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Differentiated Learning in the Foreign Language Classes

-Yam, Miriam, Rhoades, Kathleen, Booth Sweeney, Linda, Kaput, Jim, and Bar-Yam, Yaneer, Changes in the Teaching and Learning Process in a Complex Education System , in Complex Systems Perspectives on Education and the Education System, New England Complex Systems Institute, 2002, retrieved from , 17th February 2016. [6] MEC, UNICEF, Strategii educaţionale centrate pe elev, Idem., p. 7. [7] Boştină-Bratu, Integrating Culture and Civilization into the Teaching of French to Lower

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The Problem of Recurrence in The New Criminal Code and The Impact of The New Changes to Criminogen Phenomenon in our Country

References [1] Cocaina A., Recurrence in criminal law, edition reviewed and added, Publishing house LUMINA LEX, Bucharest, 1995, p.24 [2] Buzea N.,., Criminal offense and culpability, Alba Iulia, 1944, p.715 [3] Mateut Ghe., Recurrence in theory and criminal practice of Law, Publishing house LUMINA LEX, Bucharest, 1997, p.51 [4] Bulai C., Manual of criminal law. The general part, Volume II, All Publishing House, Bucharest, 1997, p.226 [5] Pasca V., Regulation of the paper in the

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A General Overview Of English As A Foreign Language In The Contemporary Romanian Higher Education

References [1] Shaw, Claire, Is English still the dominant language of higher education?, [2] Rigg, Paul, English as the lingua franca of higher education?, Issue No. 297, 2013. [3] Ibidem [4] Nicolescu, Luminiţa, The impact of the Romanian higher education reform on the university’s financial and academic management, http

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Modern-Day Slavery – Human Trafficking In The 21st Century

, T., Drept Procesual Penal, Partea Specială , vol. II, Universitatea “Al. I. Cuza”, Iaşi, 1987. Wyers, M., Lap-Chew, L., Trafficking in Women Forced Labour and Slavery-LikePractices in Marriage Domestic Labour and Prostitution, STV, Utrecht, 1997. Declaraţia anti-trafic a Europei de Sud-Est, 13 decembrie 2000, Palermo.

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Training Program for Military Students for the Improvement of the Freestyle Swimming Method

References [1] M. Bíró, L. Révész, P. Hidvégi, 2015, Swimming History Technique Teaching, EKC Líceum Press, Kelet-Magyarországon, p.22 [2] M. Bíró, L. Révész, P. Hidvégi, 2015, op.cit., p.26 [3] Dalton F. E. And Dalton L. C., 2006 Swimming Scientifically Taught A Practical Manual for Young and Old, [EBook #19065], ISO-8859-1,, p.26 [4] Panait L., Duta D., Negrea V., „Experimental approach regarding investigation level of general physical training for tennis players aged 13

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Software Define Radio System for HF Noise Measurements

References [1] ITU-R, Recommendation ITU-R P.372-13 − Radio noise, Electronic Publication, , Geneva, 2013, [2] Giesbrecht, J., Clarke R. and Abbott D., “An empirical study of the probability density function of HF noise,” Fluctuation and Noise Letters, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. L117-L125, 2006. [3] Giesbrecht J., “Aspects of HF Communications: HF Noise and Signal Features,” Ph.D. dissertation, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, The University of Adelaide

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The Organization's Internal Environment and Its Importance in the Organization's Development

. [10] Dumitru Iacob, Diana-Maria Cismaru, Organizaţia inteligentă. Zece teme de managementul organizaţiilor, Editura, Bucureşti, 2013, p. 35. [11] Dumitru Iacob, Diana-Maria Cismaru, op.cit., p. 41. [12] Eugen Burduş, Tratat de management, ediţia a II-a, Editura Pro Universitaria, Bucureşti, 2012, p. 178. [13] Dumitru Iacob, Diana-Maria Cismaru, op.cit., p. 41. [14] Cibela Neagu, Mircea Udrescu, op.cit., pp. 12-14. [15] Mihaela Vlăsceanu, Organizaţii şi comportament

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Methodological Suggestions For Developing The Moral Profile Of Military Students

: .. [13] P. Lawrence, apud E. F. Barkley, K. P. Cross, C. H. Major, Collaborative Learning Techniques , San-Francisco, Jossey-Bass, 2005. [14] E. F. Barkley, K. P. Cross, C. H. Major, Collaborative Learning Techniques , San-Francisco, Jossey-Bass, 2005. [15] B. Henderson, A reminder on recognizing ethical problems are practical: distinctions in teaching theory and practice , in Teaching Ethics, 2009, online: http

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Comunication Interface Prototype Used for Data Transmission at Electric Systems

References [1] Stroia M.D.,Anghel-Drugarin C. V., Issues of semi-automatic air processing using a DCS system , Scientific Conference SysStruc 2017, pp 380-385, Resita, Romania, 2017. [2] Novăcescu F., Haţiegan C., Răduca M., Răduca E., Pop N., Nedeloni M., A New Method for Testing the No-Load Work of an Electric One-Phase Transformer Using The Graphical Programming , Scientific Bulletin of “Politehnica” University of Timişoara, vol. 57 (71) 2, 2012. [3] Răduca E., PăunA. F., Răduca M., Haţiegan C., Drăghici S, Rudolf C., Candea L., Command

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Progressive Collapse Evaluation Of An Industrial Building – Numerical Approach

) 869_874 [12] R. Jayasooriya, D. Thambiratnam, N. Perera, V. Kosse, “ Blast and residual capacity analysis of reinforced concrete framed build”, Engineering Structures 33 (2011) 3483–3495 [13] H. Salem, A.K. El-Fouly, H.S. Tagel-Din, “Toward an economic design of reinforced concrete structures against progressive collapse”, Engineering Structures 33 (2011) pp. 3341–3350 [14] H. Helmy, H. Salem, S. Mourad, “Progressive collapse assessment of framed reinforced concrete structures according to UFC guidelines for alternative path method

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