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Le réseau social, un outil inégalitaire ?

, Daniel Oesch, Nicolas Turtschi, Anna von Ow, Patrick Arni et Pierpaolo Parrotta. 2014. L’impact des réseaux sociaux sur le retour à l’emploi des chômeurs. IZA Research Report 60. Bonn : IZA. Bonvin, Jean-Michel et Eric Moachon. 2010. Les dilemmes des conseillers des agences publiques pour l’emploi en Suisse. SociologieS, 1-10, (15.04.2014). Bramoullé, Yann et Gilles Saint-Paul. 2010. Social networks and labor market transitions. Labour Economics 17 : 188-195. Brandt, Martina. 2006

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Retour vers le futur : la reféodalisation du capitalisme moderne

: Campus. Imhof, Kurt. 2014. Der dünne Firnis der Zivilisation. Krisen in der Öffentlichkeit und die Krise der Öffentlichkeit. Zeitschrift für Theoretische Soziologie 3(2) : 304-338. Krugman, Paul. 2014. Why we’re in a new gilded age. The New York Review of Books 61(8). Lanier, Jaron. 02.07.2015. Noch erscheinen die Diktatoren des Internets milde. P. 13 in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Lutz, Helma. 2008. Vom Weltmarkt in den Privathaushalt. Die neuen Dienstmädchen im Zeitalter der Globalisierung. Opladen

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The Struggle in Defense of Baikal: The Shift of Values and Disposition of Forces

References Beck, U. (1994) ‘The Reinvention of Politics: Towards a Theory of Reflexive Modernization’ In Beck, U., A. Giddens and S. Lash (eds.) Reflexive Modernization: Politics, Tradition and Aesthetics in the Modern Social Order , pp.1-55. Cambridge: Polity. Chabanenko, B. (2009) ‘Baikal, Kombinat, Putin’ [Baikal, P&PM, Putin]. Ecology and Human Rights. Electronic bulletin , 3305, 22.08: 6. Conway J., K. Keniston and L. Marx (1999) Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Humanistic Studies in Environment . Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press

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The Response of the Hermeneutic Social Sciences to a ‘Post Carbon World’

-387. Schlosberg, D. (2004) ‘Preconceiving environmental justice: Global movements and political theories’, Environmental Politics , 13 (3): 517-540. Smith, N. (2007) ‘Nature as accumulation strategy’, Socialist Register , 2007, 17:16-36. Spaargaren, G., A. Mol and F. Buttel (2006) (eds.) Governing Environmental Flows: Global Challenges to Social Theory . Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. Stern, N. (2007) Report on the Economics of Climate Change . London: H. M. Treasury. Swyngedouw, E. (2008) ‘Post-Politics and Climate Change’. Paper delivered to King

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Islamophobia or Threat to Secularization? Lost Letter Experiments on the Discrimination Against Muslims in an Urban Area of Switzerland

–400. LaPiere, Richard T. 1934. Attitudes Vs. Actions. Social Forces 13(2): 230–237. Marx, Anthony W. 2003. Faith in Nation: Exclusionary Origins of Nationalism. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Maxwell, Rahsaan and Erik Bleich. 2014. What Makes Muslims Feel French? Social Forces 93(1): 155–179. McPherson, Miller, Lynn Smith-Lovin, and James M. Cook. 2001. Birds of a Feather: Homophily in Social Networks. Annual Review of Sociology 27: 415–444. Merritt, Curtis B. and Richard G. Fowler. 1948. The Pecuniary Honesty of the Public at Large

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Stūpa as śarīra dhātū to stūpa as dharmadhātū and maṇḍala: Continuity and changes in the sacred landscape in the Buddhist site of Udayagiri, Odisha

References Acri, A. (Ed) (2016) Esoteric Buddhism in Medieaval Maritime Asia, Networks of Masters, Texts and Icons, Singapore: ISEAS. Aiyar, V. (1925-26): ‘ An Inscribed Relic Casket from Kurram, ’ Epigraphia Indica 18: 16-20. Bandyopadhyay, B. (2007) Excavations at Udayagiri-2. 1997-2000, Memoirs of Archaeological Survey of India (MASI) 100, Delhi: ASI. Beal, S. (1958 reprint) Si-Yu-ki or Buddhist Records of the Western World, London: Kegan Paul. Boucher, D. (1991) ‘ The Pratītyasamutpāda-gāthā and Its Role in the Medieval Cult

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Risk of Malpractice Claims and Changes in Professional Autonomy: A Qualitative Study of Obstetrician-Gynaecologists in Switzerland

(3): 416-451. Barbot, Janine. 2008. Soigner en situation de risque judiciaire. Refus de transfusion et responsabilité médicale. Revue française de science politique 58(6): 985-1014. Barbot, Janine, and Emmanuelle Fillion. 2006. La « médecine défensive » : Critique d’un concept à succès. Sciences Sociales et Santé 24(2): 5-33. Bergeron, Henri, and Patrick Castel. 2014. Sociologie politique de la santé. Paris: PUF. Biancucci, Matthieu. 2011. Les ajustements de la technique médicale face aux règles de droit

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Who Is Afraid of Skilled Migrants From Europe? Exploring Support for Immigration Control in Switzerland

Britain. Political Studies 63(1): 80–100. Blumer, Herbert. 1958. Race Prejudice as a Sense of Group Position. Pacific Sociological Review 1(1): 3–7. Ceobanu, Alin M. and Xavier Escandell. 2010. Comparative Analyses of Public Attitudes Toward Immigrants and Immigration Using Multinational Survey Data: A Review of Theories and Research. Annual Review of Sociology 36(1): 309–328. Chandler, Charles R. and Yung-mei Tsai. 2001. Social Factors Influencing Immigration Attitudes: An Analysis of Data from the General Social Survey. The Social Science

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The Logic of Couplings: A Quantitative Practice-Theoretical Perspective on Mobilities

Individualisierung und Autonutzung. Soziale Welt 51(2): 191–208. Cass, Noel und James Faulconbridge. 2017. Satisfying Everyday Mobility. Mobilities 12(1): 97–115. Cass, Noel, Elizabeth Shove und John Urry. 2005. Social Exclusion, Mobility and Access. Sociological Review 53(3): 539–555. Daubitz, Stephan. 2014. Mobilitätsarmut: Die Bedeutung der sozialen Frage im Forschungs­ und Politikfeld Verkehr. S. 1–13 in Handbuch Verkehrspolitik, hrsg. von Weert Canzler, Andreas Knie und Oliver Schwedes. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. European

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Do Opposites Attract? Educational Assortative Mating and Dynamics of Wage Homogamy in Switzerland, 1992–2014

’s Educational Attainment Led to Greater Earnings Inequality in the United Kingdom? A Multivariate Decomposition Analysis. European Sociological Review 26(2): 143–157. Brines, Julie. 1994. Economic Dependency, Gender, and the Division of Labor at Home. American Journal of Sociology 100(3): 652–688. Budría, Santiago and Pedri Telhado-Pereira. 2011. Educational Qualifications and Wage Inequality: Evidence for Europe. Revista de Economía Aplicada 19(56): 5–34. Bühlmann, Felix and Céline Schmid Botkine (eds.). 2012. Rapport social 2012: Générations en jeu

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