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The Technical Efficiency of Tunisian Ports: Comparing Data Envelopment Analysis and Stochastic Frontier Analysis Scores

REFERENCES [1] Aigner, D., Lovell, C. & Schmidt, P. (1977). Formulation and estimation of stochastic frontier production function models. Journal of Econometrics. 6(1), 21–37. DOI: 10.1016/0304-4076(77)90052-5 [2] Al-Eraqi, A., Adli, M. & Khader, M. & Barros, C.P. (2008). Efficiency of Middle Eastern and East African Seaports: Application of DEA Using Window Analysis. European journal of scientific research. 23 (4), 597-612. DOI: 10.1504/IJSTL.2009.027533. [3] Battese, G.E. & Corra, G.S. (1977). Estimation of a production frontier model: With

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Statistical Analysis of Standard Allowed Minute on Sewing Efficiency in Apparel Industry

Hossain, S. K., Anwarul Isla, K. M. (2015). The Relationship of the Macroeconomic Variables with the Growth of Garment Industry in Bangladesh. Global Disclosure of Economics and Business, 4, pp 63-78. [8] Rahman, Md H., Amin, Md A., (2016). An Empirical Analysis of the Effective Factors of the Production Efficiency in the Garments Sector of Bangladesh. European Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology, 3(3), 30-36 [9] Rajput, D., Kakde, M., Chandurkar, P., Raichurka, P. P. (2018). Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity of Garment Industry by Using

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Influence of Woven Fabric Width and Human Body Types on the Fabric Efficiencies in the Apparel Manufacturing

References [1] Glock, R. E., Kunz, G. I. (2005). Apparel manufacturing: Sewn product analysis, 4th ed., (Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ), 173. [2] Wong, W. K., Leung, S. Y. S., Au, K. F. (2005). Real-time GA-based rescheduling approach for the pre-sewing stage of an apparel manufacturing process. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 25(1-2), 180-188. [3] Bilgic, H., Baykal, P. D. (2016). The Effects of Width of the Fabric, Fabric and Model Type on the Efficiency of marker Plan in Terms of Apparel. TEKSTIL ve

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Measuring The Impact Of Innovations On Efficiency In Complex Hospital Settings

management 28 (2): 109-115. Charnes, A., Cooper, W.W. and Rhodes, E. 1978. Measuring the efficiency of decision-making units. European Journal of Operational Research 2 (6): 429-444. de Castro Lobo, M.S., Yasar, A.O., da Silva, A.C.M., Estellita Lins, M.P. and Fiszman, R. 2010. Financing reform and productivity change in Brazilian teaching hospitals: Malmquist approach. Central European Journal of Operational Research 18 (2): 141-152. DesHarnais, S., Hogan, A.J., McMahon, L.F., Jr. and Fleming, S. 1991. Changes in rates of unscheduled hospital read

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The 20 Keys Methodology – Continuous Improvement for Organizational Efficiency

Way of Improving Efficiency of Croatian SME’s. In: Grbac, B., Lončarić D., Dlačić, J. (Eds.) Proceedings of 23rd Cromar Congress - Marketing in a Dynamic Environment – Academic and Practical Insights Lovran, Croatia, pp. 37-51. Gider F. (2004) Poboljšanje konkurentnosti tvrtki pomoću sustava 20 ključeva, Intelektualni kapital, 1-9, 20-21. Gijo, E. V., Scaria, J. (2014) Process improvement through Six Sigma with Beta correction: a case study of manufacturing company, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 71 (1-4): 717

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Energy efficiency of a hydrostatic drive with proportional control compared with volumetric control

siłownika - model strat i sprawności energetycznej . Materiały VI Seminarium „Napędy i Sterowanie’2000”, Gdańsk 23 - 25.02.2000, Gdańsk: Politechnika Gdańska, 2000 8. Paszota Z.: Podwyższanie sprawności energetycznej kierunkiem rozwoju napędu hydrostatycznego . Hydraulika i Pneumatyka, Zeszyt 5/98, 1998 9. Paszota Z.: Losses and energy efficiency of drive motors and systems. Replacement of the Sankey diagram of power decrease in the direction of power flow by a diagram of power increase opposite to the direction of power flow opens a new

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Data envelopment analysis models for the assessment of efficiency of sustainable forest management in Poland

R eferences Banker, R.D., Charnes, A., Cooper, W.W. 1984. Some models for estimating technical and scale inefficiencies in Data Envelopment Analysis. Management Science , 30 (9), 1078–1092. DOI: Bayramoğlu, M.M., Toksoy, D. 2017. Uses of data envelopment analysis in forestry (in Turkish with English summary). Turkish Journal of Forestry , 18 (1), 82–93. DOI: 10.18182/tjf.273413 Bogetoft, P., Thorsen, B. J., Strange, N. 2003. Efficiency and merger gains in the Danish forestry extension service. Forest

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Overview of the Ship Efficiency Management Plan for a Seafaring Model Ship Based on the IMO MEPC 231 (65) Resolution

shipping energy efficiency. Ocean engineering,128, pp. 94-104. Herdzik, J. (2017). Uwagi do eksploatacyjnego wskaźnika efektywności energetycznej statku. Autobusy N6, pp. 209-213. IMO (2012A): Guidelines on the Method of Calculation of the Attained Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for New Ships, Avaiable at: [Accessed: May 2018]. IMO (2012B): Guidelines on Survey and Certification of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), Avaiable at: [Accessed: May 2018]. IMO (2013): Guidelines for Calculation of

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Technical Efficiency in the Use of Health Care Resources: A Cross-Country Analysis

References Afonso, A. and St. Aubyn, M., 2006. Relative Efficiency of Health Provision: a DEA Approach with Non-discretionary Inputs. Department of Economics at the School of Economics and Management (ISEG). Lisbon: Technical University of Lisbon. Anton, S. G. and Onofrei, M., 2012. Health Care Performance and Health Financing System in Selective Countries from Central and Eastern Europe. A Comparative Study. Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences , 35E, pp. 22-32. Asiskovitch, S., 2010

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Efficiency of the Slovak forestry in comparison to other European countries: An application of Data Envelopment Analysis

References Ali, A. I., Seiford, L. M., 1993: The Mathematical Programming Approach to Efficiency Analysis. In: Fried, A. O., Lovell, C. A:K., Schmidt, S. S. (eds): The Measurement of Productive Efficiency, Techniques and Applications, Oxford University Press, New York, p. 120–159. Andersen, P., Petersen, N. C., 1993: A procedure for ranking efficient units in data envelopment analysis. Management Science, 39:1261–1271. Azizi, K. H., Lofti, F. H, Saati, S., Vahidi, A. R., 2007: Ranking the Electricity Producer Companies in View of Manpower

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