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Reconstruction of Cenozoic paleostress fields and revised tectonic history in the northern part of the Central Western Carpathians (the Spišská Magura and Východné Tatry Mountains)

References Andrusov D. 1958: Geology of Czechoslovak Carpathians. Part 1. SAV Publisher , Bratislava, 1-304 (in Slovak). Andrusov D., Bystrický J. & Fusán O. 1973: Outline of the structure of the West Carpathians. Guide book X. Congress CBGA. GÚDŠ , Bratislava, 44. Angelier J. 1979: Determination of the mean principal directions of stress for a given fault population. Tectonophysics 56, T17-T26. Angelier J. 1989: From orientation to magnitudes in

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Low to middle Pleistocene paleoclimatic record from the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland (Poland) based on isotopic and calcite fabrics analyses

, which are shaped by small blocks surrounded by quartz, micas and clay materials. Initially, many small crystals grow in different directions gradually with distance from the nucleation surface, then the size of the crystal increases significantly, and their orientation becomes optically uniform ( Fig. 4E ). This means that the crystals grew in accordance with the rule of competitive growth. Additionally, large degradation surfaces appeared in external regions that had several thin sections; this is where the destruction and subsequent overgrowth of younger crystals

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Can we see the living brain? A review on in vivo visualization of the brain

imaging. Hannah Devlin, with additional contributions by Irene Tracey, Heidi Johansen-Berg and Stuart Clare from the Department of Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford, gave a most concise overview on the physics of MRI. The cylindrical tube of an MRI scanner houses a very powerful electro-magnet. A typical research scanner has a field strength of 3 tesla (T), about 50,000 times greater than the Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field inside the scanner affects the magnetic nuclei of atoms. Normally atomic nuclei are randomly oriented but under the influence of

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On the perturbed restricted three-body problem

evaluations regarding the masses and the distances of the participating bodies. In this way, a classic example in space dynamics is the Sun-Earth-Moon system. Some important contributions related to the libration points in the restricted three-body problem with one or both primaries are oblate spheroids when the equatorial plane is coincident with the plane of motion were studied by Subbarao and Sharma [ 28 ], Sharma and Subbarao [ 23 ], and Markellos et al. [ 20 ]. Abouelmagd [ 9 ] also studied the effects of oblateness J 2 and J 4 for the more massive primary in the

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Positive Youth Action Towards Climate Change

environments (pp. 263ñ326). New York: ME Sharp Inc. Jensen, R. (2006). What is a morally defensible level of consumption? In S. Best & A. J. Nocella (Eds.), Igniting a revolution: Voices in defence of the Earth (pp. 107ñ 113). Oakland, CA: AK Press. Josselson, R. (2006). Narrative research and the challenge of accumulating knowledge. Narrative Inquiry, 16 (1), 3ñ10. Kals, E., Schumacher, D., & Montada, L. (1999). Emotional affinity toward nature as a motivational basis to protect nature. Environment and Behavior, 31 (2

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Religion’s Possible Role in Facilitating Eusocial Human Societies. A Behavioral Biology (Ethological) Perspective

Are Associated with Women’s Choice of Male Odor. Nature Genetics, 30, 2002, pp. 175-179. 72. James, W. Biological and Psychosocial Determinants of Male and Female Sexual Orientation. Journal of Biological Science, 37(5), 2005, pp. 555-567. 73. Joiner et al. Suicide as a Derangement of the Self-Sacrificial Aspect of Eusociality. Psychological Review, 123(3), 2016, pp. 235-254. 74. Kandler, C. et al. The Genetic and Environmental Roots of Variance in Negativity toward Foreign Nationals. Behav Genet, 45(2), 2015, pp. 181

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Cellobiose dehydrogenase: An essential enzyme for lignocellulose degradation in nature – A review / Cellobiosedehydrogenase: Ein essentielles Enzym für den Lignozelluloseabbau in der Natur – Eine Übersicht

1 Introduction The foreseeable shortage of fossil fuels will eventually require major structural changes in the global economy. At the current extraction rate of Earth’s fossil reservoirs, the coal, oil and gas reserves are expected to run dry in less than a century ( Henrich et al., 2015 ). In addition, with the world population increasing, its collective consumption and its desire to increase affluence will put further strain on society and economy ( Hoekstra and Wiedmann, 2014 ). Together, these developments will create a tremendous challenge for the

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Vine landscapes in Crimea: evolution, problems, prospects

formed. In the Crimean plain, the soils are more fertile, grape bushes have strong growth and are planted using the rarer ordinary (trellis) method. The distance between the rows is 2 metres, with a row of 1.5 metres between the bushes, and 3,333 bushes per hectare. This zone of Crimea, in comparison with other zones, is colder, so for good grape ripening the earth needs to be warmed by the sun to a greater extent: the vineyard rows often run from North to South (with rows being exposed to the hottest rays at noon). This vineyard orientation is often used in the

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Identification and Prediction of Interdisciplinary Research Topics: A Study Based on the Concept Lattice Theory

differentiation of areas of the Earth’s surface as shown in the character, arrangement, and interrelations over the world of such elements as climate, elevation, soil, vegetation, population, land use, industries, or states, as well as the unit areas formed by the complex of these individual elements (Clarivate Analytics, 2017). 6 Empirical Analysis 6.1 IDR topics identification (1) IDR topics identification in 2007 Figure 3a is an IDR topics concept lattice between LIS and Medical Informatics in 2007. It covers three topics, including qualitative analysis

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Can we distinguish between tree-ring eccentricity developed as a result of landsliding and prevailing winds? consequences for dendrochronological dating

orientation by as little as 1–2° causes enough stress to disturb the normal radial growth of wood. In coniferous trees radial growth and cell differentiation are accelerated on the lower sides of tilted stems ( Shroder Jr, 1978 ; Braam et al., 1987 ) where the development of eccentric growth (characterised by the increased width of rings on one side of a stem compared to the opposite side: Braam et al., 1987 ; Wistuba et al., 2013 ) and the formation of compression wood (characterised by thicker and more rounded cell walls, smaller cell lumens and the presence of

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