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The Single Market and Synchronized Mechanisms for the Exercise of Administrative Functions: Converging Pathways or New Pathways for Integration? The Case of the European Banking Union

Kingdom v Parliament and Council (Short-selling) and the Proposed Single Resolution Mechanism’, European Law Review , XXXIX(3): 380-403. • Chiti Edoardo and Teixeira Pedro Gustavo, 2013, ‘The constitutional implications of the European responses to the financial and public debt crisis’, Common Market Law Review , L(3): 683-708. • Chiti Edoardo, 2013, ‘Il meccanismo di vigilanza unico: un passo avanti e tre problemi’, Giornale di diritto amministrativo , XIX(11): 1025. • Chiti Mario Pilade, 2014, ‘The new Banking Union: the passage from banking

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The Theory and Empirics of Financial Development in the East Asian Bond Markets

-1155 Levine, Ross. “Financial Development and Economic Growth: Views and Agenda.” In Journal of Economic Literature, 35/2, 1997, pp. 699-726 Lin, Chen, Yue Ma, Paul Malatesta, and Yuhai Xuan. “Corporate Ownership Structure and the Choice between Bank Debt and Public Debt.” SSRN Working Paper Series, 2012 Löffler, Axel, Gunther Schnabl, and Franziska Schobert. “Limits of Monetary Policy Autonomy by East Asian Debtor Central Banks.” CESifo Working Paper No. 3742, 2012 Lucas, Robert E. “On the Mechanics of Economic Development

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Corruption and System Change in the Czech Republic: Firm-Level Evidence

Corruption: The Case of the Czech Republic. Open Society Institute, Budapest. Cooray A., Schneider, F. (2013). How Does Corruption Affect Public Debt. An Empirical Analysis, No. 2013-22. David R. (2003). “Lustration Laws in Action: The Motives and Evaluation of Lustration Policy in the Czech Republic and Poland (1989-2001).” Law & Social Inquiry, 28(2), 387-439. doi:10.1111/j.1747-4469.2003.tb00197.x. Edelman. (2013). Trustbarometer 2013. Retrieved March 19, 2013, from

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The Relationship Between Public Expenditure and Economic Growth in Kosovo: Findings from a Johansen Co-Integrated Test and a Granger Causality Test

Growth:Evidence from Nigeria. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 142-150. Aschauer, A. (1990). Is Governmet Spending in Stimulative ? Contemporary Policy Issues, 30-45. Aschauer, D. A. (1989). Is public expenditure productive? Journal of monetary economics, 177-200. Barro, R. (1979). On the determination of the public debt. Oxfort Economic papers, 940-971. Barro, R. (1990). Government Spending in a Simple Model of Endogenous Growth. Journal of Political Economy 98, 103

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Social value added (SVA) as an adaptation of economic value added (EVA) to the specificity of cultural institutions

). Instytucje upowszechniania kultury w XXI wieku. Przeżytek czy nowa jakość? Poznań: Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe. Schuster, J.M. (1997). The Performance of Performance Indicators in the Arts. Nonprofit Management and Leadership , 3 (7): 253–269. Rae, G. (2016). Public Debt and Its Impact on the Polish Economy and Society. Journal of Management and Business Administration. Central Europe , 24 (1): 89–112. Selwood, S. (ed.) (2001). The UK cultural sector: profile and policy issues . London: Policy Studies Institute. Słoński, T. (1999). Koncepcja

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Fiscal federalism and a separate budget for the euro area

1 Introduction In contrast to monetary policy, fiscal policy in the euro area is not determined at the central level. It is decentralized, as it is the competence of Member States authorities to shape and implement it. These authorities have the right to decide themselves both about the size and structure of revenues, as well as expenditures, of public finance. However, they must take into account the restrictions, mainly, regarding the ratio of the budget deficit to gross domestic product (GDP) and public debt to GDP. Practice has shown that these

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Testing Turkey’s Place Within the Maps of Global Economic, Political and Social Values

-1254. Elgin, C. and Uras, B. R. 2012. Public debt, sovereign default risk and shadow economy, Journal of Financial Stability, 9 (2013) 628-64. Erişen, C., Erişen, E. and Özkeçeci-Taner, B. 2013. Research Methods in Political Psychology. Turkish Studies, 14(1), 13-33. Finch, H. 2006. Comparison of the Performance of Varimax and Promax Rotations: Factor Structure Recovery for Dichotomous Items, Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 10(2), Article 14. Hadenius, A., and Teorell, J. 2005. Cultural and economic

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Röpke and Einaudi: from the Civitas of Persons to the Idea of Europe

Währungsreform, In: Hunold A.,(Ed.), Vollbeschäftigung, Inflation und Planwirtschaft, Zürich, 134-183, 1951. Eucken W., Grundsätze der Wirtschaftspolitik, Tübingen, 1952. Fedeli S., Forte F., Public Debt and unemployment growth: the need of new fiscal-monetary rules. Evidence from OECD countries, Econ Politica, 3, 399-427, 2012. Fedeli S., Forte F., Deficits, tax burden and unemployment, In: Forte F., Mudambi R., Navarra M. (Eds.), Handbook of alternative theories of public economics, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, 116-139, 2014. Fedeli S., Forte

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Fiscal-Monetary-Financial Stability Interactions in a Data-Rich Environment

). Interpreting the latent dynamic factors by threshold FAVAR model. Working Paper 622, Bank of England. UEDA, K., & VALENCIA, F. (2014). Central bank independence and macro-prudential regulation. Economics Letters, 125(2), 327-330. DOI: 10.1016/j.econlet.2013.12.038 WOODFORD, M. (1996). Control of the public debt: A requirement for price stability? Working Paper 5684, National Bureau of Economic Research. WOODFORD, M. (2011). Simple analytics of the government expenditure multiplier.American Economic Journal

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Potential Hidden Losses for Slovakia as a Member of the European Monetary Union

on the 20th of September 2012 [cit. 2012-10-15]. Available at: Cline, W. R. Sovereign Debt Sustainability in Italy and Spain: A Probabilistic Approach [online]. c2012, updated in August 2012 [cit. 2012-10-15]. Available at: Cline, W. R. Sustainability of Greek public debt [online]. c2011, updated in October 2011 [cit. 2012-10-15]. Available at:

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