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studies named above is that the accepted formula of individual au- tonomy as a criterion for professional performance has become void or at least insufficient as most pro- fessions have been enlisted in teamwork and entan- gled in bureaucracies. The sociology of professions does not usually take account of how assignments are performed within complex projects. To take an example from the medical profession, chief physicians administer- ing public health hospitals in Scandinavia must ac- cept political decisions made outside their hospital, which have consequences for

World of Warcraft culture, as well as through the case of a guild explicitly defined as LGBT. Academic research on game culture is flourish- ing, yet feminist accounts of gender and sexuality in games are still in the making. Drawing on feminist no- tions of performance, performativity and positionality, as well as the recent turn to affect and phenomenology within cultural theory, the authors develop queer, femi- nist studies of online player cultures in ways that are situated and embodied. 153 Postproduction Agents Audiovisual Design and Contemporary


version of the global TV-format Pop Idol, where people compete to win the prize as best singer and get a record contract. In Afghanistan this program became the most popular TV show ever, gathering millions from all over Afghanistan. The program follows some of the contestants, both male and female, their performance and the audience in different parts of Afghanistan. The program reveals unity in an otherwise divided country, but also the deep divides between religious and secular Afghanistan, between those who believe in freedom and democracy, also for women, and those

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Annals, 11(1), 105-149, DOI: 10.5465/annals.2015.0095. Campos, L.M.S., Heizen, D.A.M., Verdinelli, M.A., Miguel, P.A.C., 2015. Environmental performance indicators: a study on ISO 14001 certified companies . Journal of Cleaner Production, 99, 286-296, DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.03.019. Cotrim, S.L., Leal, G.C.L., Filho, D.A.M., 2017. Management tools as a support of cleaner production implementation: a case study in a food industry . International Journal of Services and Operations Management 28(4), 524-539, DOI: 10.1504/IJSOM.2017.087852. Dangelico, R


” mindset, which seems to have made a majority of scholars in SSH content with their mediocre performance. Second, the rising importance of, and hence the emphasis on, SSH is inevitable, following the growing complexities and interaction of different, but integral parts, of the emerging economy of Vietnam. More often a long-standing impasse creates persistent pessimism among the public, industry leaders, or even policymakers. This is unfortunate and unnecessary since life has its own upbeat sentiment, even right when one is most pessimistic. Therefore, the

mechanics, as well as most rules in digital games, are inherently rule based or “ludic”. For instance, the Steam Community Market provides tools like buy orders, sell listings and filtering options that afford different “playing strategies” to optimize players’ profit margins. However, games are never purely ludic but characterized by constant tension between rule-based play (e.g. improving one’s performance according to the rules imposed by the game) and more free-form improvisational play (e.g. including the pursuit of self-imposed goals); depending on the game context

between windows and between performance and resource allocation ( Elberse & Eliashberg, 2003 ). Windows are interdependent in that the results in primary windows have ripple effects in subsequent windows. A film’s theatrical opening weekend performance will generally affect both the length and the width of its remaining cinema release and its performance, and thus its value, in subsequent windows. In addition, strong openings typically encourage distributors to allocate more resources to the remaining release cycles ( Hennig-Thurau et al., 2006 ). Product and money

argued by Altmeppen and colleagues ( 2017b : 2), “As the Internet corporations entered media markets and began to dominate them, they forced the traditional media to audit their businesses, check their products, and improve their conduct and performance”. This article investigates how the management in private media companies talks about the responsibility to society in the present situation of turmoil. The study is based on interviews with the executive management of private broadcasters, production companies, TV distribution companies, newspaper publishers and online