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Magnetoelastic Properties of Selected Amorphous Systems Tailored by Thermomagnetic Treatment

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Electron Percolation In Copper Infiltrated Carbon

R eferences [1] TAYLOR, R.—GILCHRIST, K. E.—POSTON, L. J. : Thermal Conductivity of Polycrystalline Graphite, Carbon6 No. 04 (1968), 537–544. [2] UBBELOHDE, A. R.—LEWIS, F. A. : Graphite and its Crystal Compounds se Oxford at the Clarendon Press. [3] TENG, H. S.—CHANG, Y. J.—HSIEH, C. T. : Performance of Electric Double-Layer Capacitors Using Carbons Prepared from Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin by KOH Etching, Carbon 39 No. 13 (2001), 1981–1987. [4] LI, X.—XUE, J.—ZHU, J.—ZHANG, Q. : Analysis of Porous Structures of Graphitic Cathode

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Analysis of Intra-Urban Traffic Accidents Using Spatiotemporal Visualization Techniques

-88. 10. Holz-Rau, C. and Scheiner, J. (2013) Geographical Patterns in Road Safety: Literature Review and a Case Study from Germany, European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research 13(2), 99-122. 11. Ivers, R., Stevenson, M., Norton, R. & Yu, J. (2008) Road Traffic Injuries. International Encyclopedia of Public Health, 615-623. 12. Lagarde, E. (2011) Road Traffic Injuries. Encyclopedia of Environmental Health, 892-900. 13. Mohammadi, G. (2013) Road traffic crash injuries and fatalities in the city of Kerman, Iran

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Two-dimensional modeling of stepped planing hulls with open and pressurized air cavities

-41. Matveev, K.I., 2007. Three-dimensional wave patterns in long air cavities on a horizontal plane. Ocean Engineering, 34(13), pp.1882-1891. Matveev, K.I. and Ockfen, A., 2009. Modeling of hard-chine hulls in transitional and early planing regimes by hydrodynamic point sources. International Shipbuilding Progress, 56(1-2), pp.1-13. Matveev, K.I., Burnett, T. and Ockfen, A., 2009. Study of air-ventilated cavity under model hull on water surface. Ocean Engineering, 36(12-13), pp.930-940. Payne, P.R., 1988. Design of High

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Integrated Supervisory System to Aid Decision-Making Process in M-MS System

References Woropay M., Wdzięczny A.: Analysis and evaluation of risk in a transport system. Journal of KONES, p. 449-457, v. 13 , no 2, 2006. Dąbrowski T. M.: Diagnozowanie systemów antropotechnicznych w ujęciu potencjałowo-efektowym. Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna, Warszawa, 2001. Jadźwiński J., Ważyńska-Fiok K.: Bezpieczeństwo systemów. PWN, Warszawa, 1993. Oziemski S. (red): Człowiek w maszynie: podstawy antropocentrycznego projektowania stanowisk

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Analysis and Testing of Reliability of Military Vehicles

5. References [1] Kupicz W., Mikołajczak P., Rychlik A., Niziński S., Szczyglak P. Wierzbicki S., Systemy diagnostyczne wojskowych pojazdów mechanicznych, Sulejówek - Radom: WNITE-PIB, 2011; [2] Niziński S., Eksploatacja obiektów technicznych, Sulejówek - Radom: WiZPITE, 2002; [3] Żyluk J., Lewitowicz A., Podstawy eksploatacji statków powietrznych, Warszawa, ITWL, 2009; [4] Markowska K.: Study of Passanger Streaams and Service Quality of An Urban Transport Company, Journal of Kones, European Science of Powertrain and Transport Publication

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Implementation of variable segments to model the arterial system using electromechanical analogy

R eferences [1] A. S. Iberall, “Anatomy and Steady Flow Characteristics of the Arterial System with an Introduction to its Pulsatile Characteristics”, Mathematical Biosciences , 1(3), 375–395, 1967. [2] B. J. West, V. A. L. M. I. K. Bhargava, and A. L. Goldberger, “Beyond the Principle of Similitude: Renormalization the Bronchial Tree”, Journal of Applied Physiology , 60(3), 1089–1097, 1986. [3] A. P. Avolio, “Multi-Branched Model of the Human Arterial System”, Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing , 18(6), 709–718, 1980. [4

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Reuse of effluent water obtained in different textile finishing processes

, Journal of Membrane Science, Vol. 269, No. 1-2, (2006), pp.15-34. 9. Bes-Pia, A., Iborra-Clar, A., Garcia-Figueruelo, C., Barredo-Damas, S., Alcaina-Miranda, A.I. and Mendoza-Roca, J.A., Comparison of three NF membranes for the reuse of secondary textile effluents, Desalination, Vol. 241, No. 1-3, (2009), pp.1-7. 10. Amar, N.B., Kechaou, N., Palmeri, J., Deratani, A. and Sghaier, A., Comparison of tertiary treatment by nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for water reuse in denim textile industry, Journal of

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Study on variation in ship's forward speed under regular waves depending on rudder controller

References Ansys, 2012. AQWA™-LINE manual release 14.5. Canonsburg: Ansys. IMO, 2011. Consideration of IACS unified interpretations and amendments to the ESP code, sub-committee on ship design and equipment 56th session agenda item 13. London: IMO. IMO, 2012a. Guidelines on the method of calculation of the attained energy efficiency design index for new ships, Resolution MEPC, 212(63). London: IMO. IMO, 2012b. Air pollution and energy efficiency. marine environment protection committee 64th

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Selected Aspects Related to Preparation of a Fatigue Test Plan of a Metallic Airframe

REFERENCES 1. J. Pietruszka “Full-Scale Fatigue Tests of PZL M28 05 SKYTRUCK Aircraft”. Transactions of Institute of Aviation , 1/2009 (196). Warszawa, 2009. 2. L. Pieróg “Evaluation of PZL M28 05 Airplane Service Life”. Ref. no.: DRG/O/W/24/11. PZL internal report. Mielec, 2011. 3. “Fatigue, Fail-Safe, and Damage Tolerance Evaluation of Metallic Structure for Normal, Utility, Acrobatic, and Commuter Category Airplanes”. AC 23-13A. FAA. September 29, 2005.

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