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Evidence-Based Policy Making and the Implementation of Regulatory Impact Assessment in Croatia

. Metcalfe, L. (1994). International Policy Co-Ordination and Public Management reform. InternationalReview of Administrative Sciences 60(2): 271-290. 406000208 Nilsson, P. et al. (2008). The Use and Non-Use of Policy Appraisal Tools in Public Policy Making: AnAnalysis of Three European Countries and the European Union. Policy Sciences, 41(4): 335-355. OECD (2001). The Final Report of Mandelkern Group on Better Regulation. Paris: OECD. Page, E

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Participation of various habitat groups in the flora of spring niches in the Ojców National Park (Southern Poland)

nature reserves in Wielkopolska. 4. “Dolina Kamionki”. Roczn. Akad. Roln. w Poznaniu 386, Botanika - Steciana 11: 73-76. Grolle R. & Long D.G. 2000. Hepatics of Europe includingthe Azores: an annotated list of species, with synonyms from the recent literature. J. Bryol. 12: 403-459. Herbich J. 1981. Glycerietum nemoralis-plicatae Kopecký 1972 - a new plant association in Poland. Fragm. Flor. Geobot. 27(1-2): 165-170. Hill M. & Gauch H. G. 1980. Detrended Correspondence Analysis: an improved ordination technique. Vegetatio

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New Grassland Association Triseto-Centaureetum Macroptili ASS. Nova in Slovenia

. Špániková, A. 1971: Fytocenologicka študia luk juhozapadnej časti Košickej kotliny. Biologicke prace, Slovenska akademia vied 17 (2): 1-105. Špániková, A. 1982: Die Rasen- und Krautgesell-schaften der Wiesen und Weiden im Poprad-Flussgebiet. In: Špániková, A. & Zaliberova, M. (eds.): Die Vegetation des Poprad-Flussgebietes. Vegetacia ČSSR, Veda, Bratislava, pp. 25-132. ter Braak, C.J.F. & Šmilauer, P. 2002: CANOCO reference manual and CanoDraw for Windows user's guide. Software for Canonical Community Ordination

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Dry Grassland Communities of Erysimo-Trifolietum in the Northeastern Part of the Republic of Macedonia

-141. StatSoft, Inc. 2005: STATISTICA (data analysis software system). Version 7. - URL Ter Braak, C. J. F. & Šmilauer, P. 2002: CANOCO Reference Manual and CanoDraw for Windows User's Guide: Software for Canonical Community Ordination (version 4.5). Microcomputer Power (Ithaca NY, USA). Tichý, L. 2002: JUICE, software for vegetation classification. Journal of Vegetation Science 13: 451-453. Tutin, T. G. et al. [ed.] 1964-1993: Flora Europaea, 1-5, Cambridge University Press

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Heaths with dwarf ericaceous shrubs and Alpine juniper (Juniperus alpina) in the Dinaric Alps: A nomenclatorial and synsystematic re-appraisal

forest vegetation of Mt. Ljubinja (in Serbian). Glasnik prirodnja~kog muzeja Srpske zemlje, Serija B 10, 25-42. BLEČIĆ, V., 1958: Forest, scree and rock crevices vegetation of the Piva valley (in Serbian). Glasnik prirodnja~kog muzeja u Beogradu, Serija B, 1-108. BRAAKTER, J. F. C., [MILAUER, P., 2002: CANOCO Reference manual and CanoDraw for Windows. User’s guide to Canoco for Windows: Software for Canonical Community Ordination (version 4.5). Microcomputer Power (Ithaca, NY, USA), New York. BRAUN-BLANQUET, J., 1928

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The influence of stand structure in submontane acidophilous oak forests on the presence of the wild service tree and sword-leaved helleborine

. 2002. Ecological indicator values of vascular plants of Poland. [Ekologiczne liczby wskaźnikowe roślin naczyniowych Polski]. Biodiversity of Poland 2: 7-183. Institute of Botany, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków. ISBN 83-85444-95-5. Zelený D., Tichý L. 2006. Unconstrained ordinations in Juice. Institute of Botany and Zoology. Masaryk University. Brno.

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Annual growth trends and response to weather of larch trees at Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center stands (Estonia)

, 26, 1895–1903. Läänelaid, A. Eckstein, D. 2012. Norway spruce in Estonia reflects the early summer weather in its tree-ring widths. – Baltic Forestry, 18(2), 194–204. Legendre, P., Legendre, L. 2012. Numerical ecology. Elsevier. 1006 pp. Lõhmus, E. 2004. Estonian forest site types. (Eesti metsakasvukohatüübid). Tartu. 80 pp. (In Estonian). Oksanen, J. 2015. Vegan: an introduction to ordination. [WWW Document]. – URL [Accessed 30 August 2015]. Oksanen, J., Blanchet

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Plant Diversity and Chemical Soil Composition of Rocky Pastures in Relation to the Sheep Grazing Intensity on the Northern Adriatic Islands (Croatia)

Brusnik (central Dal-matia, Croatia). Acta Botanica Croatica 62, 103-113. Boršić, I., Milović, M., Dujmović, I., Bogdanović, S., Cigić, P., Rešetnik, I., Nikolić, T., Mitić, B., 2008: Preliminary check-list of invanzive alien plant species (IAS) in Croatia. Natura Croatica 17, 55-71. Bray, J. R., Curtis, J. T., 1957: An ordination of upland forest communities of southern Wisconsin. Ecological Monographs 27, 325-349. Cingolani, A. M., Noy-Meir, I., Díaz, S., 2005: Grazing effects on rangeland diversity: a synthesis of contemporary models. Ecological Applications 15

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Acidophilous Dry Grasslands on the Quartzite Bedrock in Western Slovakia

17. ter Braak, C. J. F. & šmilauer, P. 2002: CANOCO reference manual and CanoDraw for Windows user’s guide. Software for canonical community ordination (version 4.5). Biometris, Wageningen & České Budějovice, 500 pp. Tichý, L., 2002: JUICE, software for vegetation classification. Journal of Vegetation Science 13: 451-453. Westhoff, V. & van der Maarel, E. 1973: The Braun-Blanquet approach. In: Whittaker, R. H. (ed.): Ordination and classification of communities. Dr. W. Junk Publishers, The Hague, pp. 617

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Impact of riparian trees shade on aquatic plant abundance in conservation islands

between Secchi depth and light extinction coefficient. Limnetica 22, 195-210. Barsy, S. A., 1993: Ecological study on bird life in Aswan area. MSc Thesis, Faculty of Science at Aswan, Assiut University, Assuit, Egypt. Beals, E. W., 1984: Bray-Curtis ordination: an effective strategy for analysis of multivariate ecological data. Advances in Ecological Research 14, 1-55. Beltrão, G. B. M., Medeiros, E. S. F., Ramos, R. T. C., 2009: Effects of riparian vegetation removal on the structure of the

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