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Pervaporative desulfurization of gasoline – separation of thiophene/n-heptane mixture / Perwaporacyjne odsiarczanie benzyny – separacja mieszanin tiofen/n-heptan

-563. [14] Lin, L., Kong, Y., Wang, G., Qu, H., Yang, J. & Shi, D. (2006). Selection and crosslinking modification of membrane material for FCC gasoline desulfurization, Journal of Membrane Science, 285, pp. 144-151. [15] Lin, L., Kong, Y., Xie, K., Lua, F., Liu, R., Guoa, L., Shao, S., Yang, J., Shi, D. & Zhang, Y. (2008). Polyethylene glycol/polyurethane blend membranes for gasoline desulphurization by pervaporation technique, Separation and Purification Technology, 61, pp. 293-300. [16] Lin, L., Kong, Y. & Zhang, Y. (2008). Sorption and

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Immobilization of Lycinibacillus fusiformis B26 cells in different matrices for use in turquoise blue HFG decolourization

immobilized cells of Bacillus subtilis PE-11 in various matrices by entrapment technique, AAPS PharmSciTech , 6, pp. 391–397. Ayed, L., Khelifi, E., Jannetc, H.B., Miladi, H., Cheref, A., Achour, S. & Bakhrouf, A. (2010). Response surface methodology for decolorization of azo dye Methyl Orange by bacterial consortium: Produced enzymes and metabolites characterization, Chemical Engineering Journal, 165, pp. 200–208 Banat, I.M, Nigam, P., Singh, D. & Marchant, R. (1996). Microbial decolourization of textile dyes containing effluents, Bioresource Technology

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Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in sediment and fish tissues from Lake Chaohu, central eastern China

from Flanders, Belgium, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 7, pp. 132-136. [8] Dallaire, R., Ayotte, P., Pereg, D., Dery, S., Dumas, P., Langlois, E. & Dewailly, E. (2009). Determinants of plasma concentrations of perfluorooctanesulfonate and brominated organic compounds in Nunavik Inuit adults (Canada), Environmental Science and Technology, 43, pp. 3042-3046. [9] de Wit, C.A. (2002). An overview of brominated flame retardants in the environment, Chemosphere, 46, pp. 583-624. [10] Domingo, J.L. (2012). Polybrominated

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Characterization of monochlorobenzene contamination in soils using geostatistical interpolation and 3D visualization for agrochemical industrial sites in southeast China

References Agarwal, S., Al-Abed, S.R. & Dionysiou, D.D. (2007). In situ technologies for reclamation of PCB-contaminated sediments: current challenges and research thrust areas, Journal of Environmental Engineering , 133, 12, pp. 1075–1078. Agarwal S. Al-Abed S.R. Dionysiou D.D. 2007 In situ technologies for reclamation of PCB-contaminated sediments: current challenges and research thrust areas Journal of Environmental Engineering 133 12 1075 1078 Bagieński, Z. (2008). Analysis of diffusion within cavity region of

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Biological Composition of Sewage Sludge in the Aspect of Threats to the Natural Environment

2012. [15] Rozporządzenie Ministra Środowiska z dnia 13 lipca 2010 r. w sprawie komunalnych osadów ściekowych, Dziennik Ustaw 2010 nr 137. [16] Saleem, M., Al-Malack, M.H. & Bukhari, A. (2001). Seasonal variations in the microbial population density present in biological sludge, Environmental Technology 22, 255–259. [17] Stańczyk-Mazanek, E. & Sobik-Szołtysek, J. (2010). Investigation of the accumulation of heavy metals in soils and fl otation discards fertilized with selected sewage sludge, Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 2, 221−224. [18] Stańczyk

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Antibiotics in WWTP discharge into the Chaobai River, Beijing

References Al-Rifai, J.H., Khabbaz, H. & Schäfer, A.I. (2011). Removal of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds in a water recycling process using reverse osmosis systems, Separation and Purification Technology, 77, 1, pp.60-67. Behera, S.K., Kim, H.W., Oh, J.E. & Park, H.S. (2011). Occurrence and removal of antibiotics, hormones and several other pharmaceuticals in wastewater treatment plants of the largest industrial city of Korea, Science of the Total Environment, 409, 20, pp. 4351-4360. Braschi

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The Change Of Residents’ Attitudes Towards Renewable Energy Sources In 2006–2014 As A Reflection Of Primary Research

Energiastrat%C3%A9gia%202030%20teljes%20v%C3%A1ltozat.pdf . Download: 2015. 02. 08. II. NATIONAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY ACTION PLAN. 2016. (w.y.) . Download: 2015. 01. 17. PALKOVÁ, Z. – HORSKÁ, E. – GADUŠ, J. – MASSARI, S. F. – DOMÁN, SZ. – TAKÁCS-GYÖRGY, K. 2015. Renewable Energy in Europe: Through the Policy, Education and People. Gödöllő : St. Stephen University, 2015. 166 p. ISBN 978-963-269-466-5. SMALLEY, R. E. 2003. Top Ten Problems of Humanity for Next 50 Years. Energy & Nano Technology

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Utilization of Sludge from Mine Water Treatment Plant in The Segment of Thermal Insulation Mortars

References [1] Agopsowicz, M., Bialowiec, A. & Pijarczyk, P. (2008). Sewage sludge land disposal effects on groundwater, Archives of Environmental Protection, 34(2), 73-82. [2] Lebkowska, M. & Zaleska-Radziwill, M. (2011). Usable products from sewage and solid waste, Archives of Environmental Protection, 37(3), 15-19. [3] Bartkiewicz, B. & Obierak, I. (2006). A technology of utilization in road construction of oil sludge resulting from the sewage treatment in the Polish oil consortium “Orlen” joint stock company

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Adsorption Kinetics of Reactive Dyes on Ash from Town Heating Plant

solution onto aerobic granules: Kinetic and equilibrium studies, Bioresource Technology , 99, 3475–3483. [5] Malik, R., Ramteke, D.S. & Wate, S.R. (2007). Adsorption og malachite green on groundnutshell waste based powdered activated carbon, Waste Management , 27, 1129–1138. [6] Dhaouadi, H. & Henni, F.M. (2009). Vat dye sorption onto crude dehydrated sewage sludge, Journal of Hazardous Materials , 164, 448–458. [7] Aksu, Z., Tatli, A. & Tunc, O. (2008). A comparative adsorption/biosorption study of Acid Blue 161: Effect of temperature on equilibrium and kinetic

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Examination of Basic Variety Characteristics of Sweet Corn in Conditions of the Southern Slovakia

seed yields of biofuel feedstocks as affected by fertilizer. In Industrial Crops and Products, vol. 36, 2012, no. 1, p. 555-559. ISSN 0926-6690. SALUNKHE, D. K. - KADAM, S.S. 1998. Sweet corn. Handbook of vegetable science and technology, production, composition, storage and processing. New York: Marcel Dekker, 742 p. ISBN 0-8247-0105-4. SHAFI, M. - BAKHT, J. - ALI, S. - KHAN, H. - KHAN, M. A. - SHARIF, M. 2012. Effect of planting density on phenology, growth and yield of maize (Zea mays L.). In Pakistan Journal of Botany, vol. 44

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