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Besnik Taip Fetai, Besime Fekri Mustafi and Ariana Besnik Fetai

Economic Review, 70(4), 555-564. Lyroudi, K., Papanastasiou, J., and Vamvakidis, A., 2004. Foreign direct investment and economic growth in transition economies. South Eastern Europe Journal of Economics, 1(2), 97-110. Mauro, P., 1995. Corruption and Growth. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 110(3), 681-712. doi: Mauro, P., 1997. The Effects of Corruption on Growth, Investment, and Government Expenditure. IMF Working Paper, 96/98, 28. Moore, D., and Vamvakidis, A., 2007

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Olivera Živković and Predrag Bjelić

. UNCTAD. (2015). World Investment Report 2015: Reforming International Investment Governance, UN, New York and Geneva, 18. 11. UNCTADSTAT. (2015). Foreign direct investment: Inward and outward flows and stock, annual, 1980- 2014, New York and Geneva. 12. Vlada Crne Gore. (2013). Akcioni plan za pripremu turističkih sezona- Agenda reformi u oblasti turizma, Podgorica. 13. World Trade Organization. (2014). Trade profiles 2014, Geneva, 118-126. 14. Yamaguchi, E. (2005). FATS Statistics: Producing Statistics

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Elitsa Petrova

., Financing and Place of the Bulgarian Army in Operations of International Crisis management, Land Forces Academy Magazine, NR. 3 (75), Sibiu, Romania, Nicolae Balcescu Land Forces Academy, 2014,pp. 307 ÷ 312. [8] The World Bank Group, Foreign Direct Investment - Net Inflows, International Monetary Fund, Balance of Payments Database, supplemented by data from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and Official National Sources, 2017, [9] Varbanova, B., Risks of Reduction of Currency Board in

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Arshad Ullah Jadoon, Yangda Guang, Anwar Ahmad and Sajad Ali

(1), 23–34. Nelson, C. R., Plosser, C. R. (1982), Trends and random walks in macro economic time series: some evidence and implications , ʽJournal of Monetary Economicsʼ, 10(2), 139–162. Pfaffermayr, M. (1996), Foreign outward direct investment and exports in Austrian manufacturing: substitutes or complements? ʽReview of World Economicsʼ, 132(3), 501–522. Prim, A. L., Amal, M., Carvalho, L. (2016), Regional cluster, innovation and export performance: an empirical study , ʽBAR-Brazilian Administration Review ʼ , 13(2), Sargent, T. J., Wallace

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Vakhtang Charaia, Archil Chochia and Mariam Lashkhi

), The Economic Impact of China on the Baltic Sea Region, BSR Policy Briefing series, Centrum Balticum. Retrieved from [accessed Nov 2018] Lashkhi, M. & Charaia, V. (2017), ‘Investment development path and motivations for Foreign Direct Investment in Georgia,’ World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Economics and Management Engineering, vol. 11, no. 11, p. 3213. MERICS (2015), The Great Fallout: Why China’s Slowing Trade is Sending Shockwaves

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Imtiaz Arif, Lubna Khan and Syed Ali Raza

References Almfraji, M., & Almsafir, K, M. (2014). Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth Literature Review from 1994 to 2012. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 129; 206-213. Arif, I., Kazmi, S. W., & Khan, L. (2017). Relationship between Trade Openness and Energy Consumption in Oil Importing Asian Countries. Journal of Finance & Economics Research, 2(1), 37-53. Arif, I., Khan, L., Raza, S. A., and Maqbool, F., (2017) “External resources and economic growth: New evidence from EAGLE countries using

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Themba G. Chirwa and Nicholas M. Odhiambo

-493. Asheghian, P. 2009. Determinants of Economic Growth in Japan: The role of foreign direct investment. Global Economy Journal 9 (3): 1-9. Azariadis, C. and Drazen A. 1990. Threshold Externalities in Economic Development. The Quarterly Journal of Economics 105 (2): 501-526. Balassa, B. 1964. The Purchasing-Power Parity Doctrine: A reappraisal. Journal of Political Economy 72 (6): 584-596. Barro, R. J. 1990. Government Spending in a Simple Model of Endogenous Growth. Journal of Political Economy 98 (5): S103-S125. Barro, R. J. 1999. Determinants of

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Jiří Mazurek

., Spiegel M. (1994), The role of human capital in economic development evidence from aggregate cross-country data, ’Journal of Monetary Economics’ 34 (2), 143-173. Βorensztein E., De Gegorio J., Lee J-W. (1998), How does foreign direct investment affect economic growth?, ’Journal of International Economics’, 45, 115-135. Easterly W., Rebelo S. (1993), Fiscal policy and Economic Growth: An empirical investigation, ’Journal of Monetary Economics’, 32, 417-458. Economist Intelligence Unit (2016).

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Martin Janků

-0-199-64432-2. 7. REINISCH, A. 2009. Protection of or Protection Against Foreign Direct Investment? ln: Herrmann, C., Terhechte, J. 2009. European Yearbook of International Economic Law. Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelber. ISBN 987-3540-78882-9. 8. Treaty of Lisbon amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community (OJ C 306, 17.12.2007) 9. VIALE, F. 2010. External trade policy and the Lisbon Treaty: An enforcement of liberalisation of European commercial policy. [online]. [retrieved 15. 2. 2017]. Available at

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Wojciech Dziemianowicz

developed areas, as well as new investments (e.g. foreign direct investments) due to a massive concentration of possibilities for competition and cooperation, as well as access to workforce and knowledge. This process is to some extent countered by policies designed to attract capital in weaker regions, and by regional policies in individual states that create preferential conditions in less developed regions and municipalities. For those reasons the scale and dynamics of regional differences in entrepreneurial activity presents itself as a problem in the context of