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The Relationship Between Pistol Olympic Shooting Performance, Handgrip and Shoulder Abduction Strength

Introduction There are many factors that affect performance in Olympic shooting. Elite shooters are capable of reaching extreme levels of precision and accuracy. In female air pistol shooting, the best shooters often reach scores as high as the current world record (393/400), or in other words success of 98.2% hitting the ten points score. Considering that the maximum score of a shot (10 points) represents accuracy within a circle of a diameter of 11.5 mm ± 0.1 mm from a shooting distance of 10 meters, failure or important loss in performance due to

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Efficiency of Pay for Performance Programs in Romanian Companies and the Mediating Role of Organizational Justice

evaluation of structural equation models. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 16 (1), 74-94. doi: Beer, M., Cannon, M. D., Baron, J. N., Dailey, P. R., Gerhart, B., Heneman, H. G., . . . Locke, E. A., 2004. Promise and peril in implementing pay-for-performance. Human Resource Management, 43 (1), 3-48. doi: Brashear, T., Brooks, C., and Boles, J., 2004. Distributive and procedural justice in a sales force context: Scale development and validation. Journal of Business Research

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The Impact of Corporate Governance on Company Performance: A Study among Medium and Large Enterprises in Kosovo

considerations and empirical results. Published in: Donckels, R. & A. Miettinen (1997). Entrepreneurship and SME Research: On its Way to the Next Millennium p. 199-216. Aldershot, England: Ashgate Dincer, Halide Hande LU and Oguz, Ece (2016). Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: The Case for Turkey. Gompers, P. & Ishii, J. & Metrick, A. (2003) Corporate Governance and Equity Prices. Hart, O. (1995). Corporate Governance: Some Theory and Implications. The Economic Journal. 105 (430). p. 678-689 Jensen, M

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Customer Satisfaction, Efficiency, and Capital Structure as Determinants of Performance Transportation Companies in Indonesia

References Ahmed Sheikh, Nadeem and Wang, Zongjun. (2011). Determinants of capital structure: An empirical study of firms in manufacturing industry of Pakistan, Managerial Finance, Volume 37 Issue 2, pp.117 - 133. Abdul G. K. (2012). The relationship of capital structure decisions with firm performance: A study of the engineering sector of Pakistan. International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp.245-262. Akeem, Lawal Babatunde., Terer K, Edwin., Kiyanjui, Monica Wanjiru and Adisa

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Anthropometric, Physical, and Age Differences by the Player Position and the Performance Level in Volleyball

Review, 2012; 14(2): 16-22 Ejem M. Brief technical evaluation of the 27th Olympiad in Sydney. The Coach, 2001: 1; 6-12 Ejem M. Principal somatic parameters of players. International Volleytech, 1991: 1; 23-28 Eom HJ, Schutz RW. Statistical analyses of volleyball team performance. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 1992: 63(1); 11-18 Fattahi A, Ameli M, Sadeghi H, Mahmoodi B. Relationship between anthropometric parameters with vertical jump in male elite volleyball players due to game’s position. J

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Performance management in the data-driven oragnisation

performance of pharmaceutical companies, available at BPM Standards Group (2005). Business Performance Management : Industry Framework Document, available at Brown, M., (2014), Transforming unstructured data into useful information, in (Kudyba, S. (2014)), 211-231 Brynjolfsson. E. & Hitt, L. & Kim, H. (2011). Strength in numbers : How does data driven decision making affect firm performance, available at SSRN:

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Effect of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Performance of Handball Athletes

Introduction The primary function of the respiratory system is to maintain alveolar ventilation, this being proportional to the metabolic needs ( Janssens et al., 2013 ). In high intensity exercises, maintained for a prolonged period, respiratory muscle performance decreases in response to increased respiratory muscle work and dyspnea, which will contribute to respiratory muscle fatigue and a decrease in global performance ( Wells and Norris, 2009 ). The decreased respiratory function can be associated with and is suggested to compromise performance during

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The Importance of Sports Performance Factors and Training Contents From the Perspective of Futsal Coaches

system and solutions. Faster Higher Stronger , 2002; 14: 9-12 Bruner M, Hall J, Côté J. Influence of sport type and interdependence on the developmental experiences of youth male athletes. Eur J Sports Sci , 2011; 11(2): 131-142 Côté J. The influence of the family in the development of talent in sport. Sport Psychol , 1999; 13: 395-417 Côté J, Baker J, Abernethy B. From play to practice: a developmental framework for the acquisition of expertise in team sport. In: Starkes J and Ericsson KA (Eds), Expert performance in

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Nurturing Innovation Performance Through Corporate Entrepreneurship: The Moderation of Employee Engagement

the organizational support-performance relationship: An empirical examination. Managing global transitions, 2 (1), 5-14. Bakker, A. B., & Bal, M. P. (2010). Weekly work engagement and performance: A study among starting teachers. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 83 (1), 189-206. Bakker, A. B., & Bal, M. P. (2010). Weekly work engagement and performance: A study among starting teachers. Journal of occupational and organizational psychology, 83 (1), 189-206. Baron, R. M., & Kenny, D. A. (1986). The moderator–mediator variable

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Improvement and Optimisation of Gyroplane Performance

oraz parametrów sterowania na czas trwania i wysokość bezrozbiegowego startu wiatrakowca (”Analysis of the impact of design factors and control parameters on duration and height of autogiro’s jump start”),. Prace Instytutu Lotnictwa, Nr 219. s. 39-46. (in Polish) [5] Drela M., Youngren H., Scherrer M., and Deperrois A., 2012, “XFLR-5”, available at: [6] Floros M.W., Johnson W., Performance Analysis of the Slowed-Rotor Compound Helicopter Configuration, Journal of the American Helicopter Society. Presented at the AHS 4th

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