Lubna Khan and Syed Ali Raza

References Almfraji, M., & Almsafir, K, M. (2014). Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth Literature Review from 1994 to 2012. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 129; 206-213. Arif, I., Kazmi, S. W., & Khan, L. (2017). Relationship between Trade Openness and Energy Consumption in Oil Importing Asian Countries. Journal of Finance & Economics Research, 2(1), 37-53. Arif, I., Khan, L., Raza, S. A., and Maqbool, F., (2017) “External resources and economic growth: New evidence from EAGLE countries using

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Jan Demela and Štěpán Mikula

References ADÁMEK, J. (2014) Indicators of Institutional Quality. In Conference proceedings 12th International Scientific Conference “Economic Policy in the European Union Member Countries” . Opava: Slezská univerzita v Opavě. ALI, F., FIESS, N., & MacDONALD, R. (2011). Climbing to the top? Foreign direct investment and property rights. Economic Inquiry, 49(1), 289-302. BARZEL, Y. (1997) Economic analysis of property rights. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. BERGGREN, N., BERGH, A. & BJØRNSKOV, C. (2012) The growth effects of

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Maria Trojanek and Wojciech Kisiała

-64. D ylewski M., F ilipiak B., G orzałczyńska -K oczkodan M., 2006, Finanse samorządowe. Narzędzia. Decyzje. Procesy ( Local Government Finance. Tools. Decisions. Processes ), PAN, Warsaw. D ziemianowicz W., 1998, Rola władz samorządowych w stymulowaniu napływu bezpośrednich inwestycji zagranicznych ( The Role of Local Governments in the Stimulation of the Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment ), in: Bezpośrednie inwestycje zagraniczne ( Foreign Direct Investment ), ed. O lesiński Z., PWE, Warsaw. E veritt B.S., L andau S., L eese M., S tahl

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Olena Sokolovska

, 2(2), 133-163. van der Veer, K., 2015a. Loss shocks and the quantity and price of private export credit insurance: Evidence from a global insurer. Working Paper N462. De Nederlandsche Bank. van der Veer, K., 2015b. The Private Export Credit Insurance Effect on Trade. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 82(3), 601-624. van Dijk, J., 2012. Export Credit Insurance: A literature review. WP N361473: Tilburg University. Yalcin, E., 2015. How Do State‐Backed Investment Guarantees Shape Foreign Direct Investment